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13 Reasons Why Recap Part 1

Season 2

So season 2 dropped and I'm watching it as I write this so I won't forget anything. Also I'm taking this slow as not to get too emotional or triggered or put in a bad place. I've heard how watching this too fast will cause issues. Each episode has each person's testimony as a voice over.

So we see that Clay has changed a little bit and started dating Skye. I thought last season that maybe they would be friends at least. Hannah is appearing to Clay as a way to guide him through whatever he is still dealing with. He finds a note in his locker on a picture and it says "Hannah wasn't the only one." I think it can be hinting at several things. Did the writer of the note mean that she wasn't the only one bullied, or suffering with suicide or self harm or maybe sexual abuse of some kind? Skye later breaks up with Clay after she is rushed to the hospital because of a possible suicide attempt. After Clay visits Skye he is run off the road which leads to his parents getting him a car. Clay gets another picture and message in his locker. It's a picture of Bryce in the middle of what I assume is rape. The note reads "he won't stop." Clay wants Alex to hear the tapes so that maybe he can testify against Bryce. Even though Zach was trying to tell the truth on the stand and do the right thing, Clay got mad. Clay thought Zach was lying. Clay may even get to testify. He goes to get the paper and sees a note that says "Hannah lied" in the paper.

We see that Jessica as been out of school and so has Alex. I'm glad that they're friends, I hope they get away from the main group from last season. Alex never heard the tapes or if he did he doesn't remember. Jess and Alex skip school in Zach's car. While out, Alex has a memory of Hannah and blames himself for his part in Hannah's suicide. He knew how that how they treated Hannah was wrong. Jess told Alex that she wishes she can testify again. From a heart to heart that Jess and Alex have we learn 2 things, Alex wasn't expected to be able to do much after his attempt and Jessica feels like her mind and body aren't her own. Jess leads Alex to the shore to put his feet in the water where he kisses her and she freaks out. This moment makes me wonder if they will get back together.

Alex's Dad blames himself for Alex's attempt because it was his gun, probably from the cops. Alex ends up hearing at least his tape and none of it makes sense to him. Alex was going to give up on getting better until he discovered some parts actually work. Alex called Bryce a rapist in front of everyone, then called Zach out for defending Bryce. Jessica is hurt that Alex called Bryce out for being a rapist.

Mrs. Baker is renting the house and people are spray painting the for rent signs. She's piecing together the tapes. Mrs. Baker kept the dress she wore when she found Hannah. She also has someone helping her through this besides Tony. Tony and Mrs. Baker have had this friendship going on that may have been part of the reason Mr. Baker left. Jess and Alex visit Mrs. Baker at the family run store. They cut their visit short when they see Mr. Baker. This shot of Mr. Baker was the first of the season. Hannah's parents fight when Mrs. Baker offers to buy her husband out of the store. She also asked if he's living with "her" and he said no. I figure he has moved on, and probably cheated. Mrs. Baker talks to Tony about Bryce and maybe having people take him down. Mr. Baker goes to court finally when Ryan testifies. Mrs. Baker follows Mr. Baker to a house to find that he has a "new family." He later owns up to living with them. Ryan (the kid who published Hannah's poem) talks with Mrs. Baker about Hannah's journal but lies about missing pages.