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A New 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode Synopsis Reveals Goku Unleashing A New Kind Of Ki

Leaked Dragon Ball Super episode descriptions have provided us with our first bit of info on Goku surpassing his Super Saiyan Blue level and becoming something more.

'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Funimation]

If you've been keeping up with the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super, then you know the current conflict at hand is the enormous battle royale for survival being waged in the Tournament of Power. This particular tournament is more prominent than past iterations and has become the subject of great discussion, mostly because we'll finally witness Goku's highly anticipated transformation take place during the tournament. Much speculation has arisen because of Goku's mysterious transformation, what with there not being any concrete info on it. But, newly-leaked Dragon Ball Super episode descriptions have provided us with our first bit of real info on Goku surpassing his Super Saiyan Blue level and becoming something more.

The episode descriptions in question are making the rounds on the Internet after they were initially posted to Twitter by user Ken Xyro, a trusted source for any and all content related to Dragon Ball Super. Check out Xyro's tweet of the episode descriptions below:

According to the description, Episodes 109 and 110 will see Jiren come face to face with Goku in the all out fight we've been waiting for. The sidenote, is of more importance considering it explicitly points out when Goku will release his new power. Check it out below:

"After having all his attacks countered, Goku collapses. However, a never before seen Ki emerges from his body."

When these two powerful warriors do collide, Jiren will push Goku back over and over again until he has no choice but to release the Ki he's been hiding inside his body. The emergence of said Ki will be followed by Goku attaining his new transformation—one that is presumably equal or stronger to that of Jiren. The special preview for Episode 109 depicts Goku's initial confrontation with Jiren, providing us with the evidence we need to verify Xyro's earlier tweet for legitimacy.

Now that we know Goku's fight with Jiren is coming up, fairly soon at that, focus can shift towards Goku's transcendence, as well as how it will affect Dragon Ball Super's narrative moving forward. There's no need to debate on the matter if you're questioning whether or not Goku's transformation will factor in to the tournament's conclusion, because it most certainly will. There is however, one question left unanswered: how will Goku be effected by his new power. Take a look at the animation of his emanating aura, it's definitely a sign of a major change taking place:

'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Funimation ]

Since the transformation Goku is about to experience comes from an unknown origin, it's possible he'll be changed by the event. We don't know what the source of this new power is, so it could potentially hold dire consequences for the Saiyan, namely turning him into a mindless monster. Goku has a checkered past when it comes to controlling the anger that's paired with new power levels, therefore it's reasonable to assume his new level of strength will be accompanied by a similar anger problem.

Now, Goku may remain unchanged by the transformation, or it could turn him into a mindless beast, similar to his Great Ape counterpart from Dragon Ball GT. In all likelihood, the ominous look in Goku's eyes is the biggest indicator of a massive change looming inside of him. If there is something sinister behind those silver eyes, he could become uncontrollable, possibly even attacking his own teammates. Goku did attack his own granddaughter when he became the Golden Ape, meaning the same could happen here. All things considered, I wouldn't put it past the writers to depict Goku dealing with similar troubles when he reaches his next transformation in Dragon Ball Super. Then again, he may not have anything to worry about if his excessive use of the Kaioken technique does turn out to have a negative effect on him. Goku has forgotten that he risks tearing his own body apart by using the Kaioken technique so often, which could feasibly happen after he transforms.

Whatever the case may be, Goku's ascension is definitely going to be a spectacular event to see play out. No one knows exactly what's going to happen, but it'll be interesting to see take place nonetheless. And while we may have to wait an extra week to witness said events, the wait will absolutely be worth it when it comes time to see Goku kick Jiren's ass with his new form.

Dragon Ball Super airs Saturdays on Funimation.

[Source: Twitter]

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A New 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode Synopsis Reveals Goku Unleashing A New Kind Of Ki
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