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5 Ways to Defeat the "New" Broly

Will the Z-Fighters defeat Broly in the upcoming 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Movie?!

Broly is not even a Super Saiyan, and he has already taken on a God. How will our heroes defeat Broly?

Find out here as I break down “5 Ways To Defeat the 'New' Broly”!

1. Ultra Instinct

So the #1 theory on how the new Broly is going to be defeated and how the movie ends is that it is going to be Ultra Instinct. Since Goku stated at the end of Dragon Ball Super by saying, “I can’t turn Ultra Instinct anymore,” the writers want us to think that he is not going to go Ultra Instinct anymore. 

However, all of us know that we are going to see the glorious form again in the movie because obviously they are not going to do an entire year of build-up for the “Tournament of Power” to give Goku this amazing new form and not give it to us again. 

The writers also said that on purpose because they have been planning the movie. Now, I am sure Akira Toriyama had a full script at that point, at least the majority of it, and he was like, “Hey. Let’s just tease them that Ultra Instinct is not coming back so when the movie airs Goku can turn Ultra Instinct at the end." 

It is going to be juicy and the fans are going to be crazy. 

Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Rising up from the Ground!

So we saw Broly rising out from the ground as he is turning into his full power, and Goku looks like a very battered and beaten up Super Saiyan Blue. 

So, once this guy goes full power, it's like even though Goku goes Kaio-ken x20, that is not going to be anything. My theory is that he already used that to push Broly that far. 

So I think it's pretty clear here that the only way Goku is going to win is with Ultra Instinct. However, there are four more ways that the Z-Fighters can defeat the new Broly. 

2. Spirit Bomb

The Spirit Bomb is always a trump card that I feel is a 50/50 chance of working and is always a possibility. Now, I do not think Goku will use the Spirit Bomb in the movie. 

Also, this Broly does not seem as evil as the Broly from the Legendary Super Saiyan movie eight, who is a malicious, merciless titan. So maybe Broly is not evil. 

Maybe he is just being controlled by Paragus, who may or may not be his real father. In this case, Paragus may be Broly’s adopted father, and, if that’s the case, the Spirit Bomb would not kill Broly. 

Back in episode 110 of Dragon Ball Super, we saw what the Spirit Bomb did to Jiren. He just pushed it back with his eyes. So I say it is a possibility that if Vegeta, Frieza, and the rest of the Z-Fighters hold of Broly, Goku may charge up a Spirit Bomb. 

In my opinion, Ultra Instinct has a higher chance of being a finishing blow. 

3. Rivals Joining Forces

Now, nobody knew that, in the final episode of the “Tournament of Power,” you would see Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 working together to take down Jiren. I mean, people thought either Ultra Instinct was going to have a finishing blow, the tournament would get interrupted somehow, or simply Jiren wins. 

So we were not expecting Frieza and Android 17 to come back out of nowhere and help win the tournament, and that is what happened. 

So for this option, we know that Piccolo is going to be in this movie and we got Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza. We could have another one of these cases where it is like everybody gangs up to take down Broly. 

However, it is not as easy to throw him off the edge. Somehow, they are going to have to defeat this monstrosity that is Broly. 

Broly stands still while Piccolo & Goku beat him up!

My guess is Piccolo because he is not even on a realm of everybody else. He may take on Paragus, but it could be very similar to most of the Dragon Ball Z movies where Piccolo comes in with a nice entrance and gets completely stomped. We may see that in the upcoming movie, and Piccolo may not even fight. 

However, I do not think Piccolo will unleash a finishing blow, and I do not think Vegeta will either, unfortunately. I think it would be really cool if Vegeta finally killed an enemy, but, as we know, it is for the most part the “Goku Show.” 

4. Gogeta

Now, this is a popular fan theory, and that is because the Dragon Ball Z remastered movies are coming out in the order of Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, Fusion Reborn, and Bardock

Now, a lot of fans think that we could possibly see Gogeta in this movie. Now, they are obviously going for fan service and safe bets in this movie by giving us Broly, right? 

The writers stop producing Dragon Ball Super so they can work on this movie, which is a very risky move. The safest bet is fusion, which people will love. Could we see a Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta take Broly down? 

Or maybe Mastered Ultra Instinct Gogeta?! 

That would make fans lose their freaking minds. If that is a possibility, I would much rather see that than Goku just simply win on his own with Ultra Instinct. 

Give us Ultra Instinct Gogeta!!! 


How amazing would that be?!

5. You don't beat Broly.

Now, the final option to take Broly down is that you don’t (big laugh). If you think about it, there are three Broly movies. In Dragon Ball Z, why couldn’t they reboot it here in this case? 

If the Z-Fighters actually lose, the writers can reboot the three Broly movies, and you will know that a lot of people will be watching this. Now, I do not want to spread any rumors out there, but what I am thinking is that there is a possibility that simply the Z-Fighters don’t beat Broly in this movie. 

It could be one of these cases where the “bad guy” wins. Now, if they were going to do this, it would make sense if they restarted Dragon Ball Super and re-animated all of these movies to make them canon. That would be a huge arc that they can create. 

So you can have this Broly arc coming to Dragon Ball Super if it returns next year. Now, even if the Z-Fighters don’t defeat Broly in this movie, they are going to defeat him eventually. 

I do not see Broly becoming a good guy, but damn that would be cool, and we have him on the team from now on. How cool would that be to have Goku, Vegeta, Broly, Gohan, Future Trunks, and all of these insane Saiyans forming a “dream team.” 

(Mastered) Ultra Instinct Goku

My bet is that the writers will go the safe bet and give us some awesome Ultra Instinct Goku versus Legendary Super Saiyan Broly fight in the end, and Goku is going to win with some insane attack—maybe just a Kamehameha to blast Broly away, and then that is pretty much the end of it, but we will have to see.

These are the “5 Ways To Defeat the New Broly”!

Thank you for reading!!!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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Michael Reynoso
Michael Reynoso

Michael Reynoso is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about Dragon Ball, video games, movies, and wrestling. Michael also delivers the best news, trailers, reviews, theories, movies, and so much more. 

Welcome to Mike's Review!

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