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10 Best Rom-Coms on Netflix

Looking for a great rom-com on Netflix? Here are some suggestions! They also might be extremely cheesy...

Now, there are so many fun and classic romantic comedies on Netflix. These are just the ones that I think are awesome or have made a huge impact on its audience.

'Set It Up'

This was such a good show that Netflix put together. The cast was amazing and the story line was just so funny. It's about two assistants whose lives are run by their bosses. When the two assistants cross paths they decided that both of their bosses need to get laid so they try and set them up. This now sets up the assistants to be free and do whatever they want to do, at night, on the weekend, or even take a lunch break. It's a very fun show and really gets you in the mood for a cute rom-com.

'The First Time'

The movie that started this beautiful, real relationship between Britt Robertson and Dylan O'Brien. In this movie they are two strangers who meet at party and somehow leave together. They are pinning for other people so they essentially become each other's best friends, but realize that they want more from one another. We see as they build their relationship and how it's messy and full of awkward drama of both characters not sure of what they really want from each other.


So I haven't seen this, but I've seen the trailer and this looks really good and really funny. It has a fun cast, with the main girl from the TV show Community and some people from SNL. It also has Rob from GOT. Love him. But anyway, the premise is that this girl is given the opportunity to go to Spain for a business trip (her friends tag along because Spain). She goes to a Rave and hits it off with the DJ (Rob). She finds out that he is going to be in Ibiza and takes off to go there. They have a huge adventure (the girls) of being in Spain, trying to live life, and snag the guy. It looks really fun. A little inappropriate, but who cares!

'Good Kids'

Were you that kid in high school that never got invited to any party? Yea... ha... me neither... These kids (one not pictured) were those kids. By the end of the year they had enough! They were eventually invited to a party and the rest just went from there. They each wanted something while they were high school, but never got it because they wanted to get into ivy league schools. Now that they were in, they were going to let the summer before freshmen year be the best they have ever had!

'Chalet Girl'

From skateboarding to snowboarding this girl went from skate champ to boarding prize winner! She didn't get there by luck, but from chance and hard work. She used to be a skateboarding prodigy, but after a tragic accident taking her mother she chose to work instead. After snagging a job in the Alps she took up snowboarding while falling for the taken boy who she works for. Will that he be the end or the savior of her future snowboarding career?

'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

So this has been the biggest rom-com on Netflix right now. It's about a girl who wrote letters to all the boys she has loved. And thanks to her younger sister, they all got sent. So, Lara Jean has to figure out how to save her social status of being a loner to being a loner again. She can't help but like the attention and the love that she's getting. Does that hinder her other relationships or can she manage to figure out how to balance her new life?

'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'

How would you lose a guy in 10 days? Would you be clingy and emotional? Super aloof and disgusting? Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are an iconic pairing when it comes to romantic comedies. In this both their workplaces have put them to the test by trying to sabotage relationships in one way or another. They both do funny things to each other like getting one a dog, meeting the family after a couple days, referring to their relationship as a fern, etc. The list goes on. It's a hilarious comedy that will leave you wanting more.

'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'

I put this on the list because it is hilarious! It's kind of a romance, but it's more funny than anything else. So the world gets blown up essentially and there are only a couple humans left in the world and one is with an alien and the other is madly in love with her. They have to battle aliens and learn about the universe and its weird inhabitants. The humans get caught up in a lot of random things, but it is hilarious and has an awesome ending! You should give it a try!

'When We First Met'

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to re-do one night where you could've ended up with that person you met? That happens to one guy and he has to figure out how to land the girl correctly and not end up in the friend zone. As we all know, sometimes time traveling does not end up going to plan and we say more information than we should and the person thinks we are a stalker or we act like a complete douche, etc. But this guy has to keep trying to figure out the best way to get together with his best friend of three years. 

'Kissing Booth'

So, the only reason I put this on the list is because a lot of people liked this movie. It's about two best friends who have a list of rules involving their friendship and what parameters they can breach or not. One rule is not dating the other's siblings. When the friends have to come up with a carnival booth, a Kissing Booth is put in play. One of the friends ends up kissing the brother and they start a hidden romance they have to keep from everyone. 

I hated this movie honestly... the brother was manipulative, rude, abusive, etc. and the friend just let it happen because he was hot and she grew up with him. She should've ended up with her best friend (even though that would have been cliche) because he was such a better, more fun person!

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HB Rich
HB Rich

I am a recent college grad in Business Communication I am a Marketing Assistant for a digital signage company now and I just write for fun! I'm hoping to become a published writer one day! #anythinghelps

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