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25 Best Cosplay Images of 2017

Photos by FirstGlance Photography

Wonder Woman and Mera

Best Cosplay of 2017

We've teamed up with FirstGlance Photography to choose the best 25 cosplay images shot over the past year!

We love being able to bring you this yearly feature to highlight the amazing cosplay and cosplayers that work so hard to create amazing creations to life.

All photos are property of FirstGlance Photography and are in no particular order. FirstGlance traveled over 5,000 miles to conventions and events all over the United States to capture some of the best cosplayers and most talented artists.

To see more images from FirstGlance Photography, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have a great holiday season and Enjoy your holidays!


Samus Aran cosplay from the 'Metroid' video game from Long Beach Comic Con.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The amount of time that goes into a large group cosplay like this always amazes me. It's not just the preliminary scheduling of the shoot but the time it takes each cosplayer to build, get makeup and prosthetics applied and then to meet in a certain place, especially at San Diego Comic Con is a stellar feat in itself...getting an EPIC photo once this all comes together is the magic that is cosplay photography.

Tarzan and Jane

When a cosplayer commits to their cosplay is another story altogether...Lonstermash and Joanna Lynn enhance the image by being their cosplay characters. It's not easy to create a great image like this without the cosplayers inhabiting their roles. 


Micheal Huffman is Gambit!! When you cosplay characters you love, you find out how meticulous an artist can be...from the facial hair to the contacts, it takes a certain kind of cosplayer to wear contacts all day, limiting their well wearing a full length leather coat in the searing heat of San Diego Comic Con.


Emily Nelson embodies the definition of impeccable, from the wig to the sword and everything in between, she strives to recreate the Saber cosplay perfectly from the video game. 

Royal Princess Academy

And then there's Ali Williams who, inspired by the Disney Princess', created her own mashup of the schoolgirl meets the Princesses, with a whole crew of cosplayers creating the same look and design. 

Princess Leia and R2-D2

Joanna Lynn as Princess Leia giving R2-D2 the death star plans.

Steampunk Captain America and Gambit

Family cosplay has always intrigued us and the Richter family has always been a challenge to shoot! We've been friends with Shawn and Gavin for many years and every year they continue to grow as cosplayers and crafters!

Peggy Carter and Winter Soldier

Gender-bending has become big in the cosplay community for many years and you'll find both men and women swapping characters from the movies and comics as an homage. Sammy Rubin as Winter Soldier with Mina Kess as Peggy Carter. 

Overwatch - Mercy

Many popular video games spawn all types of sexy cosplay and nobody does it better than Kate Sarkissian as bikini-clad Mercy from overwatch

Austin Powers Group

Gender-bending group cosplay is always a fun take on pop culture as this Austin Powers group can attest from WonderCon. 

Harley Quinn

The classics in cosplay are always those characters that stand the test of time, as well as cross over from comics to TV and film. Maid of Might kills it as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

Steampunk Disney Princess

When you mash-up steampunk and a Disney princess you get Amber Arden from Anime Impulse.

Spider-Gwen and Silk

Sisterly love as Emily and Caitlyn pose for us at Anime Impulse in their SpiderGwen and Silk bodysuits. They even climb walls for us if you come by our Facebook page.

Jyn Erso- Rogue One

Genevieve Marie creates the perfect Jyn Erso from Star Wars: Rogue one, we had the opportunity to shoot in Hawaii this past year and took full advantage of all the amazing backgrounds we could.

Wonder Woman

In 2017, Wonder Woman took over the landscape and this happy accident with Joanna Lynn was part of our sunset beach shoot to become one of our favorite shoots of the year

Tomb Raider

Tatiana Dekhyter as Tomb Raider was amazing to shoot with while we were in Hawaii, she is an amazingly talented action model and cosplayer and we look forward to many shoots with her in 2018.

Wonder Woman

Joanna Lynn possesses a quality unlike many cosplayers we've ever worked with, she has an uncanny ability to emote through her eyes and when she gets into a character, she truly becomes that character. This was by far our most challenging shoot or the year, as Joanna went against her usual cosplay type and it was definitely our favorite shoot of the year. 

Kill Bill

When Genevieve Marie commits to a character she kills it!

Winter Soldier

Another gender-bend from Sammi Rubin as she created a Winter Soldier ball gown and was radiant and confident in this unique cosplay.

Little Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

The opportunity to go to conventions like Rose City Comic Con takes us out of our southern California element and gives us the chance to shoot with people we don't usually run into in the SoCal Con circuit. And there is nothing more adorable than young kids cosplaying.  

Guardians of the Galaxy - Yondu

An amazing spot on Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Yondu...Even Michael Rooker has got to be impressed! 

Nier: Automata 2B

When a new video game comes out you'll be sure to see many versions of the character, especially at Anime Expo. 

Royal Princess Academy

As the idea grows, so does the number of cosplayers who enjoy becoming part of a cosplay group. The Royal Princess Academy started with one princess and peaked at around 20, this was one or the group shoots we were able to be a part of.

As always FirstGlance appreciates every cosplayer they shoot over the year but only 25 can make our 25 favorite images...maybe 2018 will include many more cosplayers we get the chance to shoot from around the globe! 

FirstGlance Photography Links

You can see more images from FirstGlance Photography on all social media platforms. 
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25 Best Cosplay Images of 2017
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