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'13 Reasons Why' This Series Is Overrated

All the Reasons Why I Think '13 Reasons Why' Could've Been a Better Series in Raising Awareness

Disclaimer: The series is undoubtedly a controversial one. Viewers should be open to it but at the same time form their own opinions. Similarly, my opinions are my own, and are there to raise questions only.

1. Hannah was too focused on the bad crowd and couldn't see past them.

I'm not convinced that in an entire school, there isn't at least one person that you'll be able to agree with. And she did have friends who didn't harm her. Tony and Clay, for instance. There were many other students, I'm sure, who had normally-functioning brains in their heads whom she never met and never appeared in the series that could have been better friends for her than the ones in her tapes.

2. She had no right to blame Clay when she herself didn't give him a sign of her feelings.

She left her walls up to the only guy who actually had a good heart. Telling him she loved him should've happened before she killed herself, not after.

3. She should not have went to Bryce's party knowing that he had raped Jessica.

It makes no sense that witnessing Jessica being raped wasn't enough to keep her away from Bryce. Let's face it, we all knew what was coming except for her. It was a really terrible decision on her part.

4. She should have told her parents, not her counselor.

It makes no sense how she can entrust such personal information to her counselor, whom she barely knew, instead of her parents who love and care for her. Tell your parents everything, kids!

5. Her parents did not play any part in her suicide.

Hannah was easily able to find 13 reasons to kill herself. But what about the reasons she had to stay alive? High school is tough, but it doesn't last long. She committed suicide because of the temporary people in her life, when she should have thought about the people who were there to stay.

6. The fact that she did not leave her parents any kind of closure was just cruel.

She could have left them a note or an explanation. Instead, they had to pick up the pieces and ended up finding out what happened to her through from other people! Her suicide was simply selfish and the tapes had an air of vengeance in them.

7. Hannah's 13 reasons are all based on social factors.

Not once was one of her reasons NOT related to the people in her life. Did she ever complain from a chronic illness, hunger, homelessness, or lacking a family? She had all the means to have a bright future ahead of her but she couldn't see past today. People should never have that much power over you. Your happiness or sadness should not depend solely on them.

8. The series helps suicidal viewers justify their reasons to commit suicide.

It's like a list of things that should push you towards suicide if they happen to you. Your friends abandoned you? Your first kiss was a jerk? You got raped? Go commit suicide. If these reasons were sufficient, we wouldn't have Oprah today. No reason is sufficient to kill yourself, and the series doesn't emphasize that. Instead, it puts the blame on the external factors in Hannah's life: 15-year-olds.

9. No blame is placed on Hannah.

13 reasons why? Bullshit. There's only one reason why Hannah died and that is because she killed herself. Sure, her "friends" sucked, but life is a struggle. That's just how it is. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And her high school friends definitely were not the ones who killed her.

10. Justice isn't found after death.

No matter how many people get punished, the fact of the matter remains that Hannah is dead. The tapes do not heal the damage that is done.

11. The series does raise awareness in that people should be more wary of their actions.

Just like Clay (reason 11), my eleventh point serves to praise the series for prompting people to re-evaluate their words and actions and to think twice before they act. My main issue with it is that it's not very efficient in helping people like Hannah stop themselves from committing suicide.

12. It doesn't teach the suicidal viewer what to do to save his/her life.

The series would have raised much more awareness if Hannah had suicidal thoughts and was able to find a way out of her depression. I agree 100 percent that she had bad experiences all piled up, but there's always a way out of suicide and the series couldn't give us that. Just like Hannah, the producers took the easy way out by letting her commit suicide, instead of a carefully thought out plan of how she would get past her depression and concur those feelings. 

13. You leave the series with a negative energy looming over you.

Just like suicide itself, there is no positive outcome, no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Just a bunch of tapes filled with blame, and wondering what could've been.

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'13 Reasons Why' This Series Is Overrated
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