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15 Disney Locations I Wish Were Real

Magical and Exciting Places I Can't Visit—but I Wish I Could

There are many amazing places in this world—but of course, as human beings, we want what we can't have. I've made a list of 15 places from Disney movies that I wish I could go to, but unfortunately, I cant. 

Wonderland - 'Alice in Wonderland'

To anyone who knows me, this can't possibly be a surprise. Alice falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in a world that isn't anything like the one she knows. Everything is different, and absolutely nothing makes sense. Whenever I watch this movie, I feel jealous that Alice gets to experience this world. I love nonsense, and the lack of structure and predictability in Wonderland makes me want to go there. A world that doesn't conform to any rules or boundaries... I would feel at home!

The Game World - 'Wreck-It Ralph'

Technically, I get to visit this world regularly. If you don't know this movie, it takes place in an arcade. You see the different game characters go to work, which means actually being in their game, and then meeting together at the pub afterwards. It's amazing to see characters from different times, genres, and even with completely different graphics, be in the same place. You see them live their own lives outside of their games, which is something you'd never get to see otherwise. Imagine spending an evening surrounded by zombies, Pacman ghosts and Donkey Kong! You would get to hang out and be friends with your favourite video game characters! I would never leave Link alone...

Atlantis - 'Atlantis the Lost Empire'

Going on an expedition to this underwater city would be the adventure of a lifetime. Sure, it would be super-duper-mega scary, but I'm here for a thrill. Atlantis is blocked off and secluded from the rest of the world, they have their own society and completely different way of living. If I lived in such an amazing place as Atlantis, I wouldn't mind not ever seeing the world on the surface. I'd rather live in sync with nature, be self-sufficient and have the most amazing energy source that is beyond anything we have here in the real world. Their technology far surpasses our own. I imagine living there would be a crazy adventure where no day is the same.

The Pastoral Symphony - 'Fantasia'

The fifth segment of Disney's Fantasia takes place in an ancient Greek mythical countryside, filled with centaurs, unicorns, and cupids. Imagine dancing around with fauns and watching the pegasus horses teach their foals how to fly. These creatures play around and have fun together all day, with their main worry being Zeus coming out to throw lightning bolts at them. How cool is that!? The little cupids pampering the centaurettes and getting them ready for their dates with the centaurs, Bacchus the Olympian wine god dancing around drunkenly with his donkey Jacchus, and Iris creating a beautiful rainbow after Zeus' storm has passed. When it's time for the festivities to end, Morpheus covers the land in her cloak of night, and Artemis shoots her arrow with the moon as her bow, to spread stars across the sky. How could you not want to experience a world this beautiful?

The Future - 'Meet the Robinsons'

I might be wrong calling this location fictional, but my point is that I hope our future turns out like it is in this movie. This future only happens in about 20-30 years, which to me, doesn't exactly seem realistic. I'm not sure I can believe that we'll achieve that kind of technology in this time. All the cool futuristic stuff we see on TV... I don't personally think the millennial generation will be around to experience all of that. The direction of development our society has taken in that movie is amazing, Buildings can be built in an instant, we can transport ourselves inside of bubbles, we have house robots as assistants to help us with everything, and time machines exist. I'm not so sure the last one is such a good idea, considering what we've seen from time travel in movies. You can really mess things up! 

The Hundred Acre Woods - 'The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh'

This is a place where many of us have "spent" parts of our childhoods. I hope from the deepest chambers of my heart that there aren't anyone here who doesn't know what this place is. It's the make-believe world Christopher Robin has created for all his plush toys, where they all play and go on adventures together. I think the main reason why I love this place so much is that is has a lot of personality. Even down to what the different areas are called. We have Eeyore's Gloomy Place, the Sandy Pit Where Roo Plays, the Bee Tree, Where the Woozle Wasn't, and Nice for Picnics. I think real places should be named in this theme. The Hundred Acre Woods just seems like such a happy place, with lots of things to do and places to explore. Who wouldn't want to visit the Enchanted Neighbourhood of Christopher's Childhood Days? 

Neverland - 'Peter Pan'

Honestly, this is an obvious one. I don't even know where to start. This is just such a magical place, with a lot of character and great variety. It has locations like the Skull Rock, a Pirate's Cove, the Mermaid Lagoon, and an Indian Camp. You can go on different adventures every day, and they're all gonna give you a new experience! Neverland is its own little world, with different kinds of people, areas and impressions. I don't know about you, but I would love to spend a day with the lost boys to see what kind of crazy stuff we can get up to. 

