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5 Times Piper Halliwell From 'Charmed' Delivered The Feels

She will always be remembered as one of the Charmed ones, thanks to moments like these.

I'm a HUGE fan of Charmed and have watched most of the episodes at least five times. My favorites I've watched a few more. Piper Halliwell is one of my favorite sisters on the show. The writers put her through hell, toying with this character's heart over eight seasons. And Holly Marie Combs rose to every occasion, wringing every drop of emotion out of each scene.

Holly's birthday is December 3rd, making it the perfect time to share some of her more emotional moments on Charmed. Because of Holly, Piper Halliwell will never be forgotten. More than that, she will always be remembered as one of the Charmed ones, thanks to moments like these...

When She Was Angry At Leo For Not Saving Prue

When Prue was killed at the end of season 3 of Charmed, Piper struggled with understanding her husband's choice. As a Whitelighter, Leo had the ability to heal, but both Piper and Prue were hurt. And Leo could only heal one at a time. He chose Piper.

The display of emotions in this scene is so on point that viewers joined in Piper's anger, but we didn't want to lose her anymore than we did Prue. It must have been a difficult scene to film for Holly Marie Combs as it was difficult for us to watch.

When She Was Grieving Over Prue's Death

Still mourning Prue, Piper's anger took another turn. The Furies sensed her sorrow, and that allowed them to overtake Piper. She joined their ranks, becoming a Fury who took her anger out on anything and anyone. Holly Marie Combs portrayed heartbreak to perfection in this scene, particularly the end where she finally reveals who is the source of most of her anger—Prue. Piper's anguish turns to tears when the truth is revealed, and viewers wept along with her.

When She Gave Birth To Her Son, Wyatt

When Leo and Piper's son was born on The Day the Magic Died, we felt like we were in the room. All of Piper's emotions came alive on the screen, and we saw a woman becoming a first-time mother who was both scared and in awe. As she holds baby Wyatt and tells Leo to "look what we did," viewers embraced this baby boy, too.

When She Begs Leo To Come Home

Leo and Piper have a baby, and life seems to be headed in the happily ever after direction...until the Elders intervene. They have a new assignment for Leo. They want him to join them, which means leaving Piper and Wyatt.

I cannot imagine another actress showing such raw emotion in the scene where Piper begs Leo to come home with her. Though this reality is fictional, it bore all the evidence of real heartache. To this day, I remain amazed that she did not win an award for this episode alone.

When She Had To Lose Leo To Save Him

Once again, Piper faced the prospect of losing Leo in the final season of Charmed. Chased by the Angel of Death, Leo had to die in order to motivate the sisters to fight their last destined battle. Piper, who's determined not to lose her husband again, comes up with an alternate plan, but she still has to say goodbye to Leo without really knowing if she'll ever see him again.

Once again, Holly Marie Combs pulled out all the stops, making Piper's loss so realistic we cried along with her. She'd been through too much to lose the love of her life, and Holly made us believe the pain was as real as a knife to the heart.

I could have chosen so many other scenes to highlight Piper Halliwell because, honestly, in most, if not all, of the episodes, Holly was magical. She helped to make Charmed one of the most beloved supernatural series ever on television. And for that, the fans will always be eternally grateful.

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5 Times Piper Halliwell From 'Charmed' Delivered The Feels
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