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6 Fan Theories in 'Power Rangers' That Could Actually Be True

'Power Rangers' has been running for over two decades, and in that time fans have created plenty of theories. But here are six that could actually be true.

BOOM! Let the theories run wild!

With over two decades of Power Rangers filled with heroes, villains, and stories for fans to enjoy, it is no surprise Power Rangers has fans creating theories that can rival any major franchise. From theories about Tommy being a clone, to Zordon being the true manifestation of evil in the galaxy, some are pretty farfetched, but a few could actually be true. One theory fans believed for a few years was the possibility of some Power Ranger teams being from alternate dimensions. 

Some of the past rangers returned for the 25th anniversary.

(L-R): Kat, Wes and Tommy Returned with Rangers From All Eras and Dimensions

This theory was confirmed during the 25th anniversary, in a special episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Both Power Rangers RPM, and Power Rangers Dino Charge were confirmed to have occurred in realities outside of the mainstream Power Rangers universe by the characters Gem and Koda. This now raises the question if other fandom theories could in fact be true. Here are six of the most likely fan theories that could be completely canon, if given the chance. 

1. Billy was secretly the Phantom ranger.

Billy secretly returned as the Phantom ranger.

Now this is perhaps the most common theory; that Billy was actually the Phantom ranger. The Phantom ranger appeared in Power Rangers Turbo, nearly a year after Billy had departed Earth to live on Aquitar with the Alien Rangers. But the Phantom ranger is perhaps the most mysterious ranger in the entire franchise. He never appeared out of his ranger form, he never revealed his identity, he could camouflage himself from sight, and had way too much insight into the ranger's world to be a mere stranger. 

Fans believe his true identity was Billy, the original Blue ranger. While this may seem like a random stab in the dark, it actually makes a lot of sense. The Phantom ranger did confirm he came from space, but he had Zords ready to aid the ranger, and provided them with information that seemingly came from a well-informed source, most likely Zordon. While Billy had left prior to the team of Turbo Rangers that were in operation when the Phantom ranger appeared, Zordon had also left Earth, meaning the pair could have easily had an intergalactic catch-up. 

The theory also suggest the Turbo Rescue Zords and Artillatron were made by Billy, which wouldn't be the first time he created a Zord. With him living on an alien planet far more advanced than Earth, he could have literally made the Phantom ranger powers, and it may simply be a powered suit, rather than a morphin set of ranger powers. While it is highly unlikely to be confirmed, it does seem like the Phantom ranger was a ranger suit that was made by someone, rather than a typical Power Ranger, and fans bet that the creator and identity is Billy. 

2. The Time Force rangers protect their timeline through splintering timelines to create new dimensions.

The Time Force rangers fight to protect their own timeline

As mentioned above, it has been confirmed that multiple dimensions exist within Power Rangers, but is a Ranger team behind creating these alternate worlds? As seen in Power Rangers Time Force, the Time Force Agency fights to preserve their personal timeline at all costs. With Time Force set in the year 3000, and time travel well within their abilities, it is not inconceivable that they wouldn't have other amazing scientific abilities at their disposal. Which could explain why their world did not end when Doctor K released the Venjix virus, or why the dinosaurs are still extinct in their time? 

The fan theory suggests that when they detect a major time-altering event beyond their ability to stop, they simply splinter that point of the timeline to create a new dimension for events to play out within. So when Venjix infected the computer systems, and wiped out major cities, the devastation would have been beyond repair and they simply splintered the timeline, and stopped the event from occurring in their timeline. Again, when the dinosaurs avoided extinction at the end of Dino Charge, the alteration to the timeline would have been too severe to alter, so they simple splintered off the timeline. 

While some may argue, why did they not do this during their series or when the 25th anniversary occurred, but the theory suggests it would be a paradox for them to do so. This was because the catastrophe was due to their own timeline being in jeopardy due to actions from their time. When the 25th anniversary special occurred, the threat was to all dimensions not just one, and that's why they had to get involved in that catastrophe. If your head is spinning, then the attempt to figure out temporal mechanics is working. But the essence is, Time Force could be responsible for the alternate dimensions now made cannon in the franchise. 

3. Zordon never created the White Ranger Powers, but repaired them instead.

Tommy's wwapped Green for White as the First White ranger.

One major moment in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show was the moment Tommy returned as the new White Ranger. It appeared in the show that Zordon and Alpha had created the White Ranger powers, during some covert spying from Billy. However, the evidence of this does not match later events in the show when the ranger powers were destroyed by Rito Revolto, resulting in the loss of their Power Coins and Thunder Zords. 

When this event occurred, the rangers had to embark on a mission to seek out and convince Ninjor, the creator of their original powers, to make them new ranger powers. Surely if Zordon and Alpha had created the White ranger powers they could have restored the powers to the Rangers when Rito defeated them. So, this fan theory actually suggests the White ranger was a seventh ranger along with Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Green. The reason it was never seen before was due to being damaged in battle prior to the start of the show. Some fans even speculate the White ranger powers originally belonged to Zordon himself. 

