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A Wardrobe Malfunction: 'Game of Thrones' Costume Video Drops Spoilers and One Character's Fate

A costume featurette has been released, showcasing the painstaking work that goes into crafting Cersei Lannisters's sombre new look, Jon Snow's many winter pelts, and Daenerys Targaryen's plunging robes.

[Credit: HBO]

HBO's marketing campaign for Season 7 of #GameofThrones has kicked into overdrive, and as we sail once more for King's Landing, expect a "frosty" reception from White Walkers in the north and an equally "fiery" one from our new queen in the south. Ahead of the show's July 16 release, a costume featurette has been released, showcasing the painstaking work that goes into crafting #CerseiLannisters's sombre new look, #JonSnow's many winter pelts, and #DaenerysTargaryen's plunging robes.

While a rummage through Cersei's wardrobe may not unearth anything other than the assumption that black is the new black, the extended video does drop some interesting #GameofThronesspoilers about who will be where this year, as well a pointing to some serious trouble for a certain poison-lipped bitch.

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

Sand And Deliver

In between the interviews with costume designer Michele Clapton, there are some interesting flashes of new material. Perhaps one of the most foreboding is that eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a chained Ellaria Sand lurking in the background (at King's Landing?) and looking a little worse for wear. Indira Varma has played the smiling assassin since Season 4 and was memorably responsible for the death of Cersei's daughter, Myrcella. So, after murdering someone's child, the last place you want to find yourself is chained at their mercy.

Most will be happy to see Ellaria getting what she deserves, however, let's remember whose side she now fights for. When we last left Dorne, Ellaria was teaming up with Olenna Tyrell (the formidable Dame Diana Rigg) and setting her sights on dethroning Cersei. Also, if you remember the Season 7 trailer, we glimpse Ellaria locking lips with Yara Greyjoy, and while the Mother of Sand Snakes may be known for her venomous "last kiss," fans are speculating that the two bisexual women will embark on a romantic tryst.

So, bearing in mind that Yara is Team Dany and Ellaria is any team that isn't Cersei's, it is safe to assume Season 7 will see a uniting of all sides against that Wicked Bitch of the Westeros. If this is the case, Ellaria in chains spells disaster for not only herself, but anyone else involved in a plot against Cersei — we're looking at you, Olenna and Yara. All three are recurring characters and expected to meet their makers before the show's end, while the trailer has already shown some pretty epic battles with Lannister forces. Could this be how Ellaria is captured, and where is Yara in the rest of the trailer?

Even if Ellaria is alone in her defeat, we are sure to see another "Shame Nun" massacre if the screenshot is to be believed. You may also spot Cersei's zombie bodyguard, Ser Robert Strong, by her side, teasing a less than happy ending for the sassy Ms. Sand.

Winterfell Is Coming

[Credit: HBO]

Thankfully, things look slightly more cheerful in the chilly climbs of the north. Those who aren't partying with Dany on the beaches are instead playing their own game of Prime Minister's Question Time. A veritable political powerhouse is gathering at Winterfell, with the lords and ladies from across the realm gathering to pledge their allegiance to Jon Snow. We see the return of Tim McInnerny as Lord Glover, Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont, and newcomer Megan Parkinson as Alys Karstark. In another wave of good news, fan-favorite Brienne of Tarth finally stops lighting candles in windows or rowing boats and makes it into Winterfell.

Do even more digging and you may spy a familiar weapon appearing alongside Sophie Turner's Sansa Stark in the Winterfell crypts. The weapon in question is almost certainly Arya's sword Needle, fulfilling that long expected prophecy that we will finally get a big Stark reunion this year. We last saw Arya baking Frey pie and slitting throats over at the Twins, so we know she is already close enough to pop by for a cuppa.

Even as Team Dany and Team Jon seem to be miles apart (at least for now), Season 7 teases the two sides meeting and one hell of an alliance to be formed. However, with Cersei still having the might of the Lannister army behind her and an uncomfortable seat in the capitol, don't expect our incestuous brother-sister duo to be dragon fodder just yet.

Check out the full "A Story in Cloth" featurette.

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A Wardrobe Malfunction: 'Game of Thrones' Costume Video Drops Spoilers and One Character's Fate
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