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'13 Reasons Why' Trailer

Hidden Messages

OK so Netflix dropped the trailer for the second season, and it was odd. A lot of people on YouTube think that the tapes will be replaced with Polaroids because they were all over the trailer. There were also hidden messages in the pictures, so let's dive in.

The first person we see is Tony and everything looks normal until you look into the Polaroids. It looks like either Tony has been in an accident or someone attacked him and his car. My bet is that he will probably be in an accident or something because no one seemed to have a problem with Tony in season one, so why would anyone attack him and the car? Unless they are trying to keep him quiet. And the pictures of scenes from this upcoming season were released on social media made us think he got attacked.

Next is Jessica who looks happy, but in one of the Polaroids she is crying. Also there are two messages in two of the Polaroids: "liar" on the window and "keep your fucking mouth shut" on paper. It seems like people may be afraid that she may ruin Bryce or say something she shouldn't about the tapes.

Then there is Mr. Porter who looks like he is pulling out files from his desk. The Polaroids reveal "know your place" written on the window and a broken window. In another picture, he looks upset. He may eventually lose his job or leave his job. We know he was worried about losing his job.

Bryce is next, pouring a cocktail or alcohol. The pictures reveal that the girl beside him is passed out drunk. Will she be the next rape victim? We know he's partying again—or still, I should say.

Then there is Hannah's mom with a new hairdo piecing something together on a board. We know that she has a version of the tapes that Tony gave her, so maybe she is piecing that together. The pictures reveal for rent and sale signs with "go away" sprayed painted on them.

Then there's Clay who is getting dressed up. His pictures are mainly of Hannah's face. One had the note "the tapes are just the beginning" on the back. Another one said "you talk you pay." We know the main group wanted him silent.

What do I gather from all this? The trial will go on and someone wants this all to go away. If you remember there were students who wanted Clay not to talk, so maybe they were leaving the messages. Some are drawing parallels to A from Pretty Little Liars with the notes and handwriting.

They also released pictures and posters on social media. From the posters and pictures, we see some new faces. We also see that Alex survived. On one of the posters, the text reads, "tell the boys where to find my body," which tells me there's either going to be a murder, suicide, or school shooting. We don't know much, but I think that we're supposed to know a little bit but not a lot. I don't think they want to spoil everything. The only thing we know for sure is the trial and the threats. I think the main group of kids who didn't want clay to talk is making some of the threats. We may even see more of Hannah through flashbacks. I don't think the rumors of her still being alive are true.

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'13 Reasons Why' Trailer
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