When Billy witnessed the pair working on the White ranger, they were in fact repairing the powers with elements from the de-powered Green Power Coin. This would make far more sense, and suggest Tommy was also the best candidate, as he was already attuned to some of the elements from the Green ranger powers. This theory is clearly never going to be answered now, over 20 years later, but it does make more sense than Zordon and Alpha only being able to create a single ranger. 

4. Lord Zedd was the master in 'Power Rangers' mystic force.

Rita Repulsa returned in Power Rangers mystic force, did Lord Zedd also return?

Power Ranger Mystic Force was a magical series beyond all other Power Ranger series. So it clearly pleased fans when a link was made with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and their villain Rita Repulsa. The last time fans saw Rita was when she survived the wave across the universe that wiped out all evil when Zordon died, along with her husband Lord Zedd. This resulted in both being reborn as good people over evil villain. But as the years past Rita clearly couldn't remain neutral, or out of sight, as in Mystic Force she had become Mystic Mother, the source of all good magic. 

However, fans speculate she was not alone in Mystic Force, as opposite Mystic Mother was the Master who aimed to take over the world through evil magic, and could consume good magic. Fans believe this being was actually Lord Zedd himself. The theory speculates that Lord Zedd was consumed by evil once again, and this is what forced Rita to use all her knowledge of magic as Rita Repulsa to become Mystic Mother, and foster goodness to allow a new team of Power Rangers to be born. 

It may seem out there, but in Power Rangers Operation Overdive, Lord Zedd and Rita's son (Thrax) acted as the primary antagonist in the 15th anniversary special. The pair never had a child on screen, so Thrax must have been conceived after the pair departed in Power Rangers in Space. But their son worked for evil, and had his father's old staff. So perhaps the theory is correct, but their son joined his father and aimed to take down the world also. It is a theory that may never be confirmed, but with a confirmed reformed Rita, having an evil son does make you wonder if Lord Zedd went down the old evil path once again.  

5. The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs in 'Power Rangers Dino Charge' created the energems in 'Power Rangers Dino Thunder.'

What killed the dinosaurs left a legacy of power. 

Now this one may get a touch confusing, as by the end of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge the dinosaurs were not wiped out. But this theory would operate under the Time Force Rangers maintaining their own timeline theory. At the beginning the alien Keeper entrusted the powerful Energems to certain dinosaurs to protect. But, moments later all these dinosaurs were wiped out when Sledge's ships caused the giant asteroid to fall to Earth, and nearly wipe out all life. The theory suggests the deaths of the dinosaurs with the Energems infused in them were later turned into the Dino Gems for the Dino Thunder Rangers to wield. 

This theory does actually make sense when you look at the dinosaurs from both series. Both series featured a Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Pachycephhlosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Ankylosaurus and each of these dinosaurs were ones given Energems by Keeper. Fans further suggest that there were other Dino Gems, and other Biozords for the Rangers to have discovered. What you are probably wondering is if the Dino Charge Rangers had to defeat Sledge in the past, and stopped the meteorite, how would the Time Force Rangers have kept things on track? 

Giving weight to the theory, the Time Force Rangers would have created a new dimension the moment the tragedy occurred, and the dinosaurs were killed. However, to keep their timeline on track, they would find both Keeper and Sledge to stop them from reviving in the future. In short, the Time Force Agency ensured they never woke up. Now let's face it, that's DC Comics level of darkness right there. But while it is complex, it would explain the mysterious Dino Gems and Biozords existence, as they were only ever established as being millions of years old in the show. 

6. Being a Ranger runs in the blood.

Some have Ranger Blood

With 25+ years of Power Rangers you can imagine just how many Rangers there have been, each with their own name and identity. However, some Rangers have had the same last name. First we had Jason Lee Scoot (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Power Rangers Zeo) and Jen Scott (Power Rangers Time Force), then there was Kendrix Morgan (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) and Kendall Morgan (Power Rangers Dino Charge & Power Rangers Super Dino Charge) and finally Danny Delgado (Power Rangers Wild Force) and Elizabeth "Z" Delgado (Power Rangers SPD). This theory is simple, they are related! 

Looking at the pairs, up first is the original leader, Jason, and the first Pink Ranger to lead her team, Jen. Both are strong leaders with strong personalities, but how are they related? Well Jen would be a descendent of Jason. Being born in the year 3000 she would have little of his blood still coursing through her veins, but it would be like finding out you are related to Hercules. The next duo of Kendall and Kendrix, who are most likely cousins or even aunt and niece. Both are apt scientist and they have a striking resemblance. The final duo are most likely father and daughter or uncle and niece. Z would have been born a couple of years after Danny hung up his spandex as she is a Ranger in the year 2025. 

Away from the TV show, Tommy and Katherine's son JJ has become a Power Ranger in the Boom! Studios comics in the title "Soul of the Dragon" as the latest Green SPD Ranger. While the three pairs above have never been confirmed, Ranger legacies are confirmed in print and does suggest this fan theory of generational Rangers to be completely true. 

What Power Ranger theory do you think is true? What theories have you heard that you think are true? 

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6 Fan Theories in 'Power Rangers' That Could Actually Be True
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