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7 Things Queen Elizabeth II and Anna Wintour Probably Talked About

I made these things up, but I choose to believe they're 100 percent true.

In case you missed it, Queen Elizabeth and Anna Wintour are now best friends. Okay, fine, they’re two awesome women who have met on at least two occasions and then hung out at London Fashion Week, and we’re going to go ahead and call that best friends. I mean, Anna’s own daughter did:

And if it’s good enough for Bee Shaffer, it’s good enough for us. So these two had an awesome girl’s day out sitting in the front row at London Fashion Week on Tuesday, and many people took amazing photos and video of the two having secret conversations while observing ridiculous outfits. At one point, Queen Elizabeth stopped clapping while everyone else was, so Anna Wintour stopped too. Even Miranda Priestly herself bows to the will of Her Majesty.

Unfortunately, we will in all likelihood never know what these two queens talked about during their chill sesh, so we’ve decided to make it up. This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are some possible topics of conversation for our new fav duo. We await the announcement of their new buddy comedy show, or maybe one where they solve mysteries? We’re open to anything.

1. The Perks of Never Changing Your Hairstyle

Instant recognition, never having to worry about what look to go with that day, probably get mocked a bit for it by your children…

2. Anna's Alleged Fling with Bob Marley

We hope the Queen asked for some clarification on this matter. Anna has publicly insisted the rumours are false, but you can’t lie to the QUEEN. Maybe she got a better answer.

3. Sassy Daughters

Well, Anna’s daughter Bee seems pretty wholesome honestly, and the Queen’s daughter Princess Anne is like, amazing. But let’s not forget that Princess Anne once told a group of reporters to “naff off” which is basically the best thing anyone has said ever. Bee, for her part, makes some great cameo appearances in several Anna Wintour documentaries in which she mostly sits on the couch eating cereal and talks about how there are more important things than fashion. Like musicals.

4. The Perks of Always Wearing the Same Shoes

They both always wear the same shoes. That’s it.

Signature Shoes

5. How Maybe Kate Could Bring a Little Bit More Colour into Her Shoe Wardrobe

Look, the nude pumps are nice, but maybe a red stiletto occasionally?

6. Whether or Not Victoria Beckham Is Secretly Designing Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress

“Look, Liz, I know my fashion, and I think she’d be a really good choice! I know, I know, but I think the wedding could use a little more spice, you know?"

7. Whether Queen Elizabeth Could Work More Sunglasses into Her Wardrobe

I, for one, think Her Maj needs a signature piece. I mean, sure, she has the bright colours, but something that instantly screams QUEEN would also be great, like maybe a gold tooth. I don’t know, just throwing some ideas out there.

This isn't even photoshopped.

To sum up this academic essay, this friendship is important. It’s historically significant. It’s a look at everything that makes our society AMAZING. It’s the exact point where British culture becomes American, and also the exact point when my brain explodes because it is no longer able to process that life is real. (For real, when I saw the photo of these two together, I legit screamed). And I, for one, will not rest until Netflix rightfully dedicates an entire episode of The Crown to this monumental occasion. Perhaps even a whole season. Until then, let’s hope Anna snags herself the Harry and Meghan wedding invitation she so clearly deserves. 

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7 Things Queen Elizabeth II and Anna Wintour Probably Talked About
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