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Alternate Versions of Spider-Man: Vault of Spiders #1

Stories of Four Spider-Men/Women in the Marvel Multiverse

Continuing with the various versions of Spider-Man throughout the Marvel Multiverse, we will be looking at one of the Spider-Verse tie-ins that highlights some stories of different versions of Spider-Man. In this post, we will be going over Vault of Spiders Issue #1. Just so you know, the stories that these Spider-people are featured in are all very short, which is why their entries are so short. Some of these versions were also recently created which is why they don't have their official Earth-designations.

The Web-Slinger of Earth-31913

The story takes place in the wild west where Spider-Man is a cowboy. In this story, he was bitten by a spider that gave him powers, like most other versions of the character. The difference is, instead of having wrist web-shooters, he uses revolvers that shoot web-fluid. The story follows "Ponderosa" Parker trying to find someone who has been kidnapping children, and discovers that the culprit is Doctor Michael Morbius. Essentially, Morbius was doing research that accidentally turned him into a vampire (this is basically what happened to Morbius, the Living Vampire on Earth-616). He was kidnapping the kids for research, but wasn't hurting them because he claims that he isn't a monster. He just wants to cure himself of his self-inflicted vampirism. The Web-Slinger, however, did not know this and actually destroys Morbius's research and causes a fire in the vampire's lab. This leads to Morbius trying to help the Web-Slinger save the kids, which presumably leads to his death. The Web-Slinger then takes the children back to their families. The Web-Slinger's appearance ends here.

Takuya Yamashiro of Earth-51778

This version of Spider-Man is one of the wackier versions out there. Takuya Yamashiro is a Japanese version of Spider-Man that pilots a giant mech called Leopardon. In this story, Spider-Man is fighting a random villain who calls himself Prime Minister Monster. The fight ends very quickly, with Spider-man and Leopardon emerging victorious.


This version of Spider-man is a female whose name is not revealed. If you have read or watched Ready Player One, then this concept is familiar to you. Essentially, people live their lives online through Virtual Reality goggles, and Spider-Byte is there to prevent crimes that happen in this online world. Spider-Byte does not fight any well-known versions of a Spider-Man villain in this story. Rather, she chases down a cyber-criminal who stole money from another user. She stops him and returns the money before logging off and going to class. Spider-Byte's story ends here.

Savage Spider-Man

This version of Spider-Man is my favorite iteration of Spider-Man in this comic. Essentially, Peter Parker went on an expedition with his parents, and their plane crashed above or close to the Savage Lands. In an attempt to save their son, Peter's parents give him the only parachute in the plane and he lands smack in the middle of the Savage Lands. For those of you who do not know, the Savage Lands are an area in Antarctica that was not affected by the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. Therefore, this area has dinosaurs and giant bugs like in prehistoric times. Peter, landing in the middle of the Savage Lands, is found by a giant spider and taken into the Spider's den. Essentially, the young Peter is bitten by multiple spiders that have venom, and over time Peter becomes immune to these toxins, which grants Peter immense strength. As a result, he becomes the protector of the Savage Lands, the Savage Spider-Man.

In this world, Wilson Fisk (AKA Kingpin) is a hunter that kills animals in the Savage Lands for sport. Spider-Man protects the animals from these hunters. He does this by placing traps all around the Savage Lands. Wilson Fisk realizes that he needs to escape and get back to his plane, which he does. However, the spiders in the Savage Lands actually end up covering the airplane in webs, making Kingpin unable to escape. Savage Spider-Man's appearance ends here.

Note: I do not own the panels, texts, and images shown in this post. All panels, texts, and images belong to their respective owners.

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Alternate Versions of Spider-Man: Vault of Spiders #1
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