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5 Avengers Sure to Die By The Time Marvel's Phase 4 Rolls Around

Which characters will be sure to die by the time the war with Thanos is over?

Seven years into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige and Co. have done an admirable job of introducing characters to the big and small screen. Most characters are adored a great deal by fans, but Marvel (being Marvel), isn't going to allow that to stop them from killing them off. As Quicksilver can attest, a prominent role in the plot doesn't grant you immortality. So which characters will be sure to die by the time the war with Thanos is over? Well, let's go over them:

5. Vision (Temporarily)

Vision became a fan-favorite in Age of Ultron, thanks in no small part to Paul Bettany's fantastic portrayal of the character. Despite how interesting the character was, there was one glaring (literally) problem with the whole thing: Vision has an Infinity Gem/Stone implanted in his forehead. Thanos wants these Infinity Gem/Stone things, and we know he'll get them. So will we see a giant hole in Vision's corpse? Chances are - yes, only for him to be resurrected somehow when Thanos is defeated. Or the Gem could be replaced with something real.

#4. Captain America

Captain America, we love you a lot. But come on. Is there really any way he doesn't end up dead in 5 years? Think about it: next year, we see the storyline where he died on the big screen, in 3 years, we see the storyline where Thanos broke his shield (and left him with nothing else, cause he's just a dude), and of course they set up not one, but both of his replacements. Seriously, with everything falling in place like that, there's no way we'll see Steve Rogers chilling anywhere in the MCU post 2020.

#3. Hawkeye

Oh Clint, how wonderful it was to see you and your super peaceful, non-superhero family living on a traditional farm. Fun fact, that farm had a stamp on the side! It said, and I quote, "hawk i wil dy".

It didn't actually say that, but it might as well have. It makes sense that the only character with an emotional/empathetic/relatable background bites the dust, no? It plays off our bond with these characters and brings "emotional gravity" to the film. I'm guessing the last we'll see of him is next year's Captain America: Civil War.

#2. Thor

Thoreo, Thoreo, wherefore art thou, Thoreo. Hell. That's where. Thor: Ragnarok will probably see the God of Thunder head up (or should I say down) into hell to tackle Surtur, a super hellish being in the comics. I assume he dies here. With Marvel making a big (and overdue) push for more diversity in their movies now, we all know that if, nay, when Thor is replaced, it'll be by a girl (like in the comics). But unlike the comics, where Jane Foster became the new Thor, it'd probably be Lady Sif in the movies (Valkyrie would be too new, and Natalia Portman doesn't really give a sh*t about these movies anymore). Bottom line: Thor gets stabbed with Surtur's horns and Lady Sif ditches her sword for a magical hammer.

#1. Black Widow

Black Widow is dead meat. She has no superpowers. She has no solo film. Her origins are restricted to being side plots in other films. Will audiences really care in two years what Black Widow is and who made her where and when? My guess is no. So I assume she'll take the role of Agent Coulson in the next Avengers movie and be that death that really brings the team together (only to get into an argument again). The only difference is that she won't get her own TV show when she dies. Probably. I will miss that red hair though.

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5 Avengers Sure to Die By The Time Marvel's Phase 4 Rolls Around
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