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5 Things You Never Knew About Captain Marvel

While you may know of her past with Rogue or her many codename changes, this will take you into a past you never knew about for the next hero of the MCU, Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel.

The latest trailer for the upcoming Captain Marvel is sparking debate over the worldwide web. Many are questioning if a female led superhero film will be a smash or a flop? Well, this article will not be debating that matter, instead, it will be showing you things you may never have known about Carol Danvers and her long past at Marvel Comics.

5. Carol is a hardcore 'Star Wars' fan.

Yes, you read that correctly. Carol is a canon Star Wars fan, even to the point where she named her pet cat Chewie. During DeConnick’s run on Captain Marvel, the character makes numerous Star Wars references. But what is even better than that is that some are not just a fangirl repeating lines from the movies. When Carol went to space she naturally took her cat Chewie along for the ride, and when they returned to Earth she actually said: "Chewie, we're home."

While some may consider it corny for a fictional hero to be obsessed with Star Wars, it does, on the other hand, make her relatable and more human. We all have franchises we live and breath for, but it is not often you will encounter a character from a franchise as massive as Marvel with a love for a rival franchise themselves.

4. Carol was a successful leader of the avengers.

At one point in her long superhero career, Carol was the team leader of the Avengers. While she is not the first, and by no means the last, leader of the team, her tenure as leader was pretty successful. Her team included Ironman, Black Widow, Wasp, Sentry, Wonder Man and Ares. As a team they went toe-to-toe with some big names in Marvel Comics including, Mole Man, Ultron, Symbiotes, and Doctor Doom to name a few. Her leadership skills were so high she was even given a mini heli-carrier and team of SHIELD agents to extend her abilities to protect New York.

Her time as leader ended when the world witness Norman Osbourne save the world by killing the Skrull Queen. Norman became the face the people trusted and ushered in the Dark Reign of Marvel Comics, forcing Carol to become a fugitive. But, Marvel stated she would lead the team once again, and you have to wonder if that team will be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Avengers.

3. She has been a cosmic entity.

It is no secret that Carol Danvers has been through her share of codenames and costume changes. Many know of her past in the comics as Ms. Marvel, before taking the mantel of Captain Marvel. But a lot have forgotten other codenames used by Carol over her decades in print. One name was Binary and debuted in X-Men #164. In this form, Carol Danvers becomes a cosmic entity akin to the Silver Surfer, Phoenix Force, and Galactus.

As Binary, Carol has red skin and hair that burns like the corona of the sun. Channeling power from a white hole, Carol could generate heat, light, radiation and access all other forms of energy from the electromagnetic spectrum. As if that wasn't enough she also had some power over gravity and could breathe in space while travelling at the speed of light. When the Russo brothers claimed Carol was set to be a powerhouse in the MCU unlike any other, it is easy to see the justification in their statement when you look at Carol's Binary based powers.

2. Mystique debuted in 'Ms. Marvel.'

Mystique is one of the most famous Mutants and female villains from all of Marvel Comics. However, many would assume her start began in the issues of the X-Men comics. This is where you would be wrong, as she first appeared as an archenemy of Carol Danvers in Ms. Marvel #16, but over time became more associated with the mutant battle between the X-Men and Brotherhood.

This is how Carol and Rogue ended up creating their own personal history, as Rogue was manipulated by Mystique to absorb Carol's powers while on a mission for the Brotherhood of Mutants. While it is well remembered by fans that Rogue stole Carol's powers and memories, it is often forgotten who manipulated her to take down Carol where she had failed many times before herself.

1. Carol Danvers was raped.

Carol has never had a pure and perfect history in her time in the comics. Many remember her addiction period where she became an alcoholic. However, to mark Avengers #200 they went to a place not many are brave enough to go. Carol was abducted into an interdimensional rift by a man known as Marcus. There he raped her and impregnated her with his 'essence'.

Returned to Earth and pregnant, Carol carried the baby for three days before going into labour and delivering a baby boy. Upon giving birth to him, no maternal instincts kicked in with Carol as she claimed he wasn't her baby and that she had been used. Turns out the baby was Marcus himself, and he was a descendent of the Avengers foe Immortus and it was his way to get to the real world. But with a single storybreathe Marvel Comics covered both rape and incest with Carol at the centre of it all.

What do you think Carol will bring to the MCU? What are some of your favourite parts of Carol's history with Marvel Comics?

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5 Things You Never Knew About Captain Marvel
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