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8 Mind-Blowing Disney Fan Theories

Disney Fan Theories

Here some of the most MIND-BLOWING, and believable Disney fan theories! These will have you believing that every Disney movie is actually connected!

1. 'The Little Mermaid'

The first believable theory that I have come across is that the wrecked ship that Ariel and Flounder go to explore in The Little Mermaid actually belonged to the King and Queen of Arendelle, from Frozen

Let me explain because this uses some real-life geography. The Little Mermaid was said to have taken place somewhere around Denmark, which is the homeland of Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote the story that The Little Mermaid was based on. 

Now with that being said, this would mean that Atlantica, Ariel's home, is roughly halfway between Norway (where Frozen's story is set), and Germany, (where Tangled is set.) Don't get ahead of me here folks! 

This would all make sense since because it has been said in interviews by Frozen's creators that Anna and Elsa's parents were on their way to a wedding...i.e. Flynn and Rapunzel's wedding in Germany when their ship sunk right above Atlantica. 

Also, this could be the case because Flynn and Rapunzel both make cameo appearances on the way into Arendelle's castle for Elsa's coronation, meaning that they were friends of the family and thus bringing this theory FULL-FREAKING CIRCLE!

2. 'Tarzan'

Speaking of the King and Queen of Arendelle, that leads me to the next theory, that states that Anna and Elsa's parents survived the shipwreck and floated to an uncharted jungle. There they made a tree house out of some of the remains from the ship and then had a son before being killed during a leopard attack. Thus thrusting us into the story of none other than Tarzan!

To further this theory the co-director of Frozen said in an interview that another co-director confirmed that the King and Queen of Arendelle DID in fact, survive and were washed up on land after the shipwreck, gave birth to a boy, built a tree house and were eaten by leopards. Now that sure sounds like the beginning of Tarzan to me! Anna and Elsa have a brother! Thoughts?

3. 'Peter Pan'

If you are an avid Disney lover you have likely heard of this one before, mostly because it has been a fan-theory since the book was published! I figured I would throw it in here anyways just because it leads us to another theory. This theory is that Peter Pan and the lost boys are already dead and that Neverland is actually the afterlife. Thus this could also be why they never grow up! In the story, Peter Pan is the angel-like figure who takes the hands of dying children and guides them to heaven and their final resting place!

This, of course, would also lead you to believe that since Captain Hook and his crew are also in Neverland that they also are dead, meaning they could have drowned during the ship possibly sinking, or Hook's hand isn't the only thing that the Croc ate that day!

4. Captain Hook

The next theory is a little bit disturbing, but few people remember that Neverland was also inhabited by mermaids.

Of course, they look suspiciously FAMILIAR. Almost like the Merpeople from The Little Mermaid, complete with seashell bras. In fact, one also sports red hair and looks a lot like Ariel…

We know that Neverland is also plagued with pirates and that Ariel’s mother was killed by pirates, as shown in the prequel movie The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning.

If the mermaid who looks suspiciously similar to Ariel was, in fact, her mother, maybe on an excursion away from Atlantica, then this theory could mean that Captain Hook and his crew were the pirates who ended up killing her 

That would be a pretty good reason for King Triton to want Ariel to stay away from the surface!

5. Hercules and Ariel

Greek Mythology certainly has many twists and turns concerning relatives, but according to it, Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, and Hercules from well Hercules are actually first cousins-once removed. 

Obviously Herc traces his lineage back to the big man himself—Zeus, King of Olympus. Although Greek mythology is not mentioned in The Little Mermaid, according to myths, King Triton is said to be the son of Poseidon, Lord of the Seas. Poseidon also happens to be Zeus's brother, and Poseidon's son was portrayed as half-man, and half-fish...i.e. a Merman.  Triton also carries around a trident in the movie which is reminiscent of Poseidon. Possibly a family heirloom passed down to him by his DAD? YOU NEVER KNOW! 

Although the movies are based in different time periods, the Greek family tree would, in fact, make them related in any case!

6. 'Toy Story 2'

In Toy Story 2, Jessie, the yodeling cowgirl, talks about her previous owner, Emily, being her whole world. Her song could jerk the heartstrings of any self-proclaimed "Manly Man." It’s a heartbreaking ode to abandonment and shows through flashbacks how Jessie’s owner, a little girl, left her to be donated.

