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10 Best New Anime on Funimation

You ready to watch new anime and have a Funimation account?

So, I have already written an article that has what to watch on Funimation, but they have been coming out with new anime recently. So, I wanted to make a new list to share with everyone who was bored with my other list! 

'Black Clover'

From the creators of Fairy Tail, Black Clover is an awesome tale about magic users and one anti-magic user. It's already over 20 episodes in and I want more. Asta and Yuno are orphans from a distant who come to the capitol to become magic knights. Yuno is a very powerful commoner and Asta doesn't have a bit of magic in him, so you have to watch to see what the future holds for them, especially since they both want to become the wizard king! Watch the boys try to become stronger wizards.

'The Legend of the Legendary Heroes'

This anime is really good. It starts off right in the action and you have to try and follow it through the eyes of the characters above and some others who are also as intriguing. Ryner and Ferris are commanded by the new king, who happens to be Ryner's friend, to find all the hero relics scattered around the land before other kingdoms do. There are also other schemes in the works of behind the scenes. Sometimes I feel that nothing will ever get solved, kind of like in Game of Thrones (not comparing), but I'm hoping it will be able to have a solution in sights. 

'Ancient Magus' Bride'

This show has been going for over 20 episodes and honestly, it was pretty slow, but it has had some really visually stimulating episodes and some that are action packed. It is also a little depressing, so if you need a laid-back show that's still watchable this is the show for you.


A high school student finds a cat and starts taking care of it, only to find out that this cat is actually a VAMPIRE! And this vampire somehow gets wrapped up in an adventure bringing the kid along with him inadvertently. But good for us because we get see the adventure that two get to go on as the high schooler becomes the master of this vampire. 

'Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory'

Another season has come out! I haven't been able to get it on my Funimation, but if are able to, good for you! Tell me how it is! But the last season left with an OVA and Chidori almost telling Sousuke how she feels! Yay! Gotta love her attitude and fighting skills! They are perfect together!

'My Hero Academia'

So this isn't new, but a new season is out! If you have been following this show you already know that, but it's always good news to have a show been watching get another season, especially in anime world when we might not get one. 

'Dances with Dragons'

So the beginning is a little dry, but this show looks promising. The show starts off by explaining the premise of the show and then starts off with a battle so it gets better. The VA isn't the best, but I think it will grow on all of us. In the show they kill off dragons because they eat people, and we can't have that. The main character is an "okay" fighter and already has a girlfriend. I mean... What? That's like never a thing. See how it turns out by giving the first few episodes a try.

'Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits'

The beginning reminded me 100% of Spirited Away. If you didn't get this vibe you need to re-watch it, now! It is from the perspective of an orphan girl who can see spirits and ends up becoming the bride of some strange powerful spirit, an ogre. Honestly though, he's pretty cute so I hope they end up together. Her grandfather had a huge debt and the only way to repay the debt back is to marry this ogre. So instead of marrying the guy, she decides to find a job in the hotel he manages. It also seems pretty funny so it is definitely an anime to watch!

'Hakyu Hoshin Engi'

This got mixed reviews, but when you start watching, it's immediate action and looks really interesting! Kind of a faster DBZ feel in the beginning, then the imagery reminds me of Avatar after the opening credits. It throws you into the world without a lot of explanation so it is a bit confusing, but I am sure an internet search won't hurt. The characters have weird bodies, though... If that bugs you then probably don't watch. They have big hands, heads, and feet. The main character has to banish certain Gods by defeating them! This list is called The Hoshin List, and it's pretty funny!

'Darling in the FranXX'

In the comments, almost everyone said that it has great potential. From watching it, the episode just casts you into this new world. A boy who was a prodigy, now cast aside, meets a girl with pink hair and horns. Funny enough, his name is Hero and her name is Zero Two. It's more of a drama type show that involves nudity (like most anime) where kids fight in a pair of a girl and boy. Our main character decides not to become one of these individuals and leaves, but since this girl with horns has taken interest will he return?

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10 Best New Anime on Funimation
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