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7 Heartwarming Movies to Watch When You're Feeling Down

Grab some tissues, make a cup of cocoa, and let your heart melt.

Does it happen to you sometimes, that you are just fed up with everything going on in the world around you? You are not alone. I know there are times when it is so easy to start losing faith in humanity, but we must not give up!

Whenever you're feeling down, just take it easy, make yourself a cup of cocoa, snuggle up under a blanket and watch a lovely movie or two.

If you need some inspiration, these are my top seven picks for movies that will melt your heart.

7. 'Little Miss Sunshine'

This family road-trip movie is not only heartwarming, it is hilarious! If you think your family is strange, wait until you see this. It shows that even though we are all weird in our own special ways, we can still love and support one another no matter what.

Although there may be a few controversial moments, they are so brilliantly depicted, I am sure you will laugh, and watching this film will brighten up your day.

6. 'Inside Out'

This is a fairy tale about the human psychology. Although it is mainly a movie for children, it will certainly melt the hearts of many grown-ups too. 

It so beautifully portrays the thoughts and feelings we all have from time to time, and how we try to cope with them. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching—this movie will reassure you that all kinds of emotions are okay, because they make you who you are. 

5. 'A Dog's Purpose'

Seriously, have a box of tissues ready when watching this movie. Even if you aren't a dog person, you will definitely need it. 

Sometimes, it seems so much easier to love animals better than humans and indeed, this story shows that more often than not, animals are the ones who help bring out the best in people. 

If you are a dog lover, get ready for some serious cuteness! 

4. 'Juno'

Juno is one of my all time favourites and the ending still gets me every time I watch it. Plus, it has one of the best soundtracks ever!

A story full of spectacular characters that deals with some serious themes in a funny and loving way will surely make you smile and maybe shed a tear as well. 

3. 'Wonder'

Wonder is a story about a boy who is living a tough life. It is a truly wonderful story. What is so great about this movie, however, is that it doesn't only tell the story of this little boy. It tells the story from the perspective of some other people as well—members of his family, his friends, his enemies. It makes you realise that everyone is fighting their own battles in life and you shouldn't judge anybody before you think about that.

There are so many amazing characters in the film and I would like to give each one of them a big hug for what inspiring examples of kindness they are.

2. 'Coco'

Are you in the mood for a truly magical movie? Watch Coco—a powerful story about the value of family and the desire to follow your dreams.

I was deeply touched by this movie and if you believe in life after death, the image of being reunited with your late loved ones will surely move you too. 

1. 'Paddington'

And the winner is... Paddington!

It doesn't matter if you watch the first one, or the sequel (Paddington 2), they are both brilliant and the most heartwarming films ever!

This is the story about a young bear, who is the cutest creature in the whole world, and his foster family who is trying to teach him how to behave in the human world. The movie is set in London and it amusingly portrays the culture clashes between bear manners and the British ways of living. 

Paddington always sees the good in people and his kindness, as well as the kindness of his human friends, always wins in the end. That is the kind of message we sometimes need to hear to cheer up.

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7 Heartwarming Movies to Watch When You're Feeling Down
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