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5 Most Annoying Lead Roles in TV Shows

They may be the lead, but they are still jerks.

Everyone loves a good long-running series, it really gives you something to obsess over you know? Something to look forward to after a long day of work and something to stay up late and be tired for said work the next day.

And as much as we love all of the characters, sometimes, one of the lead characters is kind of a d*ckhead. And the more you think about it, the more of a d*ckhead they seem.

So who are the biggest d*ckheads in long running shows?

Rick Grimes

I'll start with the most obvious one, Rick "Ricktator" Grimes of the world-dominating The Walking Dead.

He's aggressive, ungrateful, rude, and disrespectful, he preaches loyalty but has none whatsoever. This was shown after he kicked Carol out of the prison for doing what needed to be done.

He listens to nobody, he takes what he wants, and thinks that anyone who doesn't share his values should be destroyed, yet he expects them to help whenever he gets in over his head!

I don't know who died and put him in charge, but I wouldn't shed a tear if Rick Grimes and Lucille had a little chat.

Ross Geller

I know this is going to be a controversial one, but if you knew Ross Geller in real life, I doubt you would get along with him. He's snobbish, patronizing, obsessive, and more often than not, just plain rude.

His desire to be seen as the most intelligent is a control thing and he attempts to control and manipulate Rachel when she gets a job at Bloomingdale's because she wasn't spending enough time with him.

He's rude to Joey who might not be the brightest spark, but at least he is a semi-decent human being.

Lisa Simpson

Another controversial one, but it's undeniable. Lisa is a jerk and even the sweetest child would have a hard time being friends with someone like her.

She is one of the snobbiest, bad mannered, and ungrateful characters on TV. She belittles everyone who doesn't share her views, she is so rude to Homer and Marge, even though they do their best for her and she never shuts up about jazz or vegetarianism.

I have to confess, Lisa-centric episodes have me reaching for the remote.

Ephraim Goodweather

The Strain was a great series, and the cast and backstory were brilliant. But Ephraim Goodweather was another self-obsessed control freak who thought the world revolved around him and he could do anything he wanted without consequence. Even from the first episode, you can see he has no consideration for anyone else and expects everybody to work around him. This includes turning up late for four out of six of his family therapy sessions.

He believes that no matter what he has done, his wife should forgive him and take him back, he thinks he could have custody of his son, even though he is never there and he treats Nora like a consolation prize.

Frasier Crane

Don't get me wrong, Frasier the show was great, but Frasier the person was a horrible human being! He might have let his dad live with him, but he made it clear that he wasn't happy about it, and he took every chance to belittle his police officer hero of a father. He was ashamed of his dad, even though he had been a successful detective, he was a decent guy and he worked hard to help provide for his family. But he wasn't as intellectual or "refined" as Frasier and Niles, but I know who I would have rather spent time with!

He had absolutely no time for people he thought weren't as smart as him, and people who were as smart as him, he was jealous of and unpleasant to, unless he was trying to have sex with them.

Great Long-Running Shows

All of these shows have been fantastic and I loved every single one of them, but the lead character was always a total A-hole, I guess that is something that sells!

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5 Most Annoying Lead Roles in TV Shows
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