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90s Baby Childhood Nostalgia

I remember these days like they were yesterday. Take a look at some of the products of our youth and take a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Growing up in the 90s had to be the best era to grow up in. Shit was poppin' and things were so much simpler than they are now. You had to call your friends to talk because most of us didn't even have cellphones. Don't even get me started on the cellphones though. Those were chunky as hell. Further into the 2000s I got my very first slider phone. It was lime green and my everything. My crush only knew I liked him because I wrote him a note. Nobody was on their phone 24/7. Being outdoors pretending you were someone or somewhere else, riding bikes, and going on "wild" adventures were the past times of 90s babies around the nation. So, to bring back the fresh scent of teen spirit, today I'm coming at you with some 90s nostalgia products! Get ready!

Gel Pens

Growing up as a girl who had a hefty appetite for the English language made me super obsessed with these. I begged my mother forever to get them for me and the day that she cracked was the day my life changed. I walked into school with my gel pens and showed them off to every single bully I had. I know what you're thinking "how dumb could she be to show her bullies of all people" and yeah it may sound super risky but I was willing to go to war over my gel pens. Even if one of them decided to try to steal them (which no one ever did)  I can promise the outcome could never turn in their favor.

Mood Rings

The smiley mood rings weren't the only mood rings us kids doted over. I'm pretty sure we were just astonished by the way a ring could explain our entire wretched life in just a few seconds. It was also pretty cool that someone could ask you how you were doing and you could just hold up your hand all unfazed and cool. Mood rings were the shit.

Sticky Hands

There isn't really much to say about these except for I smacked a few bitches real hard.

Stick-On Earrings

I thought it was the coolest thing that I could be so afraid of needles and still have some of the coolest earrings in school. These were probably one of the best inventions when I was a kid. I literally wanted so badly to get my ears pierced but the thought of it was terrifying. These had me styling and profiling and we were all young enough that I could lie and say they were real without anyone catching on.

Lisa Frank Stickers

These stickers were perfect for any girl who wanted to have the coolest folder in school. Of course there was always one fanatic that had the folder to top all folders and all of us smiled in her face while secretly hating her entire existence.

Lisa Frank Tattoos

If you haven't yet heard Lisa Frank had the connect when I was a kid. She had us all thinking we were grown as we went through out childhood not knowing that being grown was the last thing we really wanted to do.

Orange VHS Tapes

The VHS was mind blowing in itself, but you had a shitty childhood as a 90s baby if you've never watched The Rugrats after school with your favorite cereal. 

Lip Smackers Roll on Bomb

Every girl in my school who had these was that bitch and everyone knew it. 

Snap Bracelets

I actually avoided these like the black plague because they scared me. I low-key thought they would break my wrist and I'd never be able to write again.

Skip It

I hurt myself a lot playing with this toy as a kid. However, every bruise was well worth it. 

TY Stuffed Animals

I bought so many of these when I was younger and I haven't a single clue as to where even one is today. Easy. 

Easy-Bake Oven

I thought I was real chef status with this here device, but in all reality I made some really ugly cookies and cakes.


Not sure of the purpose of these toys but I'm also highly suspicious that it's some type of government spy.



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