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5 Times Leo From 'Charmed' Made Us Wish We Were Piper Halliwell

There was something else that kept us from changing the channel: the connection between Piper and her Whitelighter, Leo Wyatt.

For eight seasons, #Charmed delivered the magical storylines that kept us coming back for more. We tuned in to see the Halliwell sisters kick evil's ass on a weekly basis. The fights were legendary, the banter and sarcasm meme-worthy, and the sisterly love unparalleled.

And there was something else that kept us from changing the channel: the connection between Piper and her Whitelighter, Leo Wyatt.

Appearing as a guest star in Season 1, Leo (Brian Krause) oozed sex appeal and charm. Was it any wonder Piper couldn't take her eyes off of him? And when the writers brought this couple together, they knew they'd captured lightning in a bottle because the chemistry was nothing short of electric.

We reluctantly said goodbye to one of our favorite couples when Charmed ended in 2006, but thanks to #Netflix, we get to see our favorite witch and Whitelighter as often as we want. And since February 1st is Brian Krause's birthday, now is the perfect time for new viewers to see exactly what Piper saw in Leo.

1. When She Was Where He Wanted To Be

Close to the end of Season 1, Leo was shot with an arrow by a Darklighter, which is poisonous to Whitelighters. He knew he was dying, and though he'd gone to the Charmed ones for help with his charge, he also wanted to be with Piper. If he had to die, that was where he wanted to be.

At the time, viewers didn't know if Leo was going to be written off the series, so this scene (beginning at 6:16 in the video above), scared all of us. And when Leo tells Piper he loves her for the first time, we didn't think we could take the trauma of his death. Fortunately, the writers chose not to go in that direction, and #PiperandLeo got their chance. And we grew to love this Whitelighter.

2. When He Didn't Give Up On Their Love

In spite of the strong connection Piper and Leo shared, the writers chose to separate them briefly in Season 2. Piper took a detour into next door neighbor Dan's arms while Leo watched from the sidelines. Honestly, most fans try to block that part of the season out of memory (or fast forward through the Dan and Piper scenes).

Still, Leo loved Piper too much to give up on their love, and he reminded her of that on Valentine's Day with a card that was both simple and sweet — and made every woman watching fall in love with him.

3. When He Comforted Her...

Many times over the course of the seasons, Leo stood strong for Piper, but the ending scene in Season 2's "Astral Monkey" stands out as one of the most memorable.

The doctor who tried to save Piper's life in "Awakened" (when she had Aroya Fever) takes on the Charmed Ones' powers, and he's unable to handle them. Piper wants to save him, but he's too far gone and ends up dying. Piper feels like she failed him and is carrying a heavy burden of guilt when she seeks sanctuary in her room.

Leo hears her anguish and orbs into her bedroom. The distress on his face as he watches the woman he loves suffer is heart-wrenching, and when he takes Piper in his arms, offering both comfort and strength, fans grew even more attached to him.

4. ...And Then Broke The Rules For Her

"Awakened" is one of the most powerful episodes of Charmed in that it showcases the selfless love Leo has for Piper. She's dying, and not even the Charmed Ones' magic can save her. In fact, when they tried, other people died. So Prue and Phoebe had no choice but to stand aside and watch their sister fading away.

As Piper floats up from her body and into the atmosphere, Leo, surrounded by bright light, comes walking toward her. He tells her that he can't let her die, and even though it's against the rules, he heals her. Leo knows what he's doing can lead to severe repercussions, and he's willing to take the risk.

When the Elders discover what he's done, they take away his powers, leaving him mortal. But Leo doesn't regret his decision. It wouldn't be the last time he was willing to lose his immortality for her.

5. When He Gave Up Magic For Her

Once again Piper is dying, this time from a demon's thorn. She needs Leo, but as punishment for becoming an Avatar, Leo's memories have been stripped. He's in the middle of nowhere and doesn't remember Piper, but he feels her calling to him.

As Piper hovers on the plane between life and death, Leo realizes Piper is dying and her soul is crying out to his. As the Elder watches, Leo plummets off the Golden Gate Bridge, effectively falling from grace. He returns to Piper in time to restore their connection and save her life. But, once again, it comes at a cost. This time, Leo loses his powers for good, giving up everything to protect the woman he loves.

It's been almost 11 years since Charmed ended, but the magic of Piper and Leo still resonates with fans. Every day, new viewers discover this couple and more than a few of them fall in love with Leo, thanks to Brian Krause's ability to captivate an audience with his good looks, smile and lethal charm. Happy Birthday, Brian!

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5 Times Leo From 'Charmed' Made Us Wish We Were Piper Halliwell
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