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15 Times Stephen Amell Hit The Target On Instagram

If you think the Green Arrow is always being hunted, you should check out Amell's Instagram page.

'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]

Arrow star Stephen Amell's 36th birthday is right around the corner on May 8th, and if you think the Green Arrow is always being hunted, you should check out Amell's Instagram page. He has 4.1 million followers and for good reason.

Amell is the type of guy who can make anything look badass, even if it's just drinking a glass of wine. But the pictures he posts on Instagram highlight his wit, his charm, his bountiful muscles and his amazing personality. The guy is grabbing life by the ... well ... you know, and living it to the fullest. Take a look!

1. When He Shared The 'Concept Art' For His New Wine

Okay, I don't know if this is real or not, but the you have to admit, it's pretty hilarious!

2. When He Challenged Emily Bett Rickards To The '8 Box Love Song'

This is beastly, and quite frankly, makes me sweat just watching him do it. I wonder if Emily Bett Rickards accepted the challenge!

3. When He Showed Up In Camouflage For John Barrowman's 50th Birthday

All we can say is thanks for the view, but John Barrowman probably got the better end of this deal.

4. When He Lifted More Than Weights At The Gym

We didn't doubt him for a second!

5. When He Rode The New Arrowmobile

And his man-card is still fully intact!

6. When He Shared A Park Bench With An Archenemy

This casual pose struck a chord with his fans as Deathstroke was one of the most beloved villains, if you can call an enemy beloved!

7. When He Did A Little Light Reading

We don't know whether this was a staged or realistic photo, but any man reading even a hint of Sex and the City is cool in our book!

8. His Idea Of Rest And Relaxation Is A 12-Mile Hike

The guy has been working nonstop since June 2014, and a day of rest to him is to hike 12 miles. That's pretty badass.

9. When He Had A Light Workout

No wonder this guy is going to be on American Ninja Warrior!

10. When He Snowplanked

This is actually a cross between a plank and a face-plant, but it was a great way to have some fun while being snowed in.

11. When He Threw In A Top Gun Reference

Now we've got the song stuck in our head again!

12. When He Grabbed A Fistful Of Air

He called it. Nothing but air. Totally awesome.

13. When He Celebrated His Mom's Cancer-Free Anniversary

This was his mother's first year of being cancer-free, and neither Stephen nor his mom held back in saying what they thought of the disease. Stephen runs an annual F&ck Cancer Campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer.

14. When He Handled The Baby So The Adults Could Talk

Okay, so maybe this isn't as badass as much as it is heartwarming. Still cool.

15. When He Wanted To Make Sure Josh Segarra Didn't Miss Wrestlemania

His nemesis on the show is his good buddy in real life. Good enough for Stephen to take along a cardboard cutout of his face on a road trip.

Even if you're not a fan of Arrow, you can get plenty of laughs, exercise videos, cool ideas for fun, many more bad-ass photos and even romance tips on Stephen Amell's Instagram page. He's definitely worth a follow!

Happy Birthday, Stephen!

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15 Times Stephen Amell Hit The Target On Instagram
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