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9 Cringeworthy Moments From Netflix's 'Jailbirds'


To help fans wait for the next Orange is The New Black, Netflix made another original show that features women in jail. This time, it's a documentary. It's called Jailbirds, and it has certainly made me realize that I never want to go anywhere near a jail. 

1. Almost anytime one of the women explains their reasoning for a new tattoo

The reason for this tattoo is that the new girl at jail kept calling a younger woman "fat b**ch" so... she decided to get the words "Ima be that phatt Bitch on her forearm. I understand the ph... but why the double Ts. I have to admit, these tattoos are actually really pretty considering they were done in jail... but they could have easily got Hepatitis C from doing this.

2. Anytime one of the woman had 'Jail Coffee'

The sad thing is, I love coffee so much I would be doing the same thing if I was in their shoes. 

3. When you realize that A1 has at least 3 girlfriends

 It's a little impressive. 

4. When we got to see what the jail food looks like.

I'm suddenly much more grateful for the food at home.

5. When you realize that the photo above was their food on a good day

What... is it? 

6. When the men purposely clogged their toilets to flood the woman's section downstairs

The smell alone would be just... omg. 

7. Toilet Talking

The new girl said it was like 'having a cell phone'.

8. "It was like love at first Toilet Bowl"

They broke up once they both got out of jail.

9. "Fishing"

Why is she surprised there is shit? 

At least this chick said what we are all thinking: "Gross"

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9 Cringeworthy Moments From Netflix's 'Jailbirds'
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