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7 Bingeworthy TV Shows On Netflix And Hulu Quick Enough To Finish Over Christmas Vacation

There's no better way to relax than kicking back and binge-watching a TV show that you never got around to watching.

The holiday season brings us gifts, time with loved ones, and thankfully for most of us, time off from work. After the presents are opened, you've enjoyed a delicious meal with your family and you're ready to take it easy. There's no better way than kicking back and binge-watching a TV show that you never got around to watching.

We all have that list in our heads of shows we always planned to watch but never got around to. It's easier than ever to catch up on some fabulous TV series that have come and gone. Here, in no particular order, are seven shows with two seasons max so you can binge all the way through before the new year starts.

1. Dollhouse

Starring #ElizaDushku (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame), Dollhouse is a unique blend of science-fiction and psychological thriller. Though only 27 episodes, the series packs a lot of action, intrigue, humor and drama into this two-season series.

The Dollhouse is a secret facility that erases the personalities of Echo (Eliza Dushku) and her fellow "actives" so they can assume any relevant personas they may be assigned to complete tasks for the wealthy, powerful and well-connected. At the end of each task, their personalities are erased again. Dollhouse follows Echo's journey to discover who she really is. And if you need another reason to watch it, it was created by Joss Whedon.

Where to stream it: Netflix

2. Dead Like Me

With just 29 episodes in two seasons, Dead Like Me focuses on a team of grim reapers, the newest of which is a teenager who thought she had her whole life ahead of her. Starring Ellen Muth, Mandy Patinkin and Callum Blue, this show originally aired on Showtime and is laugh-out-loud funny with its dry one-liners and dark comedy. Because it was cancelled after only two seasons, a 2009 movie — Dead Like Me: Life After Death — wrapped up the remaining storylines.

Where to stream it: Hulu

3. Chasing Life

Before playing President Kirkman's right arm on #DesignatedSurvivor, #ItaliaRicci was April Carver, the lead in Chasing Life, a heartfelt drama that pulls at every emotional string. After she is diagnosed with cancer as she's climbing her way up the ladder as a reporter, April Carver's life undergoes a drastic change, and she must learn how to live with the life she has now — and the end that may be approaching.

While it may sound morose, Chasing Life is a high-quality series with heart, and even though it was canceled too soon, it's still worth a watch.

Where to stream it: Netflix

4. Twin Peaks

The show that ended too soon is returning, and there's just enough time for you to refresh your memory or even find this amazing show for the first time. This Golden Globe-winning series is a mystery in a supernatural wrapping. With Kyle MacLachlan (Desperate Housewives and Sex in the City) as an FBI agent determined to find a young woman's killer, #TwinPeaks gained a cult following when it debuted in 1990.

In 1992, the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me attempted to serve as an epilogue, but it has never stopped the fans from wanting more. Fortunately, in 2017, our patience will be rewarded.

Where to stream it: Netflix

5. Witches of East End

If you love fantasy, Witches of East End, based on the book by Melissa de la Cruz, is must-see television. Set in the fictional town of East End, the series is an inside look at the lives of three powerful witches, a mother and her daughters. If things like soul-swapping, the Underworld, telekinesis and immortality appeal to you, this is your series.

Though critically panned, #WitchesofEastEnd developed a massive fan following, and after its cancellation, fans took to Twitter to demand a resurrection of the series. And luckily, #MelissadelaCruz is writing a short story to tie up the loose ends while leaving open the possibility of a return.

Where to stream it: Netflix

6. Survivors

Reminiscent of #TheLastShip and #TheWalkingDead, Survivors is a BBC drama that tells the story of a remnant of survivors of a killer flu. Desperate to rebuild their lives, they soon realize they have much more to worry about than just starting over. This is edge-of-your-seat action mixed in with a good dose of what-if, and it's amazingly good. So good that I still wonder what the BBC was thinking when it canceled the show. It packs quite the punch in only 12 episodes, and you won't regret binging it!

Where to stream it: Netflix

7. Jericho

A post-apocalyptic series that includes family drama, betrayal, suspicion, lies and the threat of more nuclear attacks, #Jericho is a show ultimately about survival. With Skeet Ulrich, Gerald McRaney, Pamela Reed and Esai Morales as just a few of the talented cast members, Jericho is a short but intriguing look at a future no one wants to imagine. Seasons 3 and 4 were continued in comic book format after the series was canceled.

Where to stream it: Netflix

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7 Bingeworthy TV Shows On Netflix And Hulu Quick Enough To Finish Over Christmas Vacation
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