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4 Hilarious Fan-Favorite Sketches from Charlie Murphy's Time on Chappelle's Show

Charlie was perhaps not a household name like his brother Eddie, but he left behind a comedic legacy beloved by millions.

On Wednesday, Chappelle's Show fans were devastated to learn that writer, actor and comedian Charlie Murphy had passed away from leukemia. While Charlie was perhaps not a household name like his brother Eddie Murphy, he left behind a comedic legacy beloved by millions.

Charlie Murphy got his start writing for other comedians, and his appearances on Chappelle's Show were a highlight of his career. Here are some of his funniest appearances that will keep audiences laughing for years to come.

4. The Mad Real World

'Chappelle's Show' [Credit: Comedy Central]

In a parody of The Real World reality series, Charlie Murphy portrayed Tyrese, one of the obnoxious housemates forced to live with one another. He shares a room with the oblivious Chad, who's just out of his element (and the only white guy in the house).

'Chappelle's Show' [Credit: Comedy Central]

At first, it doesn't seem like Tyree and Chad will have any problems, but soon Tyree demands that Chad vacate the room for his friend, Lysol. When Chad leaves, however, his girlfriend Katie stays behind.

3. The Playa Haters Ball

'Chappelle's Show' [Credit: Comedy Central]

This skit was based on the premise of the world's most renowned "haters" getting together for an awards ceremony to honor one another's achievements. But "haters" don't honor anyone — haters gonna hate, right? — and in this skit, Charlie Murphy portrays "Nastiest Hater" Buc Nasty. He doesn't have a lot of lines, but his dialogue is hilarious nonetheless.

2. The Time Haters

'Chappelle's Show' [Credit: Comedy Central]

The Playa Haters travel back in time to hate on people of the past. Although this skit never made it to the full cut of the series, it was included in the "Great Misses" extras. I personally can't see how this skit didn't make the final cut!

During this sketch, Charlie Murphy returns to reprise his role as Buc Nasty, and continues to provide his signature style of comedy. The scene mostly revolves around Chappelle's character, but once again Murphy stands out.

1. Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories

In this recurring sketch, Murphy recounts his early experiences in Hollywood. No one can forget Murphy's epic tale of getting invited to Prince's home, where they played pick-up basketball and Prince owned Murphy on the court — and served him pancakes.

'Chappelle's Show' [Credit: Comedy Central]

But perhaps the greatest entry was the "true Hollywood story" involving Charlie Murphy's past with Rick James. Murphy recounts meeting James through his brother when he got out of the Navy; Murphy and James got into a bit of an altercation when James greeted him with a loud "Charlie Murphy!" and proceeded to punch Murphy in the face, starting their feud.

'Chappelle's Show' [Credit: Comedy Central]

After this happens, Murphy bides his time until he gets an opportunity to confront James in his hotel room. Murphy kicks James in the chest, causing James to fly across the room. At this point, the conflict escalates further.

'Chappelle's Show' [Credit: Comedy Central]

Charlie describes his next encounter with Rick James when James barged into Eddie Murphy's home, blatantly rubbing mud into Eddie Murphy's couch. In response, the Murphy brothers beat Rick James' legs from under him, forcing James to crawl out of the house.

Murphy's history with Rick James takes a few more turns, but their rivalry ends like it always does: with them making up. The concluding moments of the sketch provide us with a real insight into their conflict — and their friendship.

These sketches are Chappelle's Show's most iconic, and while Dave Chappelle's celebrity impressions became world-famous, they would've never been possible without Charlie Murphy to tell the amazing stories.

Those were just some of the highlights from Murphy's time on Chappelle's Show. We can't fail to mention how Murphy also made his name as a stand-up comedian, so if you loved him on Chappelle's Show, be sure to watch his other brilliant efforts.

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4 Hilarious Fan-Favorite Sketches from Charlie Murphy's Time on Chappelle's Show
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