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10 Best Animated Movies that Aren't Disney

Ever want to watch an animated movie that isn't Disney? Well, me too... here are some good ones to watch!

Honestly, if you haven't seen these movies, sit on your couch and do so! They are the non-Disney movies that I grew up on and I love them! There are obviously more, but these are some of my favorites.

'Titan A.E.'

In an American post-apocalyptic world, a young man learns that he needs to find a hidden Earth ship before an enemy alien species does to secure the survival of humanity. It's an intense show that is full of action, romance, comedy, and sci-fi action. It is a great watch if you are in the mood for an adventure.


This is one of my two favorite princess movies. (The other one comes later in this list!) It is about the Romanoff princess who was lost and ended up in an orphanage! An long adventure happens along the way and she reunites with her lost grandmother. The story is beautiful and the songs are so easy to catch on and singalong.


This is a about a small girl (the size of a fairy) who feels like she is all alone in the world. Then she meets someone her size and feels like she can belong somewhere. He also happens to be a fairy prince! Thumbelina ends up on a crazy adventure where her humble heart might be enough to get her back to her prince! It's such a cute and sweet show about love, finding yourself, and where you belong!

'The Swan Princess'

This is my other favorite princess movie, and in my eyes, it's the best princess movie. It's about a prince and a princess who meet when they are younger because their parents want them to fall in love to combine their kingdoms. They meet every summer to get to know each and one summer they realize they are the ones for each other. But tragedy strikes and Odette (the princess) is taken in the night and magically cursed into a swan. Derek (the prince) now has to find her and profess his undying love to her to unlock the spell!

'An American Tail'

This one is so fun! The spider scares me; if you've seen it, you know why. It's about a mouse family from New York making the trek to the west to make a better life for them. Fivel is the main mouse's name and we follow his cute story of how he is dealing with the move.

'All Dogs Go to Heaven'

Poor Charlie passes on and goes to dog heaven. All he wants to do is go back to Earth and live another life. He has a couple conditions though to go back. Him and his other dog friend fly down to Earth to live once more for a couple favors of the main doggy angel. It's a sweet show with a great message and it makes me wish I had a spirit dog named Charlie.


This is one of the best dog films out there. It is about a wolf who wants to belong with the huskies. He can compete with them, too. He is probably just a little bit faster than them all, but he still competes with them, pulling a sled to get medicine to another town to help sick children. It's another great movie with a great message—just like all the other ones!


If you don't know this movie, you are living under a rock! It's about a king who makes Shrek, an ogre, go save his princess. That's not how fairy tales work, right? They switch it up! It's hilarious and you will be quoting it by the end of the movie.

'The Iron Giant'

The giant made of iron befriends an outcast boy and they have to figure out how to hide the giant from those who are trying to hurt it. I haven't seen this movie in a long time, so the little plot lines escape me and I won't be able to share a lot, but it is such a good show to watch!

'El Dorado'

Last but not least, have you ever been to El Dorado? It's said to have so much gold it would fill many boats! These two travelers (swindlers) are trying to find this land of gold and land themselves in a lot of trouble. They are liars and thieves who end up becoming Gods to an Aztec tribe. It's very funny and it will keep you on your toes!

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10 Best Animated Movies that Aren't Disney
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