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5 Reasons King T'Challa Makes a Great Mate

...and it's not just because he's Black Panther.

King T'Challa in All His Glory

So, everyone has been super excited about Marvel's most anticipated film, Black Panther, which is given and totally understandable. I was dying to have that follow-up girl-chat after watching it so I called some of my girls and reluctantly shared my last bottle of wine. My last bottle of bodacious smooth red that is. Somehow we got to talking about what most girls talk about after they’ve watched a film full of action and fit men or simply said…a Marvel film: boys.

After a few glasses and lame jokes that only we understood, someone mentioned that King T’Challa, Black Panther, was probably the best of the bunch to be the perfect mate. In all honesty, he is probably the ultimate example and most likely already labeled today as “BAE goals.” To back up that notion, here’s why:

1. A Selfless Man is a Reliable One

King T’Challa showed many moments where he prioritized others over himself and as a man who holds a LARGE responsibility as king of a country, it is probably wise to govern your kingdom in a selfless manner. When it comes to building a family with your partner/mate it is reassuring to know you are his top priority thus making him a reliable man.

2. A Man Who Gives Up is No Man at All

“Giving up” is not in King T’Challa’s vocabulary. No ma’am. When it comes to the protection and comfort of his people he will not stand down. What a man! A partner/mate that views “giving up” as a foreign act, shows that he is less likely to give up on you and the relationship.

3. A Family Man is a Man of Strength and Leadership

Through-out the film, King T’Challa displays his affection towards his family. The relationship he has with his sister was beyond just cute and actual— sibling goals. The connection with his family is a genuine one and T’Challa shows that a strong connection with your family is unbreakable. A man that understands that importance only serves the fruitful and solid growth of the family you hope to build with him.

4. A Patient and Observant Man, Is a Man of Wisdom

As king and superhero, T’Challa practiced patience and observance. He was…totally chill. It was clear that for his age, he was quite wise and beyond his years. Nothing gets a woman going than a man of wisdom, am I right ladies? Due to his patience and his keen eye, he was able to make the right decisions for the sake of his people. A man with those qualities is usually slow to anger and an impeccable family head and a partner/mate that is observant which is always a plus because, ladies...he’ll remember when it’s Netflix and cheesecake night.

5. A Loyal Man is a Man Who Stands Firm with His People

T’Challa never left his people's side, why? He was loyal to them. No one could sever his loyalty to them. He stood firm with them and because of that: he was deemed reliable, strong and worthy as their king. A man who is loyal to you stands firm with you. He blocks out anyone who tries to sever that and he performs as your king.

There was a lot more discussed but these were the important points we touched on. Besides that, King T’Challa gives us the cherry on top for being his natural fine self in the most regal way possible and we were eating it up like a fat kid eats cake. He is, oh so smooth, which had most of us weak at the knees but another thought. His cousin, Killmonger. Ggggiiirrrlllll, I love me some T’Challa but a nemesis who also happens to be his cousin is just…. divine, but that was another girl-chat with wine.

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5 Reasons King T'Challa Makes a Great Mate
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