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A Sequel for 'Venom' Is Confirmed!

New Information on an Upcoming ‘Venom’ Sequel in Development

Image Credit to Movie Web

Welcome, Venom fans!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

It looks like we’re in the early stages of the sequel to Venom

I’m not surprised by this news. 

Venom was a huge box-office success and nobody expected this to happen. I went into Venom very optimistic and ended up enjoying the movie. 

With that being said, where do we go with the sequel? 

Obviously, if you saw the post-credits scene for the first Venom movie, you may have noticed a curly-haired, red-headed psychopath was at the end of the film. 

I’m very excited to see our first live adaptation version of Carnage on the big screen. 

It’s never been done before. 

Woody Harrelson is going to knock it out of the park.

Nonetheless, I will be discussing the Venom sequel, which is currently in development.

So without further ado, let’s get right to it!

A 'Venom 2' Sequel Confirmed by IGN

Courtesy of IGN on Twitter, they revealed that “Sony is already working towards a sequel,” which is awesome news. 

Also, Variety confirmed that “Sony has made negotiations with Venom screenwriter Kelly Marcel to return for Venom 2.” 

That is what we want. 

Kelly was a co-writer on the first Venom movie. Based on the information from Variety, It looks like Kelly will be writing the sequel again, which is pretty cool.

Also, the stunning Michelle Williams will be returning for the film. We all know that Tom Hardy will return as Eddie Brock in the upcoming Venom sequel. In addition, we have Woody Harrelson, who will replace his role as Cletus Kasady in Carnage.

I’m truly excited about this news!!

I know you guys are just as excited as I am. 

The original casts and writer for 'Venom' will return for the sequel.

Now, I’m not too sure when the Venom filmmakers will start their production on this movie. I want to say “possibly” by the end of this year or going towards September or November. It depends on how far they’ve gotten on the script. 

Here is something to note. 

It’s much easier to do a sequel when your first movie is already completed. During this process, everybody will be on board for the second film. So, the filmmakers will probably start shooting as early as February of next year. 

If I had to guess, the release date probably won’t be available until 2021 or 2022 the latest. 

Over all, I’m really excited for Venom

As I mentioned earlier, the first film was such a huge success. 

Currently, the box office of the first Venom film made about $642 million dollars overseas. Worldwide, the film made an estimate of $844 million. 

That’s astounding!! 

Nobody thought that Venom pulled in that much money, but it did. A lot of things can happen before the release date of Venom 2. We don’t know the whole contract situation between Marvel Studios and Sony on this Venom sequel.

This could happen.

Who's ready for 'Venom 2'?!

There is a rumor that Apple might buy Sony. If that’s the case, Marvel Studios and Disney will get the “official” rights to all the Spider-Man characters. If that happens, say goodbye to all the Venom movies. I don’t think that Kevin Feige would want to continue those projects moving forward. 

Nonetheless, it’s going to be interesting to see with the future of this whole Venom-verse. 

I still have high hopes for the Venom sequel. 

All I want is the writing to be a bit better for the sequel. 

That’s pretty much it.


If Kelly Marcel could tweak the writing to make sure it’s good and not so cheesy, that would be great. It is expected that in every comic book movies, there will be some cheesy scenes. I guess we have to be accepted to that and understand what comes with the source material. 

You can have those cheesy scenes, but don’t have them all the time. You know what I mean? Some moments you can be very serious. Other moments you can be cheesy and that will make sense. 

Before I forget, the sequel of Venom needs a new director. Ruben Fisher will not be directing the sequel of Venom due to conflicts between the scheduling. The reason why is because he’s going to be working on Zombieland 2, which is going to be a great movie. 

Who will direct the sequel of 'Venom'?

The question still remains, who should direct the sequel of Venom? James Gunn comes to mind. 

Who knows? 

I've heard that Joe Lynch is a great candidate for the director position. 

He is a great storyteller. 

I know James Gunn is looking for real work right now. However, I think he’s still doing the whole Suicide Squad sequel that was announced a couple of months ago. I’m pretty sure there’s some directors out there who would love to take on the sequel for Venom

Whether if it's moving forward with the film. 

Sharing their interpretations and their direct vision on how they perceive Venom for the sequel. I always like seeing new directors sometimes. Different directors can bring different exciting ideas to the table.

Overall, I’m looking forward to when a director is “officially” announced for the sequel of Venom. Hopefully, a director will be announced within the next four or five months. 

We are Venom.

So far, we know that Venom will be having a sequel. Kelly Marcel will return as a screenwriter. The original cast and crew will return in the film as well. Also, the film is currently in development.

Venom 2 here we come.

This is exciting news!!

You think the first Venom movie was a masterpiece.

Wait till you see Venom 2 on the big screen!!

We are Venom.

That is all the latest Marvel news I have for you today!

Thank you for your generous support!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you all for reading!

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A Sequel for 'Venom' Is Confirmed!
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