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5 Movies You Should Not Waste Your Time Watching on Netflix

Time is precious!

I am sure that many of you get bored at home and look for a movie that you have never seen before to watch on Netflix (I know I do). It is important to choose wisely because some movies on Netflix are just not even worth your time! Movies are typically about an hour and a half long so that's a lot of wasted time that could've been spent on something much more meaningful than a lame film. Here is my list of time wasting movies on Netflix (in no particular order).

1. 'Walk of Fame'

It is easy to let this movie suck you in. One reason is because it is currently in the "new releases" section. Of course that's the first place we look when were searching for something new to watch, but believe me, it is best if you just skim right past it and move on to the next! Another reason is because the offspring of Clint Eastwood (who is a majorly talented actor and director) is the star of the film. Yes, he is the spitting image of his father, but he did not acquire his dad's incredible talent! This movie's plot is extremely dry. I found myself fighting to stay awake just to finish the movie. It also does not follow the description Netflix gives us. Don't let the description fool you into thinking it's a love story, it is most certainly not. It is filled with unfunny racism stereotypes. They weren't even funny stereotypes, they were more so offensive. It is true that this movie has a lot of silly scenes that are meant to make you laugh, but it really just makes you shake your head in disbelief that you wasted an hour and twenty-six minutes of your life. 

2. 'Pocahontas II'

As children, and even adults, we all loved the movie Pocahontas. It was such a beautiful love story that needed to be told and had incredible songs in it as well. It is probably one of the best Disney movies ever made, but its sequel was a complete letdown! If you are expecting it to be as good as the first one, you will be very disappointed. It seemed like this film was only made because they ran out of ideas for movies. The thing I disliked most about this film was the fact they they tried to add a new love interest for Pocahontas that just so happened to have the same first name as her former love interest "John Smith." Of all the names in the world, right? On top of that, they put Pocahontas in a love triangle which is ridiculous because Disney movies should never have love triangles! Now I know a lot of Disney sequels are not good, but this one definitely takes the cake.  

3. 'How He Fell in Love'

Even though Netflix deleted this movie, I feel the need to still warn you about it just in case they decide to put it back on. We all know Netflix is notorious for doing that! This movie was extremely boring! I could not finish watching it because of how much it was dragging. The reason I chose it in the first place was because I am a sucker for movies with romance plots and the plot of this film, or at least how Netflix described its plot drew me in! The lead male actor was not as charming as he was in the hit show Orange is the New Black. The connection between him and the lead female did not seem very passionate to me. Maybe it got more passionate as the movie progressed but I have no interest in even finding out. I do not recommend anyone watch this movie unless you have to watch it for a school project or something of that sort.

4. 'My Teacher, My Obsession'

Now this movie wasn't a complete waste of my life. I say that only because it did have me at my toes at some parts. Surprisingly, I was able to watch this movie until the end but, it was still an utter disappointment! What I disliked most about this movie was the way the teacher went about the whole obsessed student situation. I didn't know a high school teacher could be more naive than a high school student until I watched this movie. Although he looked like he could bench at least 350, unfortunately he could not defend himself from a slender high school girl. His wounded daughter had to come to his rescue. So unrealistic, right? Also, the acting in this movie was not great, especially from the man who played the teacher. His performance was not believable at all. Lastly, I was not a fan of the ending. It had the cliche "it's not really over" type of ending (which I am usually a fan of) but I just don't think it worked for this movie. If they do make a sequel, I for sure will not be watching, and I don't suggest anyone to unless you are into cheesy, unrealistic, poorly delivered films.

5. 'Sierra Burgess Is a Loser'

Now this flick is probably the least terrible one on this list. Reason being is because the acting in this movie is pretty good, but it is still not worth your time. It sends the message to high school girls that catfishing is okay. Now I understand that you should not be with someone just because they're attractive, and I totally agree with that, but that does not make it okay to catfish. The reason I chose to watch this movie was because it came out a little bit after To All the Boys I've Loved Before, (which was an amazing movie) and I thought it would be another great Netflix original. Don't make the same mistake I did! Yes, they are both Netflix originals. Yes, Noah Centineo is in both of them, but they are absolutely not on the same level whatsoever. Also, the title of this film is not appealing. It does not represent the movie well. The title should actually be, How I Catfished my Way to True Love. Lastly, they did not do a good job portraying the main character as the unpopular girl we should feel sorry for because she was actually kind of mean. If you are looking for great teen romance Netflix original films to watch, some suggestions are The Kissing Booth and To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

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5 Movies You Should Not Waste Your Time Watching on Netflix
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