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10 Things You Didn't Know About 'One Punch Man'!!

There are 10 things you may not know about Saitama!

Image Credit: #OnePunchMan

Welcome, One Punch Man fans!!

I am yours truly, Michael, and today, I will discuss the "10 Things You Didn't Know About One Punch Man." We will dive into the inspiration of the character, Saitama's trademark punches, reveal his true name, and much more.

So, without further ado, let's punch our way through Saitama's origins!

1. Saitama's Origins

Saitama is the protagonist in the One Punch Man series. He is still young and is 25 years old. For Saitama's body measurements, his height is 5'9''/175 cm. He weighs at 154 lbs/70 kg. Overall, Saitama has an average weight and height. For the ranking of One Punch Man at the end of season 1, he is currently a C-Rank Hero. 

Will his strength be fully recognized? 

I mean, who does not think this guy should be an S-Rank Hero? The name Saitama also happens to be the same name as the city that author One lives in.

2. Saitama's Simplistic Design

What is most noticeable about Saitama is his simplistic design. The one responsible for this artwork is none other than author One. Now, One Punch Man is a parody series, so One decided to set out for a simple main character. 

The author also believes that a heroes coolness comes from the spirit, not how they look. Instead of Saitama being a badass, everyone else around him supposed to be more detailed and flashy. 

Genos got punched in the nuts by Saitama!

For example, take a look at Sonic getting punched in the nuts by Saitama. 


3. Saitama's Appearance

Image Credit: #OnePunchMan

The appearance of Saitama appears to be based on Anpamon. Now, Anpamon is a character in a series for young children in Japan. The resemblance between these two characters stands out immediately. 

Furthermore, Saitama's hero costume is the same as Anpamon's costume, just the colors reversed. The only exception is Saitama's cape, which is white. 

The names of both of these characters is also similar. Saitama's hero name in Japanese is written out as "Wanpamon." Compare this name to Anpamon's name and it looks identical, only off by a single letter.

4. A Younger Saitama with Hair

I mentioned earlier about Saitama's simplistic design. So where does Saitama get his inspiration for his colored suit? We get the answer to this in a special OVA episode that was bundled in the 10th volume of the One Punch Man manga. 

The manga was titled, "Road to Hero." This episode shows us a younger Saitama back when he still had hair. Saitama was busy performing his hero duties, but unfortunately, he seems to be getting his clothes ripped. 

At the end of the special episode, the tailor that was always helping to repair Saitama's clothes got an inspiration from the current Saitama. This tailor ended up making the suit and giving Saitama his trademark superhero costume as a gift. 

Also, the costume was made with a special material. The funny part about this is that Saitama was really embarrassed to wear the costume at first. Overall, he began to wear the suit proudly.

5. Saitama had a red cape?!

All great superheroes have their capes. Saitama is no different. The One Punch Man always shows up ready for battle with his white cape. The interesting thing about his cape is that it is shown as red in early parts of the manga. Saitama's cape was never red in the webcomic. 

This was most likely a stylistic choice by the manga artist, Yusuke Murata. The red cape did give Saitama a more of a Super-Man type of feel, especially when you consider his abilities. 

6. Saitama's Various Punch Techniques

Now, we all know that Saitama is known for his trademark "One Punch Move." The thing is, he has several punch techniques to mix things up. In the anime, the One Punch Man only had to use his punch techniques when he is up against Boros

In reality, Saitama has both "Normal" and "Serious" punch sets. The normal punch sets include two moves. The first move is "Consecutive Normal Punches," which we saw him use this against Boros. The second punch move is called "2 Handed Consecutive Normal Punches." 

This move is a more advanced version of the original normal punch set. Additionally, Saitama uses both fist and moves twice as fast. For Saitama's "serious" set, there are four techniques in total. The only one shown in the anime is in the final fight versus Boros. 

Now the other three "serious" punch moves that have yet to be seen include: "Serious Side Hops," "Serious Table Flip," and "Serious Headbutt." 

I am definitely looking forward to seeing those serious punches in the upcoming season 2 of One Punch Man.

7. The Animation Effects of the Action Scenes

One of the most notable things that stands out from the One Punch Man anime is the animation from the action scenes. The person we have to thank for these memorable action scenes is none other than Yoshimichi Kameda. 

Kameda is also responsible for a couple of action scenes in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. You might remember some of them. The scenes include the final showdown between Mustang and Lust. Also, King Bradley versus Greed

I hope Kameda returns for season 2 of One Punch Man.

8. Saitama Wearing a "Mobu Psycho" Sweater?!

I mentioned earlier about One being the author of the mega-hit, One Punch Man series. You may have already seen one of his popular series turned into anime last year. Mobu Psycho 100 is also one of Mobu's creations. It is definitely not a surprise that these series have references to one another. 

In the manga, Saitama is seen wearing a sweater that says, "Mobu Psycho 1000000" when he was younger. One has "confirmed" that Mobu and Saitama do not live in the same world. 

So maybe, a parallel world?

9. Saitama's Speed

Saitama has shown to be a superhero with a super strength that rivals the Gods. In order to maintain his strength, Saitama was able to achieve it in a year workout plan. What you may not have taken too much note of, is his speed as well. 

So just how fast is Saitama is?

In the final showdown with Boros, we saw the One Punch Man fighting at his most serious. During this fight, Saitama was thrown to the moon by Boros. Then Saitama jumps back from the moon and to the Earth in only 1 and a half seconds. 

It has been calculated that in order to do this, Saitama had to be moving around 260,000 kilometers per second, which is under the speed of light.

Now that is fast!!

It gets even crazier that Saitama is still not showing his full power.

10. A Hero Association

Before Saitama met Genos, he had no idea about the "Hero Association." This is funny because Saitama has a strong connection to it (laugh). Now, three years before he became a hero, we saw Saitama saved a chinned kid from a crab monster. 

Now the kid ended up being the grandchild of a multi-millionaire, Mr. Chinner. After hearing about what happened, Mr. Chinner decided to create the "Hero Association" in order to fight back against evil. 

This was glanced over in this anime after Saitama takes a hero test. So yes, it turns out that Saitama is responsible for the creation of the "Hero Association." 

Who is ready to get punched?!

Those are the "10 Things You Didn't Know About One Punch Man."

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about Saitama and why he was created.

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

Follow me on:

Twitter: @MikeAReynoso

Facebook: I Am Anime

Discord: GamerMike#7719

Please make sure to send a gift below for support if you enjoy reading my posts!

Until next time ^_^

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10 Things You Didn't Know About 'One Punch Man'!!
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