A Cut More Painful Than A Shoge Hook: Actor Charlie Cox Thinks Daredevil is the Weakest Defender

Though Daredevil was love at first sight for fans, Charlie Cox thinks Daredevil is the weakest Defender.

Battered Murdock. 'Daredevil' [Credit: Netflix]

When Matt Murdock boxed his way into our hearts in 2015 (roughly 12 years after Ben Affleck’s failed romp as the costumed superhero), it was love at first sight for fans and common Netflix viewers. We fell in love with his unwavering moral compass, his bravery and intellect, and his strength to go on in spite of the world’s injustices and his own glaring physical disabilities. He can’t see, but he always makes up for it in his outlook. He’s orphaned, not to mention traumatized beyond belief, but doesn’t let any of that bring him down. He was the first defender, and perhaps easily the most experienced and most beloved.

Unfortunately, Charlie Cox doesn’t seem to think so.

In an interview with Marie Lozano, Cox — who plays blind lawyer Matt Murdock on the small screen — reveals what he really thinks of his character when squared off against the other three members of #TheDefenders. The revelation is surprisingly far from flattering.

Lozano quizzes Cox and Krysten Ritter (who plays superpowered private investigator Jessica Jones) on who they think is the most powerful Defender. Ritter immediately answers that it has to be Luke Cage, then either Jessica or Iron Fist. Cox agrees, adding:

“I’m definitely lost. Matt’s definitely the least powerful.”

Ouch. Coming from the Man Without Fear himself, that’s gotta hurt. Krysten cushions the blow by adding that although #Daredevil is technically the weakest, he’s still “the most skilled.”

The Batman Effect

Despite his inability to magically control chi or easily evade death, Matt Murdock always seemed like the most powerful out of all our favorite street-level superheroes. There’s just something in those lightning-fast reflexes, enduring moral fortitude, unshakable will, and seasoned approach to crimefighting that strikes us as the most powerful collective skill of all, beyond any foreseeable supernatural, scientific or metahuman ability. After all, when it comes to fighting crime, nothing beats will and experience — not even super strength, glowing fists or bulletproof skin.

Check out the full interview below if you haven’t yet:

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A Cut More Painful Than A Shoge Hook: Actor Charlie Cox Thinks Daredevil is the Weakest Defender