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5 Major Questions We Still Have About 'Captain America: Civil War'

The Captain America: Civil War teaser during the Super Bowl was exciting, but it left me wanting more.

The Captain America: Civil War teaser during the Super Bowl was exciting, but it left me wanting more. There are a number of questions I still have, mainly about some characters that have been missing from the trailers, starting with...

1. Spider-Man

Much excitement has been had (and even more speculation made) since the Sony/Marvel deal a little over a year ago. I'll admit to sitting down with my 2-year-old son and sharing the big news that Spider-Man would soon be making his way to the big screen with all of our other favorite Marvel characters... I may have even shed a tear. There were all kinds of emotions happening.

So, why haven't we seen any footage of our friendly neighborhood wall crawler? 

It seems like there was an outcry for some kind of Spider-Man footage from the fans and many thought the Super Bowl teaser would be the perfect opportunity to give us just that. Alas, still nothing from our newest iteration of the web-head. I want to see him in his Iron Spider outfit, along with the whole dichotomy of him being torn between sides, but my guess is that his role will be little more than that of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Glorious, but cursory; however, if I am correct, I still have faith that his introduction will transition well into making Spidey's first solo venture with Marvel (in 2017) a majestic success.

Funnily enough, he's not the only character that is missing in action.

2. Baron Zemo

Since Daniel Bruhl was cast to play the role of Baron Zemo, not much has been said about the character or what role he'll be playing in this storyline (though I'm guessing that he had a hand in the UN explosion). This lavender covered villain ranks as one of Captain America’s most illustrious antagonists and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if we see him putting together the Thunderbolts (think of them as Marvel's Suicide Squad), under Tony and General Ross's initial leadership, to turn around and use that team for his own purposes by the end of the film (remember, you heard it here first). Maybe this is why we haven't seen much of him yet... 

3. Martin Freeman's mystery character

Another character with nothing more than speculation at this point, it's highly thought that we will see Freeman in the role of Everett Ross, a U.S. government agent assigned to Wakanda. While this character might not be super familiar to most, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine this. Ross is a character from the comics who is the U.S. ambassador to Wakanda, a leading expert on the African country, and friends with King T’Challa (a.k.a. Black Panther). Only time will tell if rumor can be trusted, but I would bet that you can count on seeing Martin Freeman in the MCU after Civil War (maybe even in Black Panther?)

4. What are they fighting for?

We do know that the Superhero Registration Act isn't happening in the films partly because, as far as we know, Spider-Man would be one of the only heroes with a secret identity. The Slovokia Accords, which seemly represent the new SRA, is nothing short of a supervision that the Avengers (specifically Tony) are well deserving of after the happenings in Age of Ultron.

The Sokovia Accords are a set of internationally ratified legal documents that provide regulation and frame-working for the military/law enforcement deployment of enhanced individuals, particularly the Avengers. The document was established by the World Security Council, Department of Political Affairs and ratified by the governments of the United States of America, United Kingdom, Wakanda and Sokovia (marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia).

I'm sure it's much more complicated than this, but it's all we have to go on at this point. Perhaps this next question is part of the answer to our question.

5. Did Bucky just try to kill Tony point blank range?

No wonder everyone is against Bucky! Look at the surprise on Tony's face! It's also rumored that Bucky gets the blame for the explosion at the UN building (rightfully or not). Cap goes and sticks up for his friend, which is admirable, but we can't just have people running around trying to kill each other in public spaces. Plus, have you seen Tony's team?

A shout out to Trevor Norkey for pointing this out:

One of the main points about why Team Iron Man is in the right during Civil War is the fact that they have Vision on their roster. From what we learned in Age of Ultron, Vision is a massively intelligent android who only has one goal in his existence - protecting life and doing what is right for the world.

I would add that Tony and Black Panther also know firsthand what can happen when things aren't regulated. Remember the vibranium stolen in Age of Ultron? Taken from Wakanda (Black Panther's home). Or, you know, Ultron? His creation was a completely unnecessary and avoidable situation had there been any kind of oversight. If Tony can admit that to himself, I don't understand the logic of Cap's side of things.

Also, this:

And this:

It seems to me that Cap's gone off the deep end. While I would normally be on his side of things, I'm all about #TeamIronMan from what we've seen of this movie thus far.

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5 Major Questions We Still Have About 'Captain America: Civil War'
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