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3 Characters Who Should Have an Arkham-Style Game Franchise

My top 3 characters that I think should make the jump into their own gaming-verse.

I am a HUGE proponent of the Arkham Verse of games. I pre-ordered all 4, and Arkham Knight was the only one that I was unable to make the midnight release for at my local Gamestop. Regardless, I've spent a great deal of time investing in the games.

  • In 2009's Arkham Asylum I pursued Batman's greatest foe, The Joker, by fighting my way through Zsasz, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Bane and Harley Quinn.
  • In 2011's Arkham City I was trapped within the walled city with The Joker, Harley, Two-Face, Clayface, Solomon Grundy, Mr. Freeze, Ra's & Talia al Ghul
  • In 2013's Arkham Origins I fought against the Blackgate Prison breakout before the Asylum was created. I battled some classic Batman Villains: Bane, Deathstroke, Firefly, Deadshot, Lady Shiva ultimately finding myself confronting the homicidal Clown Prince himself, The Joker as he decides to make Batman his arch enemy.
  • In 2015's Arkham Knight I am learning the truth about what it means to be Batman, and how he affects those around him while I still fought against Scarecrow, Two-Face, THe Penguin, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Firefly eventually confronting what I won't spoil here.

Without hesitation, I'll admit that I've spent more hours learning about the Batman mythos as I played through all the DLC's and side quests, than I have spent studying for tests through my entire high school career.

With Arkham Knight possibly being the finale of this storyline (for now), it makes me sad that I may not have another Batman game to devote my hours to. Yet I feel hopeful at the same time for future games helmed by Rocksteady, 3 of which I think they should begin working on right in I am emailing this article to them as my official support of them tackling any of these characters.

Here are the 3 characters that I think should make the jump into their own gaming-verse.

Green Arrow

Thanks to the CW and their fantastic representation of the DC shows that they are creating, especially Arrow, this seems like a sure-fire knockout of an option. Green Arrow is and always has been one of my favorite archers in the comics. Arrow would be an easy transfer to a game similar to Batman's open world feel as well as some of the fighting dynamics.

Green Arrow has a similar skill-set as Batman albeit not as refined as the Bat. I could totally see the origin story of Oliver Queen translating well to the next-gen consoles. As you progress through the story and gain new skills (similarly to how Batman learns new takedowns) you would go through flashback and be in a "training simulation" on the island he was marooned on which is where he learned to fight the way he does.

Green Arrow also has the benefit of having a solid cast of villains and heroes alike to tag-team in throughout the campaign and even through DLC content. Oliver has faced similar villains as Batman: Deathstroke, Ra's al Ghul, Firefly, Onomatopoeia, Deadshot and Anarky. Although the characters have some diverging origin stories between Arrow and what we know as Batman mythos, I believe that they could easily traverse from the Arkham-Verse to the Starling-Verse.


Matthew Murdock. Lawyer by day, vigilante super-hero by night. Daredevil would be an incredible character to roam a city as. After watching through Netflix's rendition of Daredevil, I fell in absolute love with the character and knew in an instant that he would be an amazing, playable character. Daredevil has physical prowess similar to Batman, so as far as movement and game mechanics, that would be easily transferable to a Daredevil game.

Daredevil stands out to me because of the unique skill-set that he has, seeing as he's blind in the normal sense although he has the ability to "see" with his other four senses. This would also bring in some interesting gameplay that could focus on honing those abilities rather than improving the Bat-Tech. Daredevil's strength lies in his senses and his extreme acrobatics (similar to that of Nightwing). He also fights with a staff weapon that can be used as an extension of his own body.

Villains are also not a problem to bring into Hell's Kitchen to face Daredevil. Common adversaries consist of Bullseye, Electro, the Purple Man, Owl, Gladiator, Cobra and The Kingpin. Daredevil has consistent villains that would bring similar side quests and additional content similarly to the villains we found throughout the Arkham stories.

Iron Fist

There is no amount of sheer excitement that I could possibly express if an Iron Fist game was created with a similar game play style as we have in the Arkham games. I kid you not, I would probably implode out of sheer disbelief that my all-time favorite hero has a video game. Iron Fist is not the most well known hero in mainstream comic culture. He's often the additional character to a team up. The more notable team up is with Luke Cage as Heroes for Hire.

Iron Fist is getting a Netflix makeover similar to what Daredevil has, and I'm extremely excited for this because it will be his first transition from the comic pages to a screen of some kind. Iron Fist, or Daniel Rand, is a superb martial artist and fighter who bears the mark of the dragon and controls the mystical powers of the Iron Fist which allows him to summon his chi and focus it into his hands thanks to the training he received for years in the fabled city of K'un Lun.

Iron Fist would hold similar movement styles to Daredevil, which would allow for easy transitional elements from the Arkham games. Iron Fist would also allow for training elements to be a sort of flashback to his time in K'un-Lun, eventually bringing all the pieces together into a large story arc, similar to what we are bound to see in the Netflix-verse of his character.

Considered to be a living weapon, he is a fighter with nearly no equal, but that doesn't stop him from confronting some dastardly villains. Sharing the same universe as Daredevil they have some common villains: Crane Mother, Owl, The Kingpin, Bullseye. Yet Iron Fist would bring in much more mystical villains like: The Steel Serpent, Master Khan, Taskmaster, Black Mamba and a few others.

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3 Characters Who Should Have an Arkham-Style Game Franchise
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