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10 Instagram Accounts for the Book Lover in You

If you are a book lover and want to see more books on your Instagram feed, you need to check out these awesome pages.

Instagram is a great place to see amazing photography on any interest you have, (along with that Europe trip an old friend from high school is on right now that you wish was you). Your feed is always refreshing with new and exciting photos featuring celebrities, friends, talented artists, and so much more. 

So for the book lover in me, I needed to follow the best accounts that were made by people with just as much love for books as I have. I wanted more of those aesthetic pictures of my favourite book, and reviews on what everyone has read. This prompted me to search throughout Instagram for those very accounts.

If you’re like me and want to see more books and book-related goodies on your feed, I have found 10 awesome bookstagram accounts you need to be following. They are made by different types of people, with a range of different focuses, all for the bookish needs you have.

1. @never_too_many_books

On this page, everything from Jane Austen classics to Outlander are featured in a variety of displays. Not every photo has a new book, but they all have a bright and well-organised layout with some bookish item present, normally accompanied with a cup of coffee. Mostly showing adult reads, there is a wide range of great books to check out. The photos are clean and the colour pallet is as warm as that coffee looks.

The woman who runs the page, Rachel, has sweet and uplifting things to say with every post. While she is brightening the day and showcasing everything to love in the book world, she also has links to amazing businesses that have their own bookish products. Clothing, candles, and subscription boxes are just a few of the products she’ll promote. Her photos are also not just strictly books, but they all stay with the theme of cozy and warm.

2. @bookstorefinds

This next account has a different kind of brightness about it. There are so many books and colours in each and every post. Even her hair adds different splashes of vibrancy to the mix. The creator, Andrea, has a very clear love for young adult literature. She will show the newest releases like Leigh Bardugo’s new Wonder Woman book (also including Andrea in costume) and common favourites like Harry Potter.

She shows off her tattoos, awesome socks, and abundance of books all the time. There are also always questions and fun comments in the captions. This is definitely a very outgoing and flashy aesthetic for books, but one that totally brightens any mood. She will show off some great book quote posters or a section from a bookstore she loves. Andrea also does giveaways every now and again, so if you are always looking for places to save on books, check it out.

3. @reviewjunkie

We’re moving across the world with this account. The photographer, Ania, is Polish, but if you don’t know the language, don’t worry, because she writes her captions with Polish and English. She also features books in both languages. Ania shows a wide range of age groups that include books from young adult to adult. There isn’t a lot of vibrancy in her photos but a kind of cozy feeling with each one. She packs her shots with cool accessories and and other items but never makes them seem to overwhelming.

It also looks like her Jack Russell Terrier loves books, because his cute face comes up every week. So not only are you seeing great reads displayed to look amazing, but you also get a small fill of puppy love with it. What more could you ask for?

4. @thealchemyofbooks

This is a rare occurrence on bookstagram, but this account’s creator is a guy. I had a hard time finding more accounts with a guy’s view on books, so when I found Anthony’s page I knew his awesome photos had to get on this list. He takes shots of really good reads as well as Brooklyn hotspots like the Powerhouse arena and street art from around the city. Mostly reading adult books and short stories, his photos aren’t crowded at all. His backdrops can be coffee tables and park benches, so his account really shows the reader on the go.

With the location always tagged, this would be the perfect place to look for mapping out a bookish vacation, or finding new places to visit if you live in the area. The captions are mostly short and sweet, letting his followers know a quick daily update. And every now and again, his cat Dorito will make an appearance, and it is very much appreciated.

5. @abookishloveaffair

Do you always want it to feel like fall and winter? If so, this is the account for you. Every post gives of a sweater weather kind of vibe and I for one love it. With crisp leaves, snowy trees, and a fur rug that screams crackling fire, the photographer Allissa knows how to make every day feel like Christmas. There is every shade of white in her photos with other colours in the pallet being warm and feeling like autumn, but the book covers make sure the pops of colour are still there.

With her young adult book collection, she regularly features bookish candles, fairy lights, and different pairs of glasses. The captions are filled with long comments on book life and favourite quotes from the books you are seeing. There can be lots of items in a photo or just a book and snow-covered tree, but each one is organised in a perfect way.

6. @jordz_the_bibliophile

Still including a lot of trees and nature, this instagramer focuses on more summer vibes in her photo’s. Jordyn is another young adult lover who incorporates bright colours, beautiful flowers, and grass in the sunshine, to make her photo’s come to life. Her posts can have 1 to 5 books each but each one really focuses on the eye catching covers. She also talks about her bookish life and shares good quotes in the caption all the time.

Along with the books, Jordyn will have other pages, candles, and book theme appropriate items to fill out the frame with, never making it too cluttered while keeping it interesting. Vibrant colour is definitely her thing, and I have to say, she does a good job making every photo makes me want to pick up the book it features.


If you’re looking for a slightly more artsy type of posts, look no further than Yadi’s account. She lives in Chicago and will post a range of photos from around her city, and really tasteful shots with only a bed sheet as background. She photographs adult and art books, as well as different street views and the inside of bookstores.

Even with the cold Chicago winters, she has bright and cheerful photos. The captions that go with them vary from quotes to updates in her life to questions for her followers. If you’re looking for a selection of books you may not have seen before, I think Yadi does a good job of picking interesting books with beautiful covers. 

8. @fictiontea

Toning it down to a dimmer, but still eye catching and beautiful collection of photos, there is Lauren’s account. I love her style because each post is still nice to look at and has its own theme as well as tying into the overall aesthetic, while having very few items featured in each. It is less busy and showcases the books with few items and still manages to catch the eye.

Every so often, a pool will be the backdrop for the books, and despite the dimmer filters, it has a summery feeling to it. She talks in her captions about the books she is showing, how she feels about them, and does the occasional review once she’s finished. You can also find discount codes and some links there for items you see. Perfect for the book lover who has trouble keeping up with the cost of the habit.

9. @emilyjmead

Pastel. If one word described this account it would be that one. The theme of every photo is connected to pretty pastel colours of every kind. There are lots of young adult books artfully stacked and bunched to show them off, and each one has a light and summery colour for the cover. I guess they would all be summery since the creator of this page, Emily, is Australian. She knows colours really well too, and makes every post look amazing. Her bright socks and dresses frequently shown is the most vibrant of the colours.

Her captions about her day and the books she is currently thinking about also have a bright feel to them. Making every post uplifting. Her most used props are pretty pastel photographs, bright flowers, and an Instax Polaroid camera. The layouts may have a lot of books but are never cluttered. So if you need more sunshine and colour to your feed, this is one to check out.

10. @introverted.bookworm

Here we are bringing it back to the fall and winter-y vibes (because I am ready for the holidays right now) with Luana’s photos. Featuring autumn colours, beautiful trees, and sweaters, this account just feels warm. There have been a few themes like this on the list, but each has a unique aspect that makes sure you need to follow them all. For Luana’s page, she shows off new young adult reads like Crooked Kingdom, adult reads like A Little Life, and classics from Shakespeare. Making them all look amazing.

Not only does she talk about books in her captions, but also about her day to day life. Nothing too long, but enough to be interesting. Her photos also have some variety. She will have beautifully done shots of coffee and flowers or the nature around her posted in between photos of books. There is more than just posts for just the book lover in you, but the photography lover as well.

I hope this is a good start at least for your bookstagram journey. There are so many other accounts to choose from, so check out the ones listed and go on from there!

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10 Instagram Accounts for the Book Lover in You
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