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Akazo [Naruto Fanfic]—Chapter I

The Battle Begins

"I'll make sure you regret your words."

Somewhere in a Konoha warehouse, a door was just quickly closed. Some footsteps followed the noise. A dark-haired ANBU Black Ops member was standing a few feet away from the metallic door. He was 18 years old and was wearing the standard ANBU uniform, which showed his slightly toned muscles as it was sleeveless. The male's name was Akazo Nimiah. He's been working in the ANBU for the past five years.

Akazo's eyes focused down the hall of the warehouse. He began to walk towards another closing door. Standing in front of that door was Akazo's ANBU partner. The partner's Sharingan was gleaming in the bright light. It was Sasuke Uchiha, who also joined the ANBU five years ago.

"They're not in the room on the far left. Any luck in there, Sasuke?" Akazo asked him.

Sasuke shook his head, which caused Akazo to clutch his fist a little. He was visibly frustrated.

"No," Sasuke had replied.

"Where the hell are they then? We checked every room!" Akazo exclaimed before quickly redirecting his attention to the ceiling, bracing himself for something. Sasuke did the same.

An explosion suddenly went off above the two, which caused the ceiling to easily crack and fall. Debris and smoke riddled the hallway, but the two ANBU members were smirking now.

"So the perp's on the roof," said Akazo. Sasuke nodded before deactivating his Sharingan. There was no need to sense chakra now that they knew the enemy's exact position.

"Let's go."

The two shinobi ran up the stairs that led up to the warehouse's roof. Smoke was everywhere. When it eventually cleared, Akazo's eyes widened.

Orochimaru, one of the village's legendary Sannin, was standing above four motionless sentry ninja bodies. The leader of the Sound Ninja Five, Kimimaro of the Kaguya clan, was standing next to him. Kimimaro's white hair danced gently in the wind as he looked over to Sasuke and Akazo with a nonchalant facial expression.

Sasuke began to walk towards Orochimaru as he unsheathed his sword.

"I should've known the sinister chakra I sensed belonged to you, Orochimaru. What are you doing here?" he demanded the serpentine male.

Kimimaro also took a few steps forward, glaring at the Uchiha clan member.

"Don't expect Lord Orochimaru to spew out his intentions to you Hidden Leaf vermin," he said. The wind picked up his pure white hair again, swaying it to the side. Orochimaru smirked to himself, pleased with his pupil's loyalty. Akazo crossed his arms, angrily looking over to Kimimaro.

"You call us vermin, yet you're the one who takes orders from this sick bastard," Akazo shot back. Kimimaro took a moment before looking at Akazo, studying him. He then chuckled a little, believing him to be a lowly dog.

"Weaklings should stay in their place," Kimimaro replied. A pointed bone popped out of the male's shoulder. The white-haired shinobi grabbed onto it before quickly throwing it towards Akazo. The dark-haired ANBU member took out a kunai from his ninja tools pouch.

So, he thought, this is his kekkei genkai, Shikotsumyaku. He has the ability to manipulate his bone structure.

Akazo harshly swung the kunai against the incoming bone to deflect it. The sharp bone rushed back to Kimimaro. The Kaguya clan member scoffed before moving his head to the left, the bone barely missing his cheek. Akazo also scoffed before looking over to Sasuke.

"Hey, Sasuke, do me a favour and make sure Orochimaru stays out of this," he said. He then looked back at Kimimaro with a confident smirk.

"I'll take on Kimimaro by myself."

Sasuke gave a nod to his partner while walking forward, letting out a gentle sigh as electricity sparked from his body. Orochimaru grinned widely as he cackled, already amused with the Uchiha clan member.

"Talk about suicide. You know you can't keep up with me, Sasuke," said the Sannin as he continued to laugh.

"I've had enough of your mouth already," Sasuke replied.

Chidori Stream.

By releasing the Chidori in every direction, an electrical discharge was shot towards Orochimaru. The Sannin quickly jumped high into the air to avoid the attack.

"Striking Shadow Snakes!"

Multiple snakes were summoned from Orochimaru's sleeve to attack Sasuke from a distance. Sasuke closed his eyes as he clutched the grip of his sword.

"What child's play, Orochimaru..."

Sasuke reopened his eyes to reveal his blazing pair of Sharingan. With one swift move of his arm, every head of the incoming snakes were decapitated. Orochimaru landed on the ground, losing his smile.

Meanwhile, Kimimaro was staring at Azako with his teeth gritted.

This worthless Hidden Leaf dog, he thought, had the nerve to insult Lord Orochimaru.

The black curse seal that was located of the upper portion of Kimimaro's chest slowly turned orange-red and expanded in lines spreading all over his body in contorting and parallel lines. Eventually, his entire skin was covered in the orange-red seal.

Akazo gasped loudly, gritting his teeth as he stared at the transforming shinobi with uneasiness.

"What the hell's happening to him?!" he said to himself.

Kimimaro smirked widely as he activated the second level of his curse mark, taking on a dinosaur-like appearance complete with a tail. Several large bones protruded from his darkened skin. Four distinguishing figures were also gained: two dark black curved-like markings under his eyes - one under each eye and two as elongated eyebrows - one above each eye. His teeth had also grown into small fangs.

After his transformation was complete, Kimimaro slowly looked up to stare into Akazo's shocked eyes.

"I'll make sure you regret your words."

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Akazo [Naruto Fanfic]—Chapter I
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