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3 Black Hood Suspects + a Bonus One You Never Thought Of

Who is under the hood?

'Riverdale's' Black Hood

We're getting closer and closer to finding out who the mysterious Black Hood really is. The Black Hood is an anonymous character in season two of Riverdale and has quickly become the main antagonist. While there are several guesses at this point, no one really knows who it is yet. However, the victimology has been established, all the victims are/were residents of the north side, and they've all committed some sort of "sin." Here are the most popular theories as to who might be driving Riverdale to chaos:

Who do you think the Black Hood is?

1. Hal Cooper

Betty's dad is at the top of the list for many reasons. Firstly, he's her father so he would know about the Nancy Drew code book she loved to read as a kid. He was also in the audience when Betty did her Jubilee speech. Further, he matches the black hood's physical description, so it's quite possible it could be Hal. Plus, lately he's been absent from most episodes, so his disappearance could be linked to all the killings.

Although, it's fair to question, would he really put his daughter through all of this torture? Making Betty break up with Jughead, say goodbye to Veronica, and choosing who she wants to die. And would he really threaten to kill Polly? Hmmm...

2. Sheriff Keller

Another wildly popular theory is that it's really Sheriff Keller. This whole season he's been doing terrible police work, brushing off the whole investigation, and even accusing Betty of forging the letter she received from the Black Hood. Being the Sheriff, he knows all the "sinners" in town, and he also fits the physical description of the Black Hood. Plus, on the latest episode we saw the Black Hood in the jail, who else could've just walked right in?

But, on the other hand, he is not that close to Betty and likely would not have known about the Nancy Drew book or about Betty sending Polly away. Although his son is Betty's best friend...

3. Chic Cooper

Betty's long-lost brother. Betty's mom Alice gave him up long before she had Betty. The killings could possibly be revenge on Riverdale for sending him away so long ago, plus he has not been on the show yet so it could be some sort of "big reveal."

But Betty has not even met him yet, which means she wouldn't recognize him. Plus, he definitely does not match the physical description, as he's much too young and slim.

Bonus Theory: (Dark) Betty

There is another theory floating around, that instead it was Betty all along...

There are hints that Betty may actually have dissociative personality disorder. Reddit user Dahuterschuter writes: "Dark Betty knows all of the otherwise unknowable information about Betty's actions and Riverdale gossip, she can write cryptic notes to Betty that only Betty would know the answer to, she can leave herself messages and calls through a voice changer even down to predicting conversations with herself."

Betty is perhaps the most innocent person in the show, so it would make for a big shock. Plus, she does have green eyes..

Of course though, this would have to include a lot of further explanation. Like why she doesn't fit the physical description, how she could be in all the places the Black Hood was to kill all those people, how her friends never noticed the change in her, or how they never noticed her disappearances, along with many other holes that could come up in this theory. 

So, who do you think Black Hood is?

It is quite possible that the show will give us all some big surprise, and none of us will have seen it coming. Or maybe it will end being like Pretty Little Liars and go on and on, till it ends up being a group pf people instead of one. Who knows, either way the world patiently awaits the reveal, desperately hoping it won't disappoint. See you next Wednesday Riverdale!

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3 Black Hood Suspects + a Bonus One You Never Thought Of
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