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A New Green Lantern?

A Look at Brian Michael Bendis' 'Teen Lantern' in Young Justice

The Young Justice comic book series has re-started in time with the debut of Young Justice season three. However, the two are not connected. Between the show and the comics, we find that the team roster is different. This post will focus primarily on the newest member of Young Justice, Teen Lantern. The introduction of this character raises quite a few questions.

A Brand New Character

Teen Lantern was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Patrick Gleason for the Young Justice title. We know very little about the character. In fact, we don't even know her name yet. The introduction of this character may seem insignificant, but it does raise some questions about what this character is going to bring to the DC Universe outside of the Young Justice Team. For example, if this girl is a new Green Lantern, how does she fit into the Green Lantern mythos, and does/will she play a role in the Green Lantern Corps escapades or even interact with some of its members? Even more important, is she a real Green Lantern (part of the actual Green Lantern Corps) or is does she just have the ability to make hard-light constructs without the need of a ring? Similar to the way that Hal Jordan (clone of the Green Lantern Hal Jordan) and Shiryalla Tome (clone of Green Lantern Guy Gardner) of Justice League 3000 (A version of the Justice League from the 31st Century) have the ability to make hard light constructs despite not wearing a ring.


Teen Lantern seems to have the same abilities as regular members of the Green Lantern Corps. This includes the ability to make constructs out of hard-light from the emotional spectrum and the ability to fly.

My Thoughts

Though she has only had two appearances in DC Comics so far, Teen Lantern seems like a fun and lovable character. That being said, there hasn't been a Green Lantern like her before. That is to say, a teenage human Green Lantern, so this will be quite an interesting take on the character. We have had Wonder Girls, Robins, Kid Flashes, and other younger versions of superheroes that many fans have watched grow into their own characters with their own stories and followings. So seeing a young Green Lantern will be interesting to see evolve into their own character.

The character herself seems to be pretty capable as a superhero. This is considering that since her debut she has saved more of her teammates on Young Justice than having saved her. She also seems very eager to be working with the other superheroes and also gets along with them unlike a few other younger heroes we have seen in DC Comics (*cough* Damian *cough* Wayne). Teen Lantern is also pretty funny and chatty as we've seen in her appearances so far.

To recap, though she hasn't had many appearances in the comics, she is still a likable character, in my opinion. I can't wait to see what DC has in store for this character. The only real hang-up that I have with the character is the name, which I think sounds a little bit lame, but I think it'll take some getting used to.

Teen Lantern Reading List

The character has had only two appearances so far, but for those who don't know what to read to get introduced to this character you should read:

Young Justice (2019) by Brian Michel Bendis.

This post is a shorter one considering that the amount of information we have on this character is quite limited. However, I will make more posts about her when more issues come out. Until then, expect some posts on members of Justice League 3000.

Note: I do not own the panels, texts, and images shown in this post. All panels, texts, and images shown in this post belong to their respective owners.

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A New Green Lantern?
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