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A Theory to Blow You Back to Kansas: 7 Reasons the TRUE Villain of 'The Wizard of Oz' Was Glinda the Good Witch

Stop me if you've heard this theory before.

Credit: MGM

The Wicked Witch of the West and her wicked sister witch from the east weren't actually the villains of #TheWizardofOz. Glinda the Good Witch was! And she used sweet little Dorothy as a pawn in her wicked game.

I hate to destroy anyone's childhood, but this is a theory that really needs to be made into a Once Upon a Time storyline.

You think I'm crazy?

Glinda does! Credit: MGM

You think this good little witch couldn't harm a fly?

Well, climb in the hot air balloon, fasten your seat belts, and hang on to your ruby slippers because it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

1. It's a psychotic bloodbath from the start.

Credit: MGM

After Dorothy's house drops on the Good Witch of the East, what happens? A twisted, macabre celebration of death, that's what!

First, Glinda asks Dorothy if she's a good or bad witch. Then, a party breaks out, full of bloodthirsty little people praising the death of the evil witch. We're not talking a round of clapping, followed by a potluck dinner. They go all out. Dancing, singing... they might as well be dancing right on the WWofE's body. And then, who interrupts the soiree?

2. Glinda taunts The Wicked Witch Of The West.

Credit: MGM

Immediately after learning of her sister's demise, the grieving green witch confronts those responsible. What does Glinda do? She taunts her with one of the only things the WWotW may have left that belonged to her sister: the ruby red slippers!

Credit: MGM

Instead of letting her have her sister's slippers, Glinda poofs them onto Dorothy's feet. Now, we have a young lady who has accidentally murdered this lady's sister, and who is also now in possession of something that rightfully belongs to the so-called Wicked Witch.

3. Glinda desecrates the dead witch's body.

Credit: MGM

What's worse than stealing the shoes off a grieving woman's dead sister? Making that dead sister's feet curl up like a party favor. Showing just how many f*cks she gives, Glinda makes sure the body of the WWotE will never be recovered. No matter how many thousands of munchkins are hanging around, that house ain't moving.

4. Glinda shifts the blame onto Dorothy.

Credit: MGMmmmOMGWTF

After the “Good Witch” royally pisses the “Wicked Witch” off, she goes and tells Dorothy how she made her mad, not Glinda. Clearly a sign of some serious psychotic serial killer tendencies. With a side of daddy issues.

5. The twisted plan Is set in motion.

This, my friends, is horsesh*t of a different color. Credit: MGM

After informing the mourning, infuriated wicked witch she has no power in Munchkinland and that she should kindly shove off, Glinda proceeds to tell Dorothy to leave Munchkinland and go find some wizard. He is the only one who can help her get home.

In the end, we all know that all Dorothy had to do was click her slippers together three times, and she'd be back home. Glinda knew that all along, but she saw a prime opportunity to do away with not one, but two of her sworn enemies.

She is one twisted witch.

Glinda knew that the Wizard would demand the broom of the WWotW, and to get it? *Ding dong* The witch would have to die.

6. Glinda covers her lies with more lies.

Credit: MGM

When Dorothy asks #Glinda why she didn't just tell Dorothy she could click her heels together and go home in the very beginning, what does Glinda say? That cocky, smarmy, wand-waving ass butt replies that #Dorothy wouldn't have believed her.

7. In The End? Supreme Power

Credit: MGM & me

With the two "wicked" witches of the east and west out of her way, and undoubtedly, the witch of the south locked away in the "good" witch's basement, Glinda now has power over not only Munchkinland, but Emerald City as well. And we all know what too much power does to an already evil person.

Maybe Dorothy's grandchildren will discover the truth a couple of generations down the road and throw a bucket of water on that evil, lying witch Glinda.

What do you think? Is Glinda the one who deserved the ice bucket challenge?

Credit: MGM, with a twist of the interwebs

Let me know on Twitter!

Or, check out these guys for the original Bad Glinda theory from 2010!

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A Theory to Blow You Back to Kansas: 7 Reasons the TRUE Villain of 'The Wizard of Oz' Was Glinda the Good Witch
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