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7 Supervillains That Bryan Cranston Could End Up Playing In the Near Future

A List of Seven Supervillains That Bryan Cranston Could Play in the DC, Marvel, and Even the X-Men Movie Universes

Ever since I watched my first episode of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has been my favorite actor. His ability to play comedic and dramatic roles is possibly some of the greatest acting that I have ever seen.

Of course, him being my favorite actor means I would love to see him join my favorite genre: superheroes.

I thought I was going to get my wish when DC was looking to cast Lex Luthor for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice film, but unfortunately they went a different direction with Jesse Eisenberg.

While his age makes it hard to fit him into any kind of superhero role, he does have plenty of options as far as supervillains go.

I have a list of seven supervillains that Bryan Cranston could not only play, but be one of the best options for in the DC, Marvel, and even the X-Men movie universes.

7. Mister Sinister

This is actually the only comic book villain that Cranston himself has expressed interest in playing. This character has a long history in the X-Men comic books, and could easily be one of the main antagonists in future installments of the X-Men movies.

6. Vulture

The Vulture was going to make an appearance in a Sony-planned Sinister Six movie, but those plans have since been scrapped. With Spider-Man joining the Avengers and Marvel's Cinematic Universe and The Vulture being one of the few popular Spider-Man villains not to be used in a movie, he could be primed to make his debut.

5. Brainiac

Brainiac is a long running Superman villain that has been heavily rumored to appear in the DCEU since a sequel to Man Of Steel was being planned. This could be a very good role for Bryan Cranston. Brainiac is incredibly intelligent and ruthless, traits we know that Cranston has a knack for portraying.

4. Reverse-Flash

The CW has produced a very popular iteration of the character in The Flash TV series. As most of us know, the DC TV and movie universes are separate and we are getting a solo Flash movie in 2018, it could very well mean that we will get a movie version of Eobard Thawne.

3. Green Goblin

With Spider-Man getting rebooted, it is inevitable that another actor will get the opportunity to play Norman Osborn. I am still hoping rumors that Matthew McConaughey could be playing the flying Goblin are true. While McConaughey could bring a great new spin on the character, Bryan Cranston could be the greatest fit. The egotistical traits and ruthless behavior are similar to Cranston's Heisenberg character.

2. Mr. Freeze

This is one of the few Batman villains that has not been hinted at or introduced in Suicide Squad or Batman v Superman. Bryan Cranston is the right age and could give the character a much more likable performance than Arnold Schwarzenegger did.

1. Carnage

This is the third Spider-Man villain on this list and possibly the one that fans are the most excited to see on the big screen. Carnage is the murderous serial killer Cletus Kasady who is the host of the symbiotic offspring of Venom. Bryan Cranston might be a little old for the role, but there are not many people who could pull off the psychotic sociopath in live-action. I think Cranston has the acting ability to do so, and can give a terrifying performance.

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7 Supervillains That Bryan Cranston Could End Up Playing In the Near Future
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