Jessie then ends up with Andy, and in a weird way, might have ended up with her original owner too. Of course, everyone has noticed that Andy's hat is not the same as Woody's even though Woody is his favorite toy. It is actually the same pattern and color as Jessie's—without the band. This could lead you to believe that it was passed down...possibly from his mother since he was wearing the hat before he even got Jessie! By the same token, it's a little odd that Andy just so happens to have a rare and coveted Sheriff Woody doll from a 50s TV SHOW!  Maybe one day while reminiscing of her own childhood, Andy's mom, decides to introduce her son, Andy to the show, and while looking for the Jessie Doll comes across the next best thing—Woody!

7. Jane and Belle

Isn’t it crazy how much Jane from Tarzan and Belle from Beauty and the Beast look alike

They’ve got similar faces, they’re both incredibly smart and rebellious brunettes, and they both end up rocking gold/white dresses at some point.

They even both even develop romances with beast-like love interests, who turn out to be human. It’s no surprise that some fans believe they are related. Why not? There seem to be at least 200 years between the settings of Beauty and the Beast and Tarzan, which provides plenty of time for Belle’s descendants to proliferate through Europe and end up with British accents.

However, the best evidence is that the China in Jane and her father’s base camp looks identical to the China from Beauty and the Beast, complete with a perfect doppëlganger for Mrs. Potts. Obviously, Jane’s father descended from Belle and the Prince, and ended up with the adorable China set!

8. 'Finding Nemo'

This theory could be the worst of them all! That is it will hit you right in the feels! It claims that the movie was not actually about Marlin trying to find his son, but about him really trying to find acceptance for his family's tragic death, which would mean that Nemo died along with his mother Coral, and the rest of his potential siblings. Then since that is the name Coral and Marlin picked out together, he decides to name his imaginary son that in order to heal. It could literally be described as the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Let me explain how: 

Denial: This stage started way before Nemo was "kidnapped", it actually started before Nemo was even born. In the beginning of the movie, Marlin is a pretty spontaneous little fish, living on the edge of the reef with a view of the entire ocean, but cut to after Coral and the babies' death, he clearly did not come to terms with the loss. Nemo, in fact, is giving him just enough hope to claim to the world... or I guess the ocean that he is okay. Telling himself, okay, I still have a family, I have Nemo, and we are happy. But alas, Nemo is not happy and starts to rebel, which leads us to the next stage, anger. 

Anger: After Nemo rebels, because he is not allowed to live his life "to the fullest." We see Marlin's temper start to flare up. When Nemo goes to touch "the butt," Marlin's anger could, of course, not be coming from Nemo disobeying him, but more from the fear that he would have to face if something happened to Nemo, which is exactly what happens—he gets taken. Which in turn leads us directly into bargaining.

Bargaining: This is where Marlin rationalizes that he can actually find Nemo. The odds would not be great. Think about it. If someone from across the way kidnapped you, what would be the probability that your parents' could find you on their own? The odds are not high, but this brief sense of hope is exactly what bargaining is all about...i.e. If I could just find the goggles, then I could find Nemo, or if I could just get out of this whale's mouth, then we will be closer to finding Nemo, but he cannot, so he sinks to the tongue of the whale—defeated...which leads us to—you guessed it—depression! 

Depression: This is where the genius creators of Disney/Pixar re-create the opening scene of the movie with Dory, who says "There, there it will be okay," just like Marlin did to Nemo after the tragic death of his family! In any case, it forces them to the back of the whale's throat and forces him to make the choice to either hold onto the grief (metaphorically) or let go. This, in turn, makes Dory state the bright side of thing, which leads us to acceptance 

Acceptance: When Marlin sees what he thinks is Nemo being flushed down the toilet , after the long journey to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way , Sydney,he comes to terms with the facts that Nemo is "DEAD", which could have been the case all along. Except for the fact that IT IS A CHILDREN'S MOVIE and, "all drains lead to the ocean," then they are reunited! 

There’s also a hint in the name "Nemo"; which means “nothing” in Latin, so there is also that. 

Any thoughts of these fan theories? Some of them seem too good to be true! Thanks for reading and go and check out my other Disney stories/facts! 

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8 Mind-Blowing Disney Fan Theories
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