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5 'Twin Peaks' Gifts for 'Twin Peaks' Friends

Ideas for Those of You Who Know People Interested in Twin Peaks... Or Those Who Want a Treat for Themselves...

Photo by Kim Stiver from Pexels

As I'm sure you are all aware, the Twin Peaks merchandise on the Showtime website leaves something to be desired in terms of creativity and quality. Of course there are also the obvious gifts such as the box-sets and the Funko pops, but I did some research into some of the more creative Twin Peaks gifts available. Luckily, since the airing of season three, there is suddenly a fresh flood of options regarding Twin Peaks styled things! I decided that I wanted to share with you all my favourite picks from the merchandise currently available.

Despite how many of us there are right here in this community, I'm sure there are many of you out there like me who don't have any people in their real life who actually understand what Twin Peaks even is. For those people, and for those of you who just need some inspiration for fellow Peaksie's gifts, here are some ideas!

1.) A Bookhouse Boy Notebook

This notebook is the perfect gift for somebody who likes to write, likes to write lists, or is always looking for a piece of paper! It comes with illustrations inside, and a pocket for loose paper so it's great for organisation. Having purchased this myself, I can say the paper is of good quality, and there is a ribbon to ensure you don't lose your page. It also comes with a cardboard photo of Laura Palmer... just in case that seals the deal for you.

This is available from Amazon here.

2.) 'Meanwhile' Tapestries

Personally, I think these are really cool. They come in three different sizes, and also in purple. The brightness of the neon hands makes this really stand out, and of course all fans of the show will recognise this symbol immediately. The variety of sizes and colours makes it suitable to hang almost anywhere, and the subtle design means it isn't too overpowering. Although there are many arty gift options in this community, this is one of my favourites.

These are available from Redbubble here.

3.) Wall Clock

This is an ideal gift if the person you are gifting is a minimalist; wall clocks are fairly essential, and this one is artful, classy, and of course functional. They are also available in a few other designs if you scour Etsy or similar sites. However, this is the one I found with the most positive reviews. The design of these clocks is spot on—it is not overcrowded with detail, but includes our favourite symbols and characters from the show. Based on the shape of a vinyl record, this gift is retro, slick, and edgy. These are also handmade, which of course makes them even more special; however, they are still affordable.

These are available from Etsy here.

4.) Badges

Perhaps my favourite of all the Twin Peaks merchandise I have owned, these are very inexpensive, and the pins are superb quality. They are versatile, as they can be worn, displayed, or used on a variety of fabrics or creative projects. There are many badge sets out there, but out of all the ones currently available, this set is my favourite. This is because each of the designs are perfect in terms of style, colour, and choice.

These are also available on Etsy here.

5.) Twin Peaks Mug

What better to drink your coffee from? These mugs are high quality, the crematic is very thick (I have used mine many times and the pattern is not fading, although it's worth noting that I don't actually put mine in the dishwasher), the design is traditional Peaks style, and the mug is a nice size. I also adore the shiny glaze this mug has. The handle is comfortable to hold and this really is an ideal gift for any Twin Peaks fan.

Available from Amazon here.

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5 'Twin Peaks' Gifts for 'Twin Peaks' Friends
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