Halloween Town - 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

I would do anything to go there. Halloween Town is the place where Jack Skellington lives, and plans his activities for next year's Halloween. Imagine how amazing it would be to live in a town where everything is Halloween themed. There are skeletons, ghosts, and monsters, all with different stories and backgrounds, living together in this beautifully frightening place. And on Halloween, you get to sing This is Halloween. I'd have my own part in the song, can you think of anything cooler? I'd get to hang out with the Pumpkin King himself... I love him so much. What I also really like about the town, is that everyone there is working together towards the same goal. Throughout the year they are preparing for the next Halloween, to make it as scary and memorable as they possibly can. To me, having all the citizens united and together about a purpose, is beautiful, no matter how ugly they are. 

Mount Olympus - 'Hercules'

This is where the gods live in Hercules. You can't live there unless you're a god or a goddess. I love mythology, and Greek mythology is very interesting. They have so many cool gods that are both badass and beautiful. Mount Olympus is just a fascinating place, with all the different gods living together in harmony. I really like how they utilise their abilities in their everyday life. Whatever you need, you have someone who has the power to do it. I love the idea of experiencing different characters and creatures, all whilst... living in the clouds. Yes, please. 

Riley's Head - 'Inside Out'

The movie Inside Out is about five emotions guiding Riley from inside her head. These are joy, sadness, disgust, anger and fear, and they all influence Riley's actions in different ways. I think what I like about this is the nonsense-y feel to it. And, in my opinion, this is accurate. If I describe what goes on in my head, it would definitely sound like a mess. It's interesting to see how they've visualised what the inside of someone's head looks like. As a writer, I love characters with strong personality traits, and of course, when you have personifications of five emotions or doesn't get much stronger than that. I also love how they visualised all the imagination things inside her head, like Bing Bong, the Train of Thought, the Boyfriend Simulator, and the stored memories. We have them in our heads, and here are the physical versions of them! My favourite part, however, are the personality islands. It's fascinating to think about what islands we all have. Hopefully, everyone has a Goofball Island. 

Atlantica - 'The Little Mermaid'

This is where Ariel, the Little Mermaid grew up and lives. I think it looks really fun to live under the sea, swishing your fins all day (yes, that is a reference to Part of Your World. I'm a dork). The thought of living under water excites me, it seems fun. I do think, however, the only way for me to do it would to be as a mermaid, as I feel that the life of most sea creatures only consists of not getting eaten, and not much time for fun and games. When I was little I used to watch Disney cartoons every Saturday morning, one of which being the Little Mermaid series. This is actually where I learned the word harmony, and I always thought that living there must be just...super harmonic. It seems really fun to live there, with all the concerts and fish friends. And, who wouldn't want to be a mermaid?

Zootropolis - 'Zootropolis'

This is the city Judy Hopps goes to to become a police officer. I would like to live in Zootropolis, as it feels like the city of opportunities. Especially, as we see through this movie, here, everyone has the potential to become what they want, or what they've always wanted to be. You just have to work hard for it. I like living in big cities, and I love how Zootropolis has such distinct boroughs, although here they are called ecosystems. They even have different climates, such as Sahara Square, Rainforest District, and Tundratown. It's cool that you can experience this variety in the same city. My favorite part about living in a big city is the diversity, and Zootropolis definitely has lots of it. 

Montressor - 'Treasure Planet'

This is the planet Jim Hawkins lives on in the movie Treasure Planet. Just as a starting point here, I really want to go to space. I know it would be an amazing experience unlike anything I've ever done. Montressor looks like a really cool and different place to live. I love experiencing other cultures, and this would definitely be something new. If I lived there though, I would probably spend my whole day just solar cruising across the planet. If you haven't seen the movie, Jim has built an Alponian Solar Cruiser that allows you to fly through the air on a board, whilst looking really cool. I love skating, and if I could do it in the air... YES.

Tarzan's Jungle - 'Tarzan'

This might be a strange one as it actually does exist, just not in this way. In the movie, Tarzan's parents get stranded in a jungle, and later get killed by the leopard Sabor. A gorilla mom adopts Tarzan, and he grows up in their family. His best friends are a gorilla and an elephant, which, not many human babies can say. I love being in nature, and if I could live like Tarzan, befriending animals and climbing trees, that would be awesome. His story is cool as he gets to experience two different worlds. After being in the untouched jungle his whole life he gets exposed to humans and all the weird things they brought with them. He gets to see two very different sides of what the world is. 

Monstropolis - 'Monster's Inc'

This is the monster city that Mike and Sully live in. All these monsters live together in a city and all pull their weight by using their different skills and abilities. Their differences become their advantages, as their appearance usually determines what they are good at. This means they are all needed, as they can all do different things. This forces everyone to appreciate diversity. I love how all these monsters live together and function together. It also decreases the chance of anyone being made fun of for their looks, as... well, everyone looks weird.

Those were my 15 Disney locations I would like to visit. What fictional place would you go to if you had the chance?

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15 Disney Locations I Wish Were Real
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