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3 Must-See Cosplay Costumes for Grown-Ups, Inspired by Children's Films

Disney and Dreamworks have something to offer every cosplayer.

[Credit: Pixabay]

How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Cinderella. You've seen the films. You've dreamed of sharing in the adventure. Perhaps you even wished you could be Astrid, Rapunzel or Cinderella. Now you can be, thanks to some of the creative hands peddling their wares on the online craft retailer, Etsy. Check out these amazing character costumes, and take away a little cosplay inspiration of your own.

1. Astrid from 'How to Train Your Dragon'

[Credit: Fox] / [Credit: Etsy shop FairyTalesnFantasy]

Astrid is one tough, blonde viking. She may be of the fairer sex, but she never lets the viking boys push her around — that girl knows how to handle an ax, let alone a Deadly Nadder.

Cosplay designer Kathy Flanagan of Port Huron, Michigan, introduces her Etsy shop with the words, "So Many Beautiful 'Fairy Tale' Costumes, I want to Make that one Some Day!" She designs most of her patterns from scratch, and modifies others to fit the characters more closely. She often searches for months to find just the right fabrics and accessories.

The result? Beautifully detailed costumes, such as this one inspired by Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon 2.

2. Rapunzel from 'Tangled'

[Credit: Disney] / [Credit: Etsy shop NeverbugCreations]

Rapunzel spent her formative years locked in a tower, but once rescued by the charming bandit Flynn Rider, she becomes a real live wire.

Rapunzel's dress involves many types of fabric in a variety of patterns, and the careful color matching is key to a realistic cosplay. This challenge was not too great for the owners/sisters of Neverbug Creations, LLC. Boasting a combined 60 years of experience, the siblings claim to have started by sewing their first-day-of-school outfits as children, graduating to prom dresses in high school, and now, creating Disney costume items. Their work is professional and unbelievably detailed. Neverbug often offers multiple versions of a costume based on a single character.

3. Cinderella

[Credit: Disney] / [Credit: Esty shop bellamaedesigns]

In 2015, the live-action remake of Cinderella joined an ongoing parade of remake films. Its keystone image was that of the title character in a flowing blue gown, bustling away from the ball after meeting her Prince Charming.

This extremely intricate, multi-layered gown could have proven a challenge to the causal cosplayer, but not so for Isabella Covey, owner of Bella Mae's Designs. Says Isabella,

"Seeing a lovely dress in a movie, deciding to recreate it, then seeing it in living color and fabric, is my favorite part of sewing! I am part perfectionist, so when I recreate a dress I want it to look exactly like the original."

When it comes to Cinderella, she has done exactly that.

So, you've feasted your eyes on some of the most accurate and detailed children's film cosplay to be found on the 'net. Perhaps for some of you, you've been struck with the inspiration to run to your nearest fabric store, sewing machine in hand. For others, perhaps you prefer someone else to do the hard work for you. So, the question is: How much will one of these beautiful costumes set you back? $600 to $2,000, respectively. Why? Because some people are just that much into cosplay.

Cara Siera is a freelance writer, world traveler, and movie enthusiast.

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3 Must-See Cosplay Costumes for Grown-Ups, Inspired by Children's Films
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