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10 Marvel Actors Who Look Just Like Their Character

Marvel really knows how to choose their actors!

So, this list does not even scratch the surface of Marvel actors. I am aware there are so many more who resemble their characters, but in the future this may turn into a series. Who knows? Now, onward!

Doctor Strange

A comic about a doctor turned wizard named Stephen Strange. A movie was released in 2016 based on it. Now, who did they cast as Doctor Strange himself? Benedict Cumberbatch, a man many would know from his role as Sherlock Holmes. Cumberbatch pulled off the magician amazingly, even going so far as to purchase a comic and study up on his character. When looking at the comic book character and Cumberbatch in costume next to each other, it's near identical—fantastic casting by the directors!

Iron Man

The title so many know, and usually the first title people think of when asked about Marvel. Now, who is the only person who could pull off the lead roll of Tony Stark/Iron Man? Robert Downey Jr. At times, one questions where Stark ends and Downey begins. Are they even separate people at this point? Unfortunately, after the next Avengers movie, Downey will be retiring from his role as Iron Man. A fantastic actor, with such a difficult past, who proceeded to clean up his act and become one of the most well-known actors. Even after his retirement, Robert Downey Jr. will always be known as Iron Man and no one will be able to change that.

Nick Fury

The man who has to babysit the Avengers, goes through so many difficulties, and has had it with everyone. Who is the perfect fit for this man? Samuel L. Jackson, one of the most notable actors in Hollywood, and sometime during your life, you have seen this man in at least one movie or even a commercial. He has a certain charm that helps bring Nick Fury to life on the big screen. Fun little fact: Nick Fury in the cinematic universe was based off his ultimate self, modeled after Samuel L. Jackson.

Captain America

Along with Iron Man, Captain America is another popular name associated with Marvel. This role was given to Chris Evans, who may as well be Captain America himself. Evans had a role in Fantastic 4 as the Human Torch, but then moved on up to Steve Rogers/Captain America. He not only fits the role perfectly, he also resembles the comic book version in appearance. But, like Downey Jr., Evans is retiring as Captain after the next Avengers movie. He may be hanging up the shield, but fans will always see him as the patriotic captain.

Black Widow

She's beautiful, she's deadly, and she is a force to be messed with, she is the Black Widow, or Natasha Romanova. The role of this strong, female hero went to the equally as beautiful Scarlet Johansson. With red hair, be it short or long, she resembles the comic book version almost perfectly. Johansson brings Black Widow to life on the big screen and fans are hoping for a movie revolving all around her. The directors made an excellent decision casting this deadly woman.


Oh yes, another huge name in the Marvel fandom, and has been played on the big screen by the same actor for pretty much every X-Men film: Hugh Jackman. When in this role, Jackman resembles Wolverine near exact, all the way down to the eyebrows. Out of his role, Jackman looks completely different and one would wonder how he was cast as Wolverine. His most recent portrayal was in the film Logan, and it may have been his last time being Wolverine.

Professor Charles Xavier

Yet another name from the X-Men world, portrayed by Patrick Stewart. The resemblance to the comic book version are exact, Marvel directors really do know how to cast the perfect actors. Stewart really knew how to bring Xavier to life on the big screen, and we all love him for it.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Yet another assassin, yet this one was brainwashed and put through hell. The role of this tragic, difficult character was given to Sebastian Stan. With the long dark hair, and an angry look, he pulls off Bucky very well. His first appearance as Bucky was in Captain America: The First Avenger, but that was before all the brain washing. He later appears as the Winter Soldier in Captain America: Winter Soldier, and again in Civil War, showing off how well he embraces this tragic character. I don't know about other fans, but I am personally excited about seeing him in other Marvel films.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

So, there have been MULTIPLE actors for the role of Spider-Man, each one resembling the character quite well. Yet, there was one who not only resembled the young Peter, but also kept his teenage curiosity and wit from the comics. Tom Holland was cast as Peter and really brought out the jokes and one-liners. Holland's first role as the spider hero was in Captain America: Civil War, and he pulled it off beautifully. He went on to be cast again for Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as Avengers Infinity War. Holland is still going as Spider-Man for Far From Home as well as the next Avengers film. He has quite the promising career as young Parker.


Finishing off this list strong: The God of Thunder, played my Chris Hemsworth. This beefy Australian was a perfect fit, with the long hair, muscles, and height. However, he is also another actor who decided to hang up his hammer and he won't be portraying the God of Thunder after the next Avengers movie. Fans can still catch Hemsworth in other movies though, so he isn't completely gone from the acting scene, but seeing the character from the comics, and then looking at Hemsworth, you may as well be seeing double.

Admire the many actors who bring these beloved comic book characters to life!

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10 Marvel Actors Who Look Just Like Their Character
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