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4 Upgraded Suits from the Comics Spider-Man Could Potentially Wear in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

If we look at the comics for insight, we may already know which costume Spider-Man could don during 'Avengers: Infinity War.'

'Spider-Verse' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

While production on #AvengersInfinityWar has been kept quiet to some degree, a few rather interesting images released have given us plenty to dissect and interpret for ourselves. One of those images from the set depicts Spider-Man (#TomHolland) in an a head-to-toe CGI getup, which makes sense as, well, there's a lot of CGI involved with his character. But the head-to-toe getup suggests that he just might be getting an upgraded suit for Infinity War.

There's a good chance the intricate designs on Holland's mocap gear are indicative of the potential new suit #Spidey will wear during the clash with Thanos. In regard to which suit that is, is still up for debate. But if we look at the comics for insight, we may already know which costume Spider-Man could believably don during Avengers: Infinity War. Here are the four most plausible.

1. Spider-Armor MK1

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

With Spidey going from fighting neighborhood baddies to an intergalactic Titan in Thanos, there's a good chance the next upgrade #PeterParker will get to his suit is a layer of reinforced metal, 'cause Spandex ain't cutting it. Something along the lines of Spidey's MK1 armor would do the trick.

A bonus is that the MK1 armor shares a similar design to the traditional Spider-Man costume. And, since we know Tony Stark will be his mentor of sorts, an extra defensive protocol thrown into #SpiderMan's suit by Stark will allow him to focus on the fight at hand, rather than worrying about the young superhero getting killed.

2. Iron Spider Armor

Iron Spider Armor [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Fans have been speculating on the appearance of the Iron Spider armor ever since we found out Spidey would be in Civil War. While it made sense to not introduce that suit so early in Spider-Man's MCU run, it's believable to believe it may still turn up. Again, we already know that it's Tony Stark who will give Parker his latest suit in #SpiderManHomecoming, making it reasonable to believe he may take it one step further and upgrade Peter's suit into the Iron Spider armor. Because if there's one thing we know about Tony Stark, it's that he always has to take things to the next level, especially where his tech is concerned.

3. Fear Itself Suit

Asgardian suits in 'Fear Itself' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The Fear Itself suit might be a bit harder of a sell being that it's made of Uru, an Asgardian metal that has yet to be introduced to the MCU. But the Avengers and Spider-Man venturing into the cosmic side of the #Marvel universe puts them in Asgard's backyard. Merely being in the same vicinity as Asgard and, presumably, in contact with Thor could potentially see Spider-Man equipped with an Asgardian created suit—provided Asgard is not completely annihilated in the events of this year's Thor: Ragnarok.

4. Stealth Suit

The Stealth Suit is probably the most believable of costumes for Spider-Man to wear during Infinity War. After learning that Spider-Man's suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming will contain a ridiculous amount of new features and upgraded gadgets, a stealth enhanced suit wouldn't be too far off and, in fact, quite believable. While Horizon Labs created the suit in the comics, it would be perfectly reasonable that it would be Stark to create it in the #MCU.

Spider-Man Stealth Suit [Credit: Marvel Comics]

In any case, it's not like #PeterParker is going to downgrade to his old suit after getting his hands on a more advanced one, so he'll probably hold on to it for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. But with Thanos barreling toward them, it's more likely we'll see his an upgraded suit in action next year in Infinity War.

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4 Upgraded Suits from the Comics Spider-Man Could Potentially Wear in 'Avengers: Infinity War'
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