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10 Movies So Terrible You Need to See Them

So Bad They're Good

Everyone enjoys going to the movies and everyone has a favorite movie, but what about the hidden gems that are really awful? Our group of friends used to get together once a week specifically to watch those terrible movies. It was my favorite night of the week. After a few months of watching a new terrible movie every week, we decided that everyone needs some crappy movies in their life. Watching crappy movies might lead to something you love or help you have a greater appreciation for movies that are being released right now. There is nothing better then gathering a group of friends and laughing through a cheesy movie. Here is a list of my top ten favorite terrible movies.

'The Room'

The Room may be my all time favorite crappy movie. Between Tommy Wiseau forgetting his lines nonstop and the convoluted story lines, this movie is an amazing mess. The trivia dealing with how he funded the movie enhances the whole watching experience. To get the most out of your movie watching experience you should read up on movie trivia before watching the actual movie. You cannot help but crack up while watching this movie. It is rumored that there is a remake in the works and I honestly cannot wait! Tommy Wiseau has directed multiple other movies that could probably be added to this list, but The Room is definitely his best worst movie.

'Troll Two'

First off, let me just start by saying that there is no Trolls One. Also there is not a single troll in this movie. The movie is about a family trying to escape a town full of vegetarian goblins. The goblins turn everyone they can get their hands on into a weird vegetable paste before eating them. The goblins look terrible, it is some of the worst makeup we have ever seen! Again, the trivia for this movie enhances the watching experience. How else will you know that one of the directors made the goblins vegetarians because she had a friend that became vegetarian and it annoyed her?

'Flash Gordon'

What can be said about this movie? The music is epic. The fight scenes are hilarious. The plot is understandable considering how many directors it went through before getting finished. The movie is a comic adaptation that was made well before its time and due for a remake. It probably would have had better success with a different release date. The movie was released around the same time as Superman and Star Wars and it was kind of forgotten unfortunately.

'Hard Ticket to Hawaii'

This movie is not the best movie to watch around little kids. It has some nudity. The plot to this movie is a mess. Most of the time you cannot be not sure if the two female officials were trying to single handedly take down a drug ring, deliver goods to the town, or rescue Hawaii from the mutant snake that had somehow gotten loose. The witty banter more than made up for the crazy plot.

'Jaws 3-D'

Didn’t everyone grow up watching all of the Jaws movies? This one made the list purely for nostalgic reasons. The 3-D effects were terrible and the plot was equally terrible. Something about the terror of being trapped in a water park with a man eating shark is amazing though and much better then Jaws 4. At least the shark was not killing people and taking down helicopters because it had a personal vendetta against a certain family.


When this movie came out, I was young and thought it was pretty awesome. As an adult, it is easy to recognize the terrible acting and creepy villain. Everyone should still watch this movie though, if only to be able to appreciate how great it could have been. Somehow this terrible movie spawned two sequels. Sadly, they are just plain awful, not even worth a watch.

'Samurai Cop'

This is another movie you should not watch with the kids around. The sex scenes are incredible awkward, we would recommend fast forwarding to save your sanity. The errors in this movie are hilarious. The main actor cut his hair before filming was finished and had to wear a horribly obvious wig. The main fighting scene at the end switches randomly between night and day with no explanation. The errors and the banter are the best part of this movie. There is a sequel to this movie as well. We tried to give it a watch, but it was not even watchable.

'Army of Darkness'

This is a comedy horror movie and it does not disappoint on the comedy aspect. The skeleton army is hilarious! This movie has a cult following and is based around a pretty successful television show that ran for two seasons. For being an older movie, the special effects are not that bad either. It is pretty impressive how well it holds up over time.

'Captain America' (1990)

This is a typical 90s cheese fest and it could not be better! Captain America has a lisp and a floppy shield. At one point, the kidnapped president uses the shield better then the actual Captain America. The main villain is the Red Skull. This movie is the perfect introduction to America’s hero, covering his backstory and his main villain. His outfit is pretty terrible, but all things considered, this is actually a decent comic book interpretation.

'Batman and Robin'

You cannot make a crappy movie list that contains campy comic book movies without including this movie. Between the appalling rendition of Bane to Arnold’s awful Mister Freeze, this movie is almost too bad. It’s saving grace is in the campy fight scenes and the fact that it has the only live action Robin, who happens to be one of my favorite comic book characters. If you are a Batman fan, this movie is a must see, if only to help you appreciate how far we have come!

New movies are released all the time, but not all of them are great. This list is perfect for helping you find terribly awesome movies that you may have missed. For whatever reason, these movies are not great, but they are definitely good enough that everyone should see them at least once. It is amazing the gems you will find if you step outside of your comfort zone and give a different movie a chance.

Jessie Wing
Jessie Wing

I have been writing for over ten years. I love writing fantasy books the most! I have two wild children and an amazing husband. If you like what you read here, check out my young adult novel, Living The Lie, now available on Amazon.

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10 Movies So Terrible You Need to See Them
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