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10 Best British Rom-Coms

There are a lot of classic rom-coms out there, but these ones are so much better!

These movies aren't really the mainstream classics we all know and love, but they are still so wonderful and they are all my favorites! I love British rom-coms and wish I lived in one sometimes. 

'About Time'

I think this is my favorite on this list. It's such a cute, ordinary love story. I say ordinary because it shows the everyday lives of people and how one struggles to fall in love. But like most movies, there is a twist. The men in Dom Gleeson's family can travel back in time. His dad used his gift to read all the great novels. Dom, or Tim as he's known in the movie, uses his gift to find love and do it right. It is ordinary, but it is also anything but. It also has a Brit falling in love with an American.


This is another good story where a Brit falls in love with an American. This time no supernatural powers, just super powers in playing tennis really well! These two love birds are trying to play the tennis match of their lives. But then they serendipitously meet one another and start a romance that could make or break their game plan.  

'Love, Rosie'

This movie frustrated me just because there were so many things happening and I didn't get what I wanted until the end. But two best friends, Rosie and Alex, have known each other a long time and now that they are in high school they are exploring everything— just not each other. This movie spans many years and shows their trials of how they realize that they love each other, but the timing just isn't right. Will it ever be?

'Me Before You'

This is another Sam Claflin movie based off of a novel, but this one doesn't have so much of a happy ending. I couldn't get through because I knew what was going to happen. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch it anyway! It's about a guy who, after an accident, became paralyzed and now has to live at home with aides. Louisa comes into his life and starts to create meaning and shows him how to have fun and vice versa because she doesn't ever get out of her small town and he shows her that traveling is something everyone can enjoy even if you don't have the funds. It's an endearing movie, but is sad at the end.

'Not Another Happy Ending'

This story is about a writer who has written about her own personal tragedy and is trying to get it published. She meets a strange publisher and his assistant and they make the book a hit. This book has made her famous and now she is reaping the benefits, but is that what her heart really wants? Does she get caught up in the world of fame and fortune? It's a fun story that has many different accents and is very enjoyable to watch.

'The Wedding Date'

You ever need a date for a wedding to make an ex jealous or to get your family off your back? Well, Kat did. Her sister is getting married in their second home in England and Kat has to bring a date to fulfill both the reasons above. What she doesn't count on is the date being perfect. Too perfect. But she can't get attached. With her family so crazy who wouldn't want to fall in love with a normal hooker? Watch and see!

'Much Ado About Nothing'

This and Twelfth Night are my favorite rom-coms from Shakespeare. This one in particular is quite funny because the soldiers and the family of the vineyard are trying to set up to unlikely arguers who "hate" each other. It's all in good fun, but there are also opposing works at play trying to stop the fun of putting two people together. The version from the picture above is the older one, but I think it is so well acted and it is also scripted from the actual play so it's just all around a good show. And even if you don't know what they are talking about you still get it by watching how they interact with one another. 

'Sliding Doors'

So Gwyneth Paltrow's English accent isn't my favorite thing in the world, but this movie is pretty good even still. It's about a women named Helen (Paltrow) who is fired from her job and rushes to the station to catch her train. Two scenarios play out when she gets there, one is that she makes the train and the other is that she doesn't. We watch as she has these two lives play out and we kind of have to guess which one is her real life. Both have their twists and turns and in the end, did you want her to make the train or not?

Jane Austen Films

Jane Austen's adapted books to film have been nothing short of awesome! I love all of them because I love the books. The stories each differ, but they always end up with a happy ending; the girl gets her man. I haven't looked into it, but is that because Jane herself didn't get her man? Becoming Jane is also a good movie to watch, but somewhat sad looking at her life. But watch the movies and feel the feels!

'Chalet Girl'

A pro skater girl used to be at the top of her game, but when a fateful accident takes the life of her mother, she slowly diminishes her hopes and dreams and works at a fast food restaurant. One day she gets the off chance of becoming a Chalet girl for a rich family in the Alps. As she starts to learn the tricks of the trade she gets introduced to snowboarding and it's magical feeling, almost like skateboarding. She also gets involved with the already involved son of the rich people she is catering. Is that the right move or does she put her heart and soul into snowboarding?

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10 Best British Rom-Coms
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