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7 Symbiotes Who Could Appear Alongside Venom and Carnage in Sony's Spider-Verse

Here are the most believable symbiote spawn we could see in the Sony Universe.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Not only will Tom Hardy be playing Venom in Sony's new "Spider-verse" movie, but fellow Spider-Man villain Carnage will be joining him. And while their conflict will be interesting to see play out, they might not be the only symbiote characters that we'll see.

In Marvel Comics, Carnage is the offspring of the Venom symbiote, but he's not the only one. They've both given birth to a number of spawn who could pop up in the new franchise. And several more were created by scientists at the Life Foundation, who genetically engineered their symbiotes from Venom's base.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

The Life Foundation hasn't been confirmed in the Venom film yet, but with Sony's Spider-verse being "adjunct" to the MCU, it's probably a safe bet that the MCU's constant theme of advancing technology will translate over to Sony's universe. If so, here are the most believable symbiote spawn we could see:

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

In comics, Agony, Lasher, Riot, Phage and Scream were created after the Life Foundation got ahold of the Venom symbiote, separated from Eddie Brock. The spawned symbiotes were given to five Life Foundation employees in order to create a superpowered security force. The plan went askew as the five symbiotes wreaked havoc on the United States, leading Eddie Brock to team up with Spider-Man to stop them.

Since it's fair to say there'll be an Earth-based organization paying close attention to Venom and Carnage's battles, someone is likely going to propose creating their own symbiotes to combat the growing alien threat.


[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Hybrid was an amalgamation of the Life Foundation's engineered symbiotes, apart from Scream. Lasher, Agony, Riot and Phage wound up merging together, using Scott Washington, a member of the Guardsmen at the Vault as a host.

Fortunately, Washington was a decent enough human being that he resisted the alien voices in his mind. But to be fair, the Hybrid symbiote wasn't at all as malevolent as once thought; it actually brought a measure of control to Washington's anger problems.

Eddie Brock, who'd become hellbent on eliminating all of the symbiotes on Earth, ultimately separated Washington from Hybrid.

There's a chance Hybrid will appear in Venom alongside Carnage. If Venom is tasked with defeating Carnage — and presumably any symbiote offspring — Hybrid could be the next to show up.


In the comics, Anti-Venom came into existence after remnants of the original Venom symbiote emerged from Eddie's bloodstream. The new symbiote differed in many ways from Eddie's original, the most integral being that it was mindless, allowing Eddie Brock to have full control over it.

To some, it may seem like a stretch for Eddie Brock to become Anti-Venom so early on. But, considering how Eddie is set to be an anti-hero of sorts, it's the best way to establish him as (partly) heroic, despite being flocked together with the rest of Marvel's villains.

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7 Symbiotes Who Could Appear Alongside Venom and Carnage in Sony's Spider-Verse
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