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'All Good Things Come To An End': Daniel Dae Kim Speaks Out About His Departure From 'Hawaii Five-0'

Daniel Dae Kim's departure from 'Hawaii Five-0' caught fans by surprise.

'Hawaii Five-0' [Credit: CBS]

Daniel Dae Kim's departure from Hawaii Five-0 caught fans by surprise. As Lt. Chin Ho Kelly, he's been one of the mainstays of the police procedural for seven seasons. Although Kim's exit comes as a result of a salary dispute — and sparked a conversation about the racial wage gap in Hollywood — CBS maintains it offered the star an unprecedented raise in an effort to keep the actor as part of the cast.

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Kim spoke about his departure, saying that the show was meaningful to him, but he has closed the chapter:

"['Hawaii Five-0'] was a really important part of my life for seven years. I'm really grateful to CBS and everyone involved in the show for the opportunity. I've known [CBS executives] Kelly [Kahl] and Thom Sherman for a while, Thom all the way back to my days on 'Lost.' I've gotten to know them and I like them, and I'm grateful for the words that they said on the panel the other day.

"That said, it's possible to be grateful for the opportunity and have respect for your colleagues and still maintain a steadfast sense of your self-worth. And all good things come to an end. I closed that chapter on 'Hawaii Five-0' and I begin this new chapter on 'The Good Doctor.'"

Recently, Kim reunited with his co-star, #GracePark, who also departed the series over a salary dispute. Kim posted an image of the couple on his Instagram page, referring to themselves as "cousins," as they were on Hawaii Five-0. The post received over 40,000 likes and numerous comments expressing how much the pair would be missed.

#DanielDaeKim is executive producing The Good Doctor, which premieres on ABC September 25th — and though Hawaii Five-0 is continuing, the series will not be the same without Lt. Chin Ho Kelly.

[Sources: NBC]

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'All Good Things Come To An End': Daniel Dae Kim Speaks Out About His Departure From 'Hawaii Five-0'
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