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All the Latest DC Universe News from the First Episode of DC Daily

‘Titans’, ‘Young Justice,’ and so much more will be airing on the exclusive streaming service.

New character shot of Robin from 'Titans' (Credit: DC Universe)

We finally have release dates for DC Universe, the streaming service for all things DC. From comics, films and shows, plenty of DC content will become available to US customers from September 15 of this year. That is some Batman Day celebration! Fans have been waiting a long time for release date announcements, and Kevin Smith, comic book superfan, finally made the announcement while hosting the pilot episode of DC Universe’s DC Daily show.

The One-Stop Shop for Everything DC Universe

DC Universe is set to become a hub for all fans’ DC needs. The service will launch initially with Batman (1989), Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman Begins. The remaining Batman films will be available eventually except, it seems, the infamous Batman and Robin, which was conspicuously missing from the announcements.

Classic animated films and shows will also feature on the platform, as well as the remastered return of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman show, Lois and Clark, and digital editions of 2500 classic and iconic comic books.

The comic book collections include the first appearances of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and classics like ‘Batman: Knightfall, Flashpoint #1, The Death of Superman and The New Teen Titans. Following the September launch, more comics will be added on a rotational basis. The best news for subscribers is the ability to purchase the latest books each Comic Book Day on the DC Universe platform itself. 

New Shows from DC Universe

After much conjecture, we now know that DC Universe’s Titans show will premiere at the New York Comic Con on October 3, before being released on the platform on October 12. There is a large segment of DC fans anticipating the arrival of this show. Brenton Thwaites dons the Robin mantle, as a reluctant and "broken" Dick Grayson slowly becomes the leader of this Titans team.

During the DC Daily show, Jim Lee, Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment (DCE), released new character shots from the Titans, and, I must say, they look incredible! Most audiences have been on the fence about Titans, but these shots definitely pay homage to the show’s comic book heritage. I do not care for the overtly religious iconography behind Raven’s (Teagan Croft) backstory, which was downplayed in the original comics, but I’m hoping the show itself veers away from making the supernatural ecclesiastical.

Lee also shared title cards for DC Universe’s other upcoming original series. Harley Quinn is set to get her own solo adult-animated series, while Aquaman director James Wan will be bringing Swamp Thing to the small screen. Additionally, Stargirl will be making her DC Universe debut as well.

It was evident during the episode that DC is invested in making Titans a hit. Fans interacting with the show were being given a year’s free subscription or an omnibus of The New Teen Titans, while the original comic series was mentioned several times as being an integral part of the classic collections.

The platform will also debut a 3-part documentary series about George Perez, the artist behind The New Teen Titans. After all this shameless plugging, one can only hope the show lives up to the fans’ high expectations.

Finally, 'Young Justice' returns.

Excitingly, a clip from Young Justice: Outsiders was also aired during the episode. The long-awaited third season of the popular animated series still doesn’t have a release date, but is scheduled for a 2019 release.

The clip, which is now available on DC’s Youtube channel, shows Dick Grayson, out of his regular Nightwing suit, on a mission in Russia. Dressed in what the producers referred to as "dark wear," Dick Grayson takes on a few bad guys, frees some meta-human youngsters and gets plenty of off-screen help from none other than Oracle. Producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, who featured on DC Daily, would not reveal whether Barbara Gordon’s Oracle would appear on the show, but we can assume that she will be an essential figure in the Young Justice’s interactions with the Outsiders in Markovia.

The original voice cast have returned for the third season and the producers also introduced several new characters who will be debuting in the third season, including Geo-Force, Forger, and Halo. 

Streaming services appear to be the future, but it appears every new exclusive subscription is hell-bent on shrinking its audience. DC fans live all over the world, yet DC Universe can only be accessed in the US; there has been no update on the service’s availability across the globe. Also, one would expect a DC property to make all its content readily available to subscribers, but it is evident not every title will be accessible at all times. While fans will be excited for all this new, original content, not all will have the chance to "DC Universe and chill" just yet. Hopefully, we will soon.

All images, courtesy DC Universe.

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All the Latest DC Universe News from the First Episode of DC Daily
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