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5 Team-ups Who Could Take Down Batman & Superman

Batman and Superman are the foundation of all that is DC Comics, but there are a few other duos that would stand a chance against the stalwart team.

With the impending release of the Batman v Superman movie, we are starting to see the birth (at least on-screen) of one of the most prolific team-ups in all of comic book history.

Batman and Superman are the foundation of all that is DC Comics, both have their own unique and rich history and yet apart from their obvious class differential they have proven to be one-another’s greatest ally when it comes to facing down the evil forces that threaten the Earth.

I thought it may be fun to look at a few other duos that would stand a chance against the stalwart team of Batman/Superman. Let’s take a look.

Ant-Man & The Wasp

This is one of my favorite partnerships from the comics, since they’re often looked at as the odd-ball heroes when you compare them to other probably more mainstream characters in their circle, but I think that Ant-Man and The Wasp are one of the most powerful and unique teams around. Both characters share a similar set of abilities which would only aid in their takedown of Batman and Superman. Here is why they would ultimately come out as the winner in this battle. Thanks to the Pym particle, the duo has the ability to alter their molecular density and size, shrinking to the size of the insects that they are named after, as well as being able to grow to extreme heights. With the shrinking and growth comes enhanced strength and power. Mix in their fighting technique which takes into account for their mass and speed at full size channeled into their smaller or enlarged body only magnifies their strength on top of what it is already augmented. Add in Henry's genius level intellect and he would be able to dismantle any technology that Batman would bring to the fight. Bringing down Batman would be the first step in defeating the duo, and with Batman out of the fight the two could focus on channeling their combined strength to fight the Man of Steel.

Would it be an easy fight? No way, but I do believe that if it came down to it – it is a fight that they could win

Scarlet Witch & The Vision

This team would definitely give Batman and Superman a run for their money. The proverbial odd couple of a mutant witch and a human-like android would make the fight interesting to say the least. Scarlet Witch would ultimately be the key to taking down the powerful team. Superman has a weakness to magic as well as an inability to fight against mental invasion – both of which are something that Scarlet Witch is uniquely suited to bring to the fight. While Scarlet Witch is weakening Superman, The Vision would be studying Batman’s technique and learning how to adapt to it to ultimately surpass him. Granted the two fighters share an incredible intellect, where The Vision would overcome is in all other aspects: speed, strength, power and durability. After Scarlet Witch weakens Superman with her deft control of magic, The Vision would be able to step in and fight on a much more even playing field – but that’s not to say that Scarlet Witch wouldn’t enter the fray of combat. She would be able to send energy blasts at Superman as well as warp reality and move other objects with her mind.

Would it be an easy fight? It never will be, but if push came to shove – I believe that these two could overcome.

Thor & Loki

The brothers that never seem to see eye to eye would have to band together in this fight to bring down the Dark Knight and the Kryptonian legend. Loki has a similar advantage over Superman like Scarlet Witch does – in magic. Loki is the God of trickery, and his sorcery and ability to wield magic as a weapon would unravel Superman’s god-like strength. Yet even at a god-like level, fighting Thor would prove to be futile as he wields the mythic weapon Mjolnir and he-himself bears the strength of the gods. Thor would match Superman in strength, power and durability but would ultimately overcome him in sheer combat ability. Seeing as Thor has been trained since birth to be a warrior, he would have the edge in combat and ferocity were the battle to drag on. Loki would be in for an interesting fight with Batman if he were to face him. Batman most definitely holds the edge in combat and intelligence. Batman would attempt to outwit the trickster, and would be able to see through many of Loki’s deceptions.

Would it be an easy fight? Easier than the others, but by no means a guarantee – but they should come out the victors.

Captain Marvel & Black Widow

This team would be the real underdog in my mind, yet I think they have the ability to overcome. Captain Marvel and Black Widow may seem weak when compared to a god-like being like Superman, yet I believe that that is where their true strength lies. Both Captain Marvel and Black Widow have an innate sense of determination to never lose that would only benefit them. Captain Marvel would undoubtedly challenge Superman first as he is more apt to defeat Black Widow with ease. She would let Black Widow face off against Batman while she takes on the might of Superman. Superman in general holds the edge in strength and power and would bring Captain Marvel to her limit, but in reaching that limit it would force her to fight without restrictions and ultimately channel the abilities of the white hole which imbues her with a vast wealth of cosmic energies which would allow her to surpass the Man of Steel. The battle between Black Widow and Batman would be incredibly even as the fighting continued since both would be evaluating each other looking for the weak points in their defense while in the midst of battle. Batman has the advantage in technology and intellect, but that’s about where the advantage ends. Black Widow has a very minor edge in combat technique being raised from a young age as an assassin. Along with the assassin training, Black Widow has no qualms with killing whereas Batman would hesitate to actually take a life.

Would it be an easy fight? Not in a million years, but if circumstance fell into place and they brought their best – they would eventually bring down the team.

Zealot & Spartan (Wildstorm Universe)

Now, I don’t blame you if you’ve never heard of either Zealot (Lady Zannah) or Spartan (John Colt) but if you’ve read anything from the Wildstorm Universe, then you’ll know why I have these two partnered against Superman and Batman and why they would ultimately topple the duo with ease. Zealot and Spartan are both incredibly skilled warriors from the planet Khera where they chose the life of warriors and trained to be deadly in every aspect of combat. Ultimately both Zealot and Spartan would be able to fight Superman on an even footing, but Spartan would challenge Superman and would overtake him rather quickly as he is a bionic android and has spent countless years upgrading his own mechanics which increased his strength, stamina, speed and durability. Add to this enhancement his ability to project and harness energy and release that energy as a blast, a shield or within his fist to be released with each punch makes it nearly an uneven fight. Zealot on the other hand is a master martial artist as well as being trained in the mystic arts of sorcery. She is a skilled warrior and is nearly immortal and possesses superhuman agility, strength, durability and has accelerated healing abilities. She would make quick work of either Superman of Batman.

Would it be an easy fight? Not for Superman/Batman unless Zealot and Spartan fought with their eyes closed and one-handed – eventually still they would take down the DC combo.

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5 Team-ups Who Could Take Down Batman & Superman
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