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"All The World Is Waiting For You": Tremendous Fan Video Gives Gal Gadot The Classic Wonder Woman Soundtrack!

Superhero fans have a lot to look forward to!

Bring it on! Image: DC Film

Superhero fans have a lot to look forward to! 2017 will see the release of DC Film's Wonder Woman, giving Gal Gadot a chance to shine. She stole the show in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and now it's finally time to see what we dearly hope to be the first female-led superhero blockbuster hit! The trailers to date have been stylish and creative, and DC is to be applauded for giving one of the most powerful female superheroes her own solo film so early on in the #DCEU.

While this is the first time Wonder Woman has ever made it to the big screen, back in the 1970s, she was played by Lynda Carter in a tremendous live-action TV series. Now, over on YouTube, Sebastian Hughes has put the classic soundtrack over DCEU Wonder Woman footage. Check it out!

Created in 1941, Wonder Woman has always been a powerful symbol. In the 1970s, she hit the cultural mainstream with the now-iconic TV show. Crowned Miss World America in 1972, Carter used Wonder Woman as her springboard into the world of acting — and the show was a hit! So much so that, in 1985, DC named Lynda Carter as one of 50 people who made DC great.

Now, though, Wonder Woman's fame is sure to reach new heights. Batman v Superman may have had a poor critical reception, but Gal Gadot was one of the film's shining stars. She brought a sense of grace and power to the role, and displayed a warrior's love of combat. She immediately won fans over.

A brilliant moment. Image: DC Film

The sad truth is that, so far, the DCEU has hardly been an unqualified success. This year's releases, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, were blockbuster hits — and critical failures. A lot rests upon Wonder Woman, enough to say with the 1970s theme:

"All our hopes are pinned upon you!"

Here's the good news, though; so far, the signs are positive. Gal Gadot has already proved that she can shine in the role, and those trailers are gorgeous. The controversies of 2016 have seen DC restructure, with Geoff Johns — of "Rebirth" fame — taking charge of DC Film. While his creative input on Wonder Woman will be limited (as it was already in progress when he stepped up), fans still remain hopeful Wonder Woman will usher in a brighter era for the DCEU.

These are the best of days for superhero fans. We finally get to see our favorite characters make their big-screen debuts. Much-loved characters like Wonder Woman are becoming mainstream once again, and on a bigger scale than ever before! It just seems fitting to celebrate that with a classic soundtrack, running alongside a contemporary superstar.

Bring it on!

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"All The World Is Waiting For You": Tremendous Fan Video Gives Gal Gadot The Classic Wonder Woman Soundtrack